One Direction Imagines

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7. for zayn's girl

I'm so excited! I have won a date with Zayn Malik. Yeah the Zayn Malik from One Direction. The boys recently visited my town and did a radio interview. And had the contest. Who ever won, won a date with one of the boys. Zayn is my all time favorite so I chose him. I was adding more curls to my curly brown hair. I applied light eyeliner and mascara. I want to show him that I'm not like all those other girls who wear ten pounds of make up and are fake. I am real.

I slipped my black combat boots on and applied some lip balm and headed for the restaurant. I was told that Paul would be out front and would show me where Zayn was. As I got out of my car, my heart began to race. I was going on a date with my idol. He's probably doing it cause management made him, but all well at least I'll try. Paul and I said our hello's and he showed me in the restaurant. Zayn was sitting in a booth that had a window showing the view of the forest. He looked at me, smiled brightly, stood up and greeted me. "Thanks Paul, I'll take it from here." Paul left and we sat in the booth. "I just wanna say how much I love you. You are so funny and cute I love One Direction and you." I was trying not to fan girl but it was so hard. Zayn smiled. "So what's your name love?" "Jojo." I managed out. His brown eyes stared at me, I felt like it was just me and Zayn in the world and no one else existed. We talked for a few minutes when our waiter came up. "Hi, my name is Scarlet and I'll be your server. Can I start you out with something to drink?" "Could I have coke please?" She nodded and looked at Zayn. "Same as the lady." She smiled and walked to the soda fountain. She came back quickly. "Two coke's. For the lady and the gentlemen. Are you ready to order?" Zayn looked at me and I shook my head no. "Could we have a few more minutes?" She nodded her head and walked to another table. "You wanna get nachos?" "Sure, I'm not that hungry." "Just cheese?" I nodded. Zayn wouldn't take his eyes off of me. I think he liked me. 

Scarlet came back to us. "We would like the nachos please." She wrote the order down and took my coke and refilled it. "So what is touring like?" "Crazy fun really fun. Singing for thousands of people almost every night is just a great feeling." "What about when they sing along?" "I love it. To me it shows that the work we do is important to people and it just seeing them singing makes me so happy. The best thing ever." "What about recording? Sorry if I'm asking to many questions." He shook his head. "No, no it's fine. I'm glad someone has an interest. We always have a good time in the studio. You can't stay still almost. And when they give us food and stuff like that, it's hard for us to not have a food fight." "I heard that you guys had skateboards in the studio?" I raised a eyebrow. He looked down and chuckled. "Yeah, that was Louis' idea. I ended up with a sprained hand." "Aw you poor thing." "I was a big boy though." He sat up confident. "What's your favorite thing to do while touring?" "Performing. I love when we first go on stage and get to see how many people are there and doing the first song." "Is it sad when the concerts over?" "Yeah, all the people we are performing love it and they don't want it to end. But they do get to say they saw us. I wish I could meet every fan we had." "That would half the world." I laughed. "A small price to pay. We would be no where if it wasn't for the fans." I asked a few more questions when our food came. Steam was rolling off the food and the cheese was good and melted. "Is there anything else I can get you?" "Nothing I can think of at the moment. Thanks though." I smiled. I told him a little bit about myself and he told me about his childhood. 

"So the water balloon popped and paint went all over me and my friends." I told the last part of a prank gone wrong to Zayn. He laughed the whole time. "Wow Jojo you are one funny girl. I thought you would be a girl who would be trying to make out with me. But you are being yourself. I'm glad you chose me." I blushed so bad. I was trying my hardest not to scream. We got done when Scarlet came up to us. "Did you find everything ok?" We nodded yes. "Check please?" She went and got our check. "Want me to pay for half?" I lifted my handbag. He shook no and pulled out a 20$ bill. "You ready?" I nodded. I gave a 5$ tip and we left. He opened the door to me like a gentlemen. "You wanna go walk around?" I smiled widely and shook yes. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and we walked through the city.

We ended up at my house at my front door. We faced each other. "I had a really fun time with you today." "Yeah, I did too." The entire time we were together as smiled never left my face. "Could I have your number?" I handed him my phone and he handed me his. I put my name as Jo :). "Well goodnight." I smiled. "Night." He kissed my cheek and called for Paul to pick him up. I got in the house and went to the kitchen. My roommate was making a sandwich. "Hey! How was the date?" "Awesome. He actually likes me. He asked me for my number." "Wow! You are going out with Zayn Malik!" "Dream come true!" I sang. I skipped to my room. I changed clothes and slid my covers over my legs. I checked my phone. From: Zayn vas happenin'? Hey Jo! Hope to see you soon! xoxo. I smiled and replied. To: Zayn Same here! Welp I need to head to bed. Ttyl! xx. I turned my phone off and went to sleep.


for zayn's girl hope you liked it!!

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