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48. for Parishgirl

Louis is suppost to be coming through the front door any minute now! I haven't seen him in six months! I've missed him so much. So in honor of his career, I've made a One Direction room. I bought about all the magazines with the boys in them, the card board cut outs, merchandise and loads of pictures of me him and us with the boys. Harry sent me pictures of each concert he took pictures at and I printed them off and labeled them by the city or country. I have lights strung around the top of the walls and the walls painted red and black, leaving the ceiling white. The rest of the boys know about the room and the girls, except for Louis. I really hope he likes it. I changed into a nice dress and set the table. I got a text from Liam telling me that Paul is dropping Louis off and will be here any minute. I slightly panicked and ran back and forth through the house. I heard a car horn and I knew it was Louis. I lit the three candles on the table and made sure my hair looked good.

    "Anna! I'm home!" He yelled. I lowly squealed and ran to the front door. There stood Louis with his bags surrounding him. I jumped over a duffle bag and slammed into his arms. "I missed you so mch Boo Bear!" I took my fae out from his chest and kissed him passionately. He cupped my cheeks and smiled while he kissed me. We kissed for a while when we finally broke apart. "I missed you Anna." He pouted. "I missed you so much! I have dinner for two and a surprise that you will flip out for." His eyes lit up like a kids. "What is it?" He asked hugging me again. "I'll tell after dinner." He groaned and picked me up bridal style. He carried me to the dining room and we sat in our seats. He pulled the cover off the plate and licked his lips. "Chicken Parmesan with carrots! Thanks babe, I love it!" I laughed. "Glad you like it. I know you're my carrot king." He devoured half of the carrots while I was talking. He laughed. "Sorry babe. I just love carrots." "I know Boo Bear." We continued to eat until we were done.

    "Ok, so where's my surprise?" Louis asked wiping his mouth. I smiled. "Go to the guest room." He ran to the stairs and I followed, getting nervous. I hope it doesn't think I'm obsessed. I made it to the top of the stairs and saw Louis in the door way, his mouth dropped. He heard me and smiled widley. "Anna, this is incredible!" He ran over to me and hugged me tight. "I was scared you weren't gonna like it." He let me go and ran in the room. His eyes landed on the pictures of all of us. He laughed when he saw the pic of him pants less with me on his back we were covered in silly string. "That was the funnest night ever." He laughed. "I got to spend time with my brothers and met the love of my life." We met at the after party after one concert. He didn't drink that entire night cause he said he wanted to remember that night. Zayn had pulled his pants down and I hopped on his back trying to play chicken. Didn't work. Harry and Niall covered us in silly string and we clicked. We became boyfriend and girlfriend that night. He looked at his card board cut out and did the pose. I laughed as he awed at the room. His eyes twinkled against the lights. "Do the lads know about this?" I nodded. "The boys knew all along. So did the girls." He pulled his lip out. "I feel so left out." He bobbled his head down trying not to smile. I walked up to him and grabbed his chin. "Ever heard of a surprise?" "Of course I do." He spat back in a playful sassy tone.  "Don't get sassy with me Mr." He put his hand on his hip and threw his butt out. I laughed so hard, I fell to the floor laughing. He soon laughed along with me and pulled me close.

    "Glad you're home Lou." He pecked my forehead. "Happy to be home."
for Parishgirl, sorry its kinda short :P :P school has been tiring and i need to write all these other imagines!! :) :) sorry its a little late but now its here!! :) :)

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