One Direction Imagines

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51. for Mariah99

"So Lou, what do you wanna do?" He shrugged.

It was storming outside and we couldn't go to the park. We sat on the couch bored watching TV.

"We can play the wii?" He shrugged, his face on the TV.

"I'll pop in Just Dance 4 if you pop some popcorn." He smirked and looked at me with his intense blue eyes.

"Deal. I bet I'll beat ya." We both rose from the couch.

"You'll beat me and I know it." He laughed and walked in the kitchen. I flipped a lamp on and switched the TV to game. Me even taking my time, I was done before Louis.

I handed him a remote and we stood beside each other.

"What song should we start with?" He asked. I scrolled through the music and stopped on Rock Lobster. He laughed and ran his fingers through his hair.

"Alright, I choose the next one though." I nodded and clicked the song.

"How about I be the lobster and you be the girl?" He set a hand on his hip and put a sassy face on.

"Girl, that is perfect." He spoke with a sassy and gay accent. I burst out into laughter and we chose our people.

All through the song, we couldn't stop laughing. He beat me. 

"Wow, you're a real good girl." He stuffed a handful of popcorn in his mouth.

"Next, Livin La Vida Roca!" He screamed. I laughed and clicked the song. In the beginning of the song, we had to put our hands on the back of our heads and had to shake our bums. With Lou's big bum, he shook it with pride.

"Lou, you have the best bum in town."

"Why thank you." He bowed ignoring the song. We continued to dance to all the different songs. It was like the storm was never there. Even though it was lighting like crazy.

"How about we do One Thing by The Andrews?" I asked. He nodded.

"You know George looks a lot like you." He shook his head looking up at me.

"I guess he does." I scoffed.

"He's got the same eyes and almost the same hair! He's your look alike! It is official." He laughed and we started to dance.

At the end of the song, the two dancers got close and were holding hands. We did what the two dancers did. We were slightly panting. Our eyes making intense stares.

"You know you have the most amazing eyes." He smirked.

"You're eyes sparkle like the ocean." I complimented back. The song was over and we were still in our position.

My eyes closed and I felt a soft pair of lips on mine. We were kissing. I can't explain what I felt like. It was to amazing for words. His hands cupped my cheeks as we didn't break the kiss.

When we broke, I was breathless. As was Louis. His hands dropped.

"I'm sorry. I- I should go home." I stopped him.

"No. I really liked that kiss." He smiled.

"Mariah, you don't know how long I've waited for that kiss. I've liked you ever since we met in the fourth grade. The moment was perfect and I didn't know what to do." He was cute when he freaked out,

"Lou calm down. I like you too." He got a huge smile on his face and he hugged me tight.

Strikes of lightning filled the room and thunder filled our ears. We stood there together and stayed like that for the rest of the evening.


for Mariah99, hope you liked it!! sorry for the long wait but here it is!! :) :)

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