One Direction Imagines

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29. for SHoran1D6

"Niall where are you taking me?" I laughed as my boyfriend pulled me around. He blindfolded me so I have no idea where I was going. "Just a few more minutes babe, you'll love it. Just me and you." Niall had brought his guitar too, so would he be playing me something? Eventually, I will find out soon. The sound of the city began to fade, to where it was birds chirping. The hot summer sun pounded on my head, but it cooled. "Ok, take the blindfold off." I smiled and took the piece of cloth off. We were at a farm, in a large field. Horses and cows ate grass on the horizon. I was breathless. "Niall, this is beautiful." He set his guitar down. "I was thinking, maybe we can get out o the city for a while and have some real us time." I gave him a strong hug. "This is amazing. Thank you Niall." "The man who owns the farm agreed to give us lunch. I tried to object, but he insisted." "That makes it even better." I kissed him. He took my hand and we sat under the tree. "Can I play you a song? We are making a song with Ed Sheeran and I wanted to get your view on it?" I nodded excitedly and Niall got his guitar out.

"I know you never loved, the sound of your voice on tape. You never want, to know how much you weigh. You still haft to squeeze into your jeans. But you're perfect to me." My face went from Niall's face to his hand strumming the strings. He played the last chord and held his hands out. "So do you like it?" "I love it! Beautiful." He reached and gave me a hug. "Ok, I'll tell the guys it's a hit." He but it his guitar away and we laid under the tree's shade and connected our hands. "It's a lovely day." I whispered. "A lovely day with my wonderful princess." He turned lifting his head with his hand. He poked my nose. "I love you Shivani." I nudged closer. "I love you Niall. With all my heart." He wrapped his arm around me and pulled me close. "You are more beautiful than any thing in the world." I didn't know how to respond. "Aw Niall, that's so sweet." For another fifteen minutes, Niall told how pretty I was and why he loved me, when the farmer came with a picnic basket. "Lunch for the lovely couple." Niall got up, thanks the man and laid the blanket on the ground. 

The lunch was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with chips, a brownie, and water. I finished the last of my sandwich. "Wow, the farmer can make a good sandwich." Niall was already in the middle of eating his brownie. "You need to eat the brownie." I unwrapped it and took a bite.It was like biting into a little piece of hevan. "Wow this is so good!" "I know right." Niall agreed. We cleaned our mess and Niall got his guitar back out. He played random things while we talked. "Shivani, out of all the guys out there why did you choose me?" "Cause Niall, I don't love you cause you're Niall from One Direction. I love you for you. You make me smile, laugh and keep me going when I'm having a tough time. You're my prince and my Nialler." He blushed like a tomato. "Plus I love it when you blush." He blushed even bigger smiling trying to hide his face. I snuk a picture of Niall and posted it on my instagram titled, 'my awesome man playing his guitar.'

The rest of the day, we sat at that tree. Talked about everything we could think of. But that was five years ago. Now me and Niall are married with three wonderful kids. Try to guess where he proposed? That's right, the tree. the same way too. He blindfolded me and took me there. I always think of the question Niall asked me and the response I gave him. All those things were true. I loved him with all my heart and I couldn't imagine being with anybody else. Sometimes, things are meant to be.


for SHoran1D6, hope you liked it!! sorry its short, but im not good at writing love stuff, ive nver been in a relationship so i dont know how to explain it, that's the best way  can put it ohh well :P :P still, i tried my best!! :) :) while i ewrote this, i was listening to best song ever!! and i can never get enough of it its so good!! i cant wait til the rest of the album comes out!! its going to be amaZAYN!! :D :D :O :O

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