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33. for Nialler'sPrincessForever

I checked my phone every other five minutes to see if Niall texted me back. Niall Horan is my boyfriend, just putting that out there. He told me he woud try his hardest to come to my school prom. But he also said not to get my hopes up. I finished my hair when my phone started to ring. I grabbed it and quickly answered it almost screaming. "Hello?" "Calm down Poala, it's me Kristen." I leaned back in my desk chair. "Sorry, I thought you were Niall." "Poala, he isn't going to come. He's on tour." "Yeah, but he could surprise me." She sighed in the phone. "Say what you want P, any who, are you ready?" "I just finished my hair. I'm just gonna walk there." "Are you sure? Me and Jackson can pick you up." I nodded. "Yeah. See you at the dance." And I hung up. Niall's not coming. I fought some tears and put my shoes on, and walked to the dance.

I got a lot of compliments on my dress and make up. I did the same for a whole bunch of other girls. The dance was just about to start. I sat on one of the benches looking for Niall. A white limo pulled up and I about screamed, it wasn't Niall. I eased and went back to the position I started in. It was ten minutes into the dance and the music blasted against the walls so loud, I knew which songs they were playing. There were some people coming and I still had my hopes then my friend came and hovered me. "Poala, he isn't coming. Give up." "Give me a few more minutes." "No, if you stay out here anytime longer, you'll be out here for the rest of the dance." I sighed and slouched. "Eh, I guess you're right. At least he said yes." I got up, looking over my shoulders just to make sure. We got to the door and I heard a thick Irish voice say, "Is a princess without a date?" I looked and it was Niall.

"Niall!" I screamed, running into his arms. "I thought you weren't coming." I broke from him and kissed him. "I would never miss my girl's prom." I gave him one more kiss before looking at him fully. He was in a black silk suit with a sliver tie to match my silver dress. He had a tiger lily pinned to his chest and had a crosage (or however you spell it) in a container. "May I?" I nodded and held my hand out. He opened the box and slipped the flower on my wrist. "Shall I escort you to the dance?" I took his arm and we walked in the dance. People were staring at us with half of the girls fan girling. "I shoulda warned you about the girls." He laughed. "It's a part of life." "How'd you make it?" "We had a choice if we wanted to take the night day off or do a sound check for our concert tomorrow." We were on the bleachers. "What did the guys do?" I turned around and heard more screaming. I looked back at Niall and then the crowd cleared. It was Harry Louis, Zayn and Liam! I looked at Niall who was smiling. The guys walked over to us and I group hugged all of them. "What are you doing here?" "Niall told us you had a prom and we're your dates." Niall joined them. "So I have five dates to my prom?" They nodded. "Well Niall gets the first slow dance." They held their hands up in defense. "Deal, but I get to dance with you next." Harry gave me a big bear hug. A slow song came on and Niall took me to the dance floor.

Niall's arms was on my waist and my hands around his neck with my head nuzzled in his chest. "I'm so happy you came. I was just about to give up." He chuckled his chest vibrating against my head. "Even if I had a concert or meet and greet, I wouldn't miss this for the world." "I love you Niall." "I love you too." We moved slowly as the song continued. I got a glance at the boys. Zayn was dancing with Kristen my best friend and Harry found one of my other friends to dance with. The song ended and me and Niall met with Liam and Louis. Harry came back to me and pulled me on the dance floor. "Thanks for coming Haz. I'm happy you came." He smiled. "Niall talked about this dance and he knew you would love it if we came with him." "I did love it." I pecked his cheek. "And we have a special dinner after this." "Really? Where?" "We don't know. Paul made the reservations and he wouldn't tell us anything." "That Paul. He's a good babysitter." He laughed. "And a good body guard." "I wonder what would happen if all of the fans were to attack you guys?" "We would probably be stripped naked." "Or almost dead." He laughed. "You're probably right." We danced through the song and it was Louis' turn. The song was fast and Louis was dancing up a storm. We were fast slow dancing and laughing. When the song ended, Louis gave me a big hug. The dance ended a hour later after that. We all walked out together and was welcomed by a black limo. We walked to it and Niall held the door for me. "Ladies first." I stepped in and was stopped. "Hey, no tip?" I laughed and gave him a kiss on the lips and walked in the limo.

We rocked out to One Way or Another the whole ride here laughing about the video. "I honestly thought the camera was going to go that far." I laughed. We finally got to the restaurant. It was TGI Friday's. "Yay! My favorite place." Harry jumped letting his curls bounce in his face. We got out and the host showed us to our table. I sat beside Liam and Niall. Our hands intertwined the whole time.

After a long fun dinner, the guys took me home. Niall walked me to my front door. "Thanks for one of the best times of my life." "I'm glad I'm responsible." We hugged. "Could you stay with me tonight?" "Sorry princess. I can't. We have a concert tomorrow and we have a soud check and two meet ad greets." "Can't you hang out for a few hours?" He eyes were full of sadness. "As much as I want to, I can't. But I'll text you as soon as we get back to the hotel." I kissed him. "Ok. I love you." We kissed again. "I love you too." We shared one more hug and a kiss and I went in my room. I changed into pajamas and texted Niall the rest of the night.
for Nialler'sPrincessForever, hope you liked it!! this was fun to write :) :)


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