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9. for One dreaming girl

I sat in the living room floor with my two kids. Darcy and Michelle. They are twins at the age of four years old. They both had the hair of their father Harry. Darcy has my dark eyes and Michelle has Harry's green eyes. Their personality's were so much like him, I call them his mini mies. But they are a whole bunch of cute. Darcy finished her animal puzzle when the front door opened. "I'm home girls!" Harry shouted. "Daddy!" They yelled in sync as they got up and ran to the front door. I followed and each girl was hoisted on Harry's hips. "How are my two little girls?" He looked at one then the other. "Good." They smiled. He looked at me. "And hows my big girl?" I walked to him and kissed him. "Fine." I patted his chest. His buttoned shirt was nicely tucked in with his dress pants and black tie. He set the girls down and hugged me. "How was work?" "Same as always. Busy. What about you?" "Easy day. I got off early and picked the girls up and took them to get some ice cream." He ran upstairs and got changed. "Girls I have a juice box for you!" I yelled from the kitchen. They came running. "Two grape juices for the ladies." I slid to them. Before Darcy could grab her juice, Harry picked her up upside down and ran around the kitchen with her screaming. He flipped her back over and started to blow rasberries on her stomach. She laughed and squealed. He sat Darcy down and ran for Michelle. She held her arms in protection. He grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder. She did the same as Darcy. He set her beside Darcy. I was laughing when I felt myself being lifted in a hug. Harry spun me around and let me go. I had my arms wrapped around Harry's neck. "What do you think of mommy and daddy playing?" I laughed. He turned their noses up and squinted their eyes. "Eww!" They said together. Harry bent down and mumbled, "I'm gonna get you." He lifted the girls on his shoulders and ran into the living room. 

I followed him and he ran up the stairs. He got to their room and threw them on their beds. "Ok girls, pick something pretty to wear, we're going out tonight." They nodded and went to their closet. "I didn't know we were going out." "Yep, I got paid today." "Is what I'm wearing now ok?" He smiled. "Beautiful." "Mommy, I want to wear this!" Michelle held the dress up on her. It was a yellow sun dress with pink and purple flowers at the rim. I bent down to her. "Ok baby, turn around." She listened and I pulled her shirt off. I had her put white leggins on under her dress and strapped white sandles to her tiny feet. "Daddy, should I wear this?" I looked over at Darcy and she had a purple skirt and a 'I <3 my daddy' shirt I got custom made for her on father's day. "Yes baby." He smiled. He was sitting on Darcy's bed. He looked like a giant. She ran over to me. "Mommy, daddy said that I should wear this." I smiled and grabbed the clothes. I dressed her. She twirled in her skirt in front of her mirror. "I look pretty." She smiled. "Vain, just like uncle Zayn." I laughed. Harry laughed with me. "Just like uncle Zayn." Harry tied Darcy's converses. "I'm gonna change clothes." I went to our room and put on this;


I got to the living room to Harry reading a book to the girls. "I'm ready." The girls got up and ran to the door. Harry followed and we got in the car. I drove this time. "To TGI Friday's?" Harry's eyes lit up. I drove up in the parking spot. I turned the car off and unbuckled Darcy from her car seat. She grabbed my hand and jumped from the car. Michelle did the same with Harry. We walked in and was greeted. "How many?" Harry held up four fingers and the greeter got two menus and two coloring sheets. We sat in a booth that had a window. Behind the window was our car. Darcy and Michelle sat on one side and Harry and I sat on the other. Women awed at the girls. Michelle came over to Harry. He sat her on his lap. Darcy felt lonely and did the same. This was too cute! I got my phone out and took a picture of them together. "Mommy color with me." Darcy put a crayon in my hand. We colored in the dog and other animals. We got our order taken and our food came. Darcy and Michelle went back to the other side of the booth. Darcy stuck one of her chicken tenders in Michelle's mouth. We all laughed.Michelle got back by doing the same. They were too cute. They took after Harry so much. I was grateful to have Harry and my girls. After we were done the waiter asked if we wanted dessert. "No thank you, girls you want one?" They shook their heads yes and smiled real big. They shared a brownie with ice cream. 

Darcy and Michelle were in their own little worlds when Harry set his chin on my shoulder. "I got the promotion." He mumbled. "Harry that's amazing! I'm so proud of you!" I said in between kisses. He laughed. "Girls daddy is the new CEO of star corporations!" They smiled. "Good job daddy!" They yelled. People were starting to look. "Sh, girls." I laughed. They giggled and went back to eating. After they were done we drove home. The girls fell asleep. When we got home Harry got the girls. We got them changed and in bed. They never woke up. We gave them kisses and we also went to bed.


for One dreaming girl      hope you liked it!! :) :) :D

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