One Direction Imagines

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13. for Zayn_Liamlover

I'm still getting used not having Zayn around when he's on tour. He just left a few days ago and I miss him like crazy. Me and Zayn Malik (notice I said that) my boyfriend have been going out for about three years. And I've enjoyed every single moment of it. I've met tons of fans, been to almost all of their concerts and love the boys. When Zayn's on tour, I visit my mom and hang out at my place. The boys were doing a concert in Topeka, I think. I looked on every channel to see if they had the boys performing. I love when the boys tell me stories about what happens on stage. Harry shows me his pictures of the crowds and everything. I love what they do. With my luck, there were no channels with the concert. It was around midnight when my skype ringer went off. It was Louis! I answered it. "Hey Lou!" "Hey Ash!" For midnight and a concert Louis was still wide awake. "Look Ashley, they all passes out!" He picked the laptop up and showed me Harry. His head was on a pillow with his mouth open and drooling. He showed me Niall.He had a sandwich in his mouth. "Oh Nialler." I whispered. He showed me Zayn. He looked like an angel when he slept. His arms were crossed and his head resting on his shoulder. I noticed something on his other shoulder. "What's on his shoulder?" He looked at it and smiled. "You'll see."

We talked for a few more minutes when he too passed out. I ended the call and went to bed. I woke up all warm and cozy. I felt myself being in someones arms. I opened my eyes and saw black and white. I looked up and saw Zayn's face! "Zayn!" I screamed and held him tighter. "What are you doing home?" "I wanted to ask you something." "What is it?" He pulled the covers off of him. He was dressed in a full suit. With the shoes and everything. He pulled the covers off of me too and I chilled as the cold air hit my skin. He walked on the other side of the bed and sat on one knee. What is he doing? He reached in his jacket and pulled out the same black box that was resting on his shoulder. He opened it and it showed a beautiful ring.


"Ashley, you are the love of my life. You are my other half. You make so happy and I'm the luckiest man in the world. Would you do the honor of marring me?" My hands were over my mouth. Three years of dating the best man in the world now I can spend the rest of my life with him. "Yes Zayn, I will marry you." He stood up and tears fell from our faces. He hugged me tight. I gripped him and we hugged. I silently cried in his arms letting the tears run down his back. We looked at each other. He slid the ring on my finger. "Ashley Malik. That works so good." He laughed. "Mr and Mrs Malik." When we broke apart Zayn changed into pajamas and we spent the whole day watching movies.


for Zayn_Liamlover, sorry its a litle short. the idea seemed longer in my head. lol, hope you liked it!! :)

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