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27. for Nicole 1122

Louis' P.O.V.

"I have it all planned out guys. First a romantic dinner at the end of the pier, then a walk on the beach. I'll act like I forgot something and we will go back to the pier where you guys will draw the heart. When we get to the beach part of the pier, I'll tell her to look down. She'll see it and then I'll be on one knee with the ring."  I pulled the box out of my jacket and showed them the ring. They passed it around. "Lou, she'll love it." Liam got the ring.  "I sure hope so I love her with all my heart." I looked at my phone. I needed to pick up Nicole. "Ok lads, operation proposal, is now under way. See you at the beach. North pier." We left the house and I got in my car and drove to Nicole's. 


I got to Nicole's apartment. I got to the door and knocked. Nicole came out in a navy blue dress that went to her mid thigh and white heels. She hugged me. "Are you ready?" She nodded and we walked back to my car. "Where are we going?" She asked. "To the pier. We have reservation." She clapped her handds together. "I can't wait!" I laughed and we pulled in the pier parking lot. I texted Liam telling him that we were at the pier. We walked down the pier holding hands, letting the wind blow our hair back. Fisher men smiled at us and waved. There were some fans that noticed me, but didn't bother us. We got to the end of the pier and the host asked, "Do you have a reservation?" Tomlinson." He scanned through his papers and grabbed two menus. "Follow me." He lead us to the outside dining area and at the edge. "Louis, this is amazing." She gripped the wood. "Come, sit down." I pulled her chair out. "You're such a gentleman." "Just trying to please my girl." I kissed the top of her head then sat in my seat. "So hows the album coming?" She asked. "Awesome. Niall finished his parts and I started mine. You should come to the studio next week." "Ok I'd love to." Our waiter came and we got our drinks and ordered our food. "The ocean is beautiful on the sunsets." "Not as beautiful as you." She blushed. I loved when she did that. It was so cute. "Thanks, you're so sweet." We got our food and ate. "You want to share a dessert?" "A brownie with ice cream?" She put her hands together and did her puppy dog face. "Ok, that face broke me down." We ate our dessert and phase two was under way. "You wanna take a walk on the beach?" "Yes! Lets go!" She perked up and drug me out the restaurant. We put our shoes in my car and went on the beach.


With our hands intertwined, we walked right on the water. Her headwas rested on my shoulder. "I love you.Thanks for the date." "I loe you too. And anything for my girl." Phase three go. "Hey I think I left my wallet at the restaurant." "Well we haft to get it back! Come on!" We turned around and jogged to the pier. The ring bounced around in my pocket and I laid my hand over it so it wouldn't fall out. We got the pier and I saw the guys drawing the heart through the boards. We got to the restaurant when I patted my pocket. "Nicole, I had my wallet the whole time. Sorry. Lets go back to the beach." We started to walk when I pulled her to the side. "Hey Nicole look." I pointed. Her mouth dropped and her eyes opened. "Will you marry me?" She mumbled. She turned to me. I was already on my knee with the ring in my hand. "Nicole, will you marry me? I love you with all my heart. And I can't imagine life without you." "Yes. Yes!" She hugged me. I slid the ring on her finger and kissed her. "Hey! What'd she say?" Niall screamed. She leaned over. "Say hello to the future Mrs.Tomlinson." The guys cheered. This plan couldn't have gone more perfect.


for Nicole 1122 hope you liked it!! :) :) i tried someting different and did lou's P.O.V. sorry its Kinda short :P :Phope you liked though :) :)

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