One Direction Imagines

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8. for zaynmyboy

I got out of the shower and wrapped my body in a towel then my hair. My boyfriend texted me a few hours ago and told me that the guys were having a cook out and asked if I wanted to come. I replied yes and started to get ready. I dried my body and put on my outfit.

I took the towel out from my hair and started to brush the tangles out. My black hair is really thick and takes forever to brush out or style. I went casual and put it up in a ponytail. I applied some powder to my face and eyeliner when I heard my phone buzz. From: Zayn <3- Be there in ten to pick you up. Love you lots! <3. I replied To: Zayn <3- ok babe, I'll be waiting. I put my phone in my purse and went to my front porch.

The day was perfect. A Saturday with few clouds in the bright blue sky. Zayn's black range rover pulled up on the curb. I slid my sunglasses on a jogged to his car. I hopped in. "Hey beautiful." He pecked my lips. "Hey handsome." "You ready?" I nodded and we drove off.

Zayn pulled in Niall's driveway where the boys cars was. We walked through the house and went to the backyard. All the boys were there kicking a soccer ball around and Elanour and Danielle were sitting at the table laughing. "We're here!" Zayn shouted. Their heads turned our way and they smiled. Elanour and Danielle ran up to me and gave me a hug. I walked to the guys and got a sweaty hugs. "Uh, guys I just took a shower." They laughed. They grabbed water bottles and Niall went back to the grill. "The foods almost ready." Louis and Liam went to their girlfriends and sat with them. I joined then. "So Dea, hows it going?" Danielle asked. "Oh same oh, same oh. What about you lovely ladies." "Well I have learning a new dance." Dani answered. "And I've been working." El smiled. Dani smiled. "You know what? We need to have a girls day." "Yeah that would be so much fun." Me and El said in sync. "Foods ready!" Harry shouted over at us. We all got plates and went to eat. Like always Niall ate the most. After we ate the guys told us they needed to get something. Since we were sitting there, we started to clean up. "Along with a girls day, we need to have a slumber party." El smiled as she threw some cups away. We continued to talk and we jumped by the sounds of five screaming boys. Ut oh.

They came out with water guns, water balloons and of course silly string. We all screamed running away in different directions. Zayn and Harry ran towards me as Louis ran to El and Liam and Niall chased Dani. I ran to the front yard and inside the house. I closed the door and locked it. I leaned over to catch my breath when El and Dani slammed the back doors. "I know where they have all the 'amo'." El put air quotes around amo. We followed her up to Niall's room. The bed was covered with water guns and a tub full of balloons and silly string. "I'll get silly string and balloons." I stuffed my pockets with balloons. "I'll get the water guns." Dani picked up two water guns. "I got the dart guns. Louis taught me how to use these things." She loaded the gun. We were fully ready when we got to the doors. "On three. One, two, THREE!" El screamed. I was at the front door and Zayn and Harry were waiting for me. "We're ready I laughed." They stood still and was about to fire. "Look Simon's here!" I pointed behind them. They looked and I threw balloons at them and ran to the back yard. Liam had Dani on his shoulder when I threw a balloon at him. He dropped her and ran to me. I turned around and fell into Zayn. We looked at each other and got on our knees. I was on my feet when I looked down at Zayn. He was on one knee and had a ring. "Deajah will you marry me?" My eyes widened. "Will you marry me?" He asked again looking worried. I was going to be hard to get. I grabbed a pink water balloon and a green one.

"Ok I have two balloons here. Pink means I won't. Green means I will. Which ever balloon I throw at you will determine my choice." He looked at me like he was crazy. We were both soaked. His eyes stared at the green balloon like it was his life. I got ready to throw the pink one. He looked like he was about to cry when I threw the green one. His face was squinted. "Of course it's yes." I squealed. His eyes widened. "Really?" "YES!" He hugged me tightly when everyone else joined in. As we broke apart Zayn slid the ring on my finger. "I love you." He said looking into my eyes. "I love you more." And we kissed. When we broke I ran to the girls we all squealed. We broke apart and saw the guys dog piled on Zayn. I handed Dani and El my spare silly string. We sprayed them and we continued the water fight. 

Best day ever!

Seven months later it was the wedding. Dani, El, my two best friends Chloe and Kalya were my brides maids. All the boys was Zayn's best man. He couldn't choose so he chose all of them. He is so sweet. We had a sweet romantic wedding on the beach. A year and a half later we had a little boy in the house. All my friends say that their husbands proposed to them at a romantic dinner. I can say that my husband proposed to me during a water fight.


for zaynmyboy hope you liked it!! i made up the names of your best friends just imagine its their names or more. hope its what you wanted!! :)



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