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25. for Niallers-cupcake123

Turns out Niall Horan is moving into a house a few blocks from me! Girls from all over town has heard and are trying to find the right house. I love One Direction and I'm gonna try to see if I can meet him. Wish me luck. I put my One Direction hoodie on and black shorts with my black converses. I got a piece of paper and sharpie just in case if I could get a autograph. "I'm going out mom!" I yelled as I closed the door. The spring day was just right to wear a jacket and shorts. I could hear screaming and singing of about seventy girls. They found Niall's house. The sound wasn't to far. I followed and found the house. I ran as fast as I could and I was at the back of the crowd. But I quickly came in the crowd. The girls sang What Makes You Beautiful, Live While We're Young and Little Things. No luck. The house stayed still with one of the biggest celeberties in the world. I talked briefly to this girl named Alex. She was really nice, but got pushed to the back. Everyone gave her dirty looks, just cause she was wearing jeans. I got some dirty looks, but they eased cause I was wearing shorts. They weren't short shorts though. 


I left early in the morning and it was already three o' clock. Nothing. I was closer, but it seemed like I was being pushed to the back of the crowd, which was only getting bigger. I heard screaming. I jumped and saw Niall! I started to scream and I think he winked at me and the crowd started to move over top of me. I felt a punch. Girls were looking at me calling me a slut and Niall would never want me. I started to be kicked. I heard a manly scream. "Leave her alone!" It was Niall. I was dazed. One girl had punched me hard. "Oh my god, here." I was in his arms. I was in his arms! He was carrying me bridal style. "Paul, call a doctor she's hurt." I was in his house. My vision was a blur. All I could see was Niall's bright blue eyes. "Niall." I whispered. "Yes love?" He looked at me. "Could I get a autograph?" He laughed. "You need help. A doctor is coming to help you." I nodded and it went black. "Love?" A echo voice called. "Love are you awake?" I couldn't respond. I felt being carried up the stairs and set on a bed. "Don't worry sweet heart, I'll take care of you." Something was put over my mouth and I was officially out. 

I woke up with a blurred vision. As it cleared, it almost hurt to breathe. Something was hugging my arm. A cast. Then I looked at my foot, a brace. Man those girls kicked my but. I was sitting up and in a beautiful bedroom. Wait. This wasn't my house. Teh door was closed and I heard a faint knock. It opened with Niall coming in with a tray full of food. "Oh you're awake! How are you feeling Alexa?" "Like crap." He chuckled and set the tray on my lap. The warmth sunk through the tray. I took a bite of the toast. "Does my parents know I'm here?" He nodded. "Yeah, but now there is a crowd all around the house, so you are going to haft to stay with me til it clears." "Fine by me." "So, what brings you to my house?" He sat on the end of the bed. "I was hoping to get a autograph. But I ended up getting beat up." I looked at my arm and foot. "Your arm is broken and your foot is sprained, but that will heal soon. Plus you have some bruises and cuts. All that can be fixed." "How long was I out?" "About two days." "Wow." He laughed. "And I have made sure that you are ok." I think I was blushing. "Thanks. Could you help me up?" He nodded and picked my up bridal style again. "The doctor said you could walk, just not on stairs. I can help you with that." "Thanks. Where's the bathroom?" He pointed to the corner. I limped and closed the door.


I had a black eye and a cut on my forehead. I quickly used the bathroom and went back in the room. Niall had his guitar playing softly. "Do you mind if I play?" "Sure." I sat on the bed and heard Niall playing his guitar. He hummed Little Things and I began to feel sleepy. I yawned. "Close your eyes, you need the sleep." I listened and closed my eyes. I was instantly asleep.


I woke up. The room empty. I got up and opened the door. The TV was on in the living room and I walked to the stairs. I tried a step. Pain from my foot shot through my body. I had to get downstairs. I hopped on my but and jumped the stairs. When I got to the living room, I saw the back of Niall's head. "Hey." He turned and smiled engulfing me in a hug. "Why didn't you call for me to get you?" I shrugged and walked to the couch. He sat beside me and wrapped his arm around me. "Alexa, I know we have known each other for a short time, and you have been asleep most of the time, but I was wondering if you would be my girlfriend?" Niall Horan just asked me to be his girlfriend. Oh my heck. "Yes. Yes! Of course I will." I hugged him. He hugged back. To all those girls who beat me up, take that!


for Niallers-cupcake123 hope you liked it!! i dont know your name, so i went with alexa :P :P :) :)


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