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24. for LauP1D

Man, can this month get any better? My boyfriend Niall Horan from One Direction, just putting that out there, had taken a month break off of touring and has spent it with me. We are always separated and I can never see him. Not even if I go to one of the concerts. By the time I'm backstage, they are all passed out. But this month it has been me and Niall. 


Niall rented a hotel room right on the coast of Myrtle Beach for the month. Just me and him. We've done just about everything there is to do. Swam in the ocean, tanned, met new people, checked out all the restaurants, mini golfed. I was a caddy for Niall when we went real golfing. We've been fishing, para sailing, went on the banana boats, checked all the attractions out and so much more. I wish this could never end. Sure there is the days where it rains and we spend the day inside, watching movies, playing games and cooking. It's gonna be so hard when he leaves for tour. I'm gonna miss the cuddling on the couch and watching old movies. Missing being in his strong protective arms. Missing his smile and his laugh. But that's one of the perks of dating a celeberte. You got be willing to make sacrifices. At night I think about when he leaves. The empty feeling. I honestly don't know how much longer I'm going to take it. The forecast calls for rain all week. Then the next week is sunny and hot. A great way to end the month. Well I'm off.


I woke up with his strong arm wrapped around my waist. As my vision cleared, I saw the picture of me and Niall on our two year anniversary. Almost before he went on the Take Me Home tour. I smiled and turned over. There, a sleepy Niall. His hair was covering his forehead. His face looking like a angels. "Morning my prince." I barely whispered. He moved a little and groaned. I smiled and released myself from his grip, tip toeing out of the room. I went to the bathroom. My hair was still in its now dry ponytail. I took it out, letting my hair coming into brown waves. I ran my hands through it and went to the living room. There was still a mess from last night's guess that snack game. Niall being the man he is, guessed everything right. I cleaned everything up. I washed my hands and heard footsteps coming from the hallway. When I saw him I smiled. He was wearing basketball shorts with no shirt. His hands in his face. He sat at the dining room table. I poured a glass of milk for him and me then walked to the table. "Hey baby. How'd you sleep?" He picked the glass up. "Great. I was with you." I sipped my milk and went to the balcony doors. Normally we were greeted by a blinding ray of sunshine. But the sky was a dark blue to the left and sunshine on the right. I opened the door to hearing the ocean waves. The air was warm and muggy. Niall met me outside. "Looks like a storm." He sat on the chair letting his Irish accent show. "Yeah, gives us more time inside. I think I'm tan enough." I looked at my arms. "You can make those awesome brownies you make." He slid his sunglasses on. "We're out of the mix." "You can go to the store." He smiled. "Ok, I'll go there before it storms." I skipped inside locking the door behind me. Niall pounded. "Only if you say you love me." He signed a I love you and I let him in. I changed into a One Direction t-shirt and capris. As I grabbed my purse Niall's strong arms wrapped around me. "Like your shirt." "Thanks. Only if I could get it signed by them. It's my dream." I laughed. "Only if." He let go. I gave him a kiss and drove to the store.


As soon as I got in, I was out. Since the storm was coming, not a lot of people were out. I pulled in the parking garage when the rain started to pour. This was going to be a bad one. I ran to the room pounding on the door. "Come on, they are calling the storm a bad one." He pulled me in. I fixed my hair. "The store was like a ghost town." I set the bags on the table and I heard the weather man talking. I sat beside Niall. "This is a very large storm and very dangerous. It is not a hurricane, but everyone is reported to stay indoors and avoid outside at all costs." "I was scared you were caught in it." I shook my head. "No, lets get to making those brownies." He stood up fast then grabbing his head. "Note to self, get up more slowly." I laughed walking to the kitchen.


As the time passed, the storm got worse. Lightning lit up the dark sky and sent loud cracks of thunder behind it. Hail started to fall in sizes of golf balls and the wind blew rapidly. I threw the mix in and joined Niall on the couch. A streak of lightning hit the water close. I hid my face in his arm. He chuckled. "It's ok princess, I'm here." He wrapped his arms around me. "I'm going to miss you." "Me too. I'm going to miss my man." "But remember, if I'm anywhere in the world, all you need is one phone call and I'm there in a heartbeat." His sweet talk. I loved it. Another reason why I'm going to miss him. The oven beeped. I hopped up and got the brownies. "I'm so glad I have a woman who can cook." When they were cool enough, I cut them up, set them on a plate and went to the couch. Niall got our drinks and we watched Cake Boss.

(fast forward to the  day before the last day of vacation)

Today we packed up. Over the last two weeks, the more we talked about missing each other, the more I came to my decision. Niall just got done packing when I went to tell him. My cab was waiting in the garage with my bags and ready to go to the air port. Niall was drinking water while watching TV. "Niall. We need to talk." I was in the kitchen. "Sure babe. What's up?" I sat and took his hand. "Niall, every single second we are together, I wish the moment will never end. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you with all my heart, but I can't stand the distance much longer." "Woah, Laura are you breaking up with me?" His eyes were shining. "Sad to say, yes I am Niall. I'm saving the heart break. If you think about it, we would eventually drift away, then you would get so caught up with the band you would forget about me. I just want you to know that, no matter how bad it hurts, go on. You will be able to go on without me. I need to go. My cab is waiting." My voice was cracking. Tears was streaming down his face. "No. No. Laura please don't leave. I won't forget about you. I love you too much to do that. We can make this work." "Niall, I need to go." I was now crying. I got up with Niall speechless. I had my hand on the door handle when I felt Niall's hands on my legs. I turned, "Laura please, please don't leave me. I love you. I love you." I bent down. "I love you too. I need to go, my rides waiting." I kissed his lips before I walked outside. My back hit the door and my head went up. I've never cried so much in my life. As much as I needed to leave Niall, I didn't. But like I said, we would end up drifting apart. I pulled myself together and got in the cab. I cried the whole ride to the airport, check in, the ride home, baggage claim and the ride to my house.

Niall's P.O.V.

When Laura walked out that door it was like she walked out of my heart. I sat on my knees with my hands in my face. I ran and got my phone. I dialed Liam's number. "Hey Niall!" He was happy. "Li-Liam, Lau-Laura." "What happened?" "Sh-she's g-g-g-gone." That word. Gone. "I'll be there in a flash." I hung up. I buried my face in one of the pillows. In about fifteen minutes, there was a knock at the door. I pulled myself up. Liam, Zayn, Niall, Harry and Louis. They looked worried. "Where's Laura?" Liam grabbed my shoulders. "She l-l-left me." I went back into the living room. "What?" They followed. "She didn't want us to drift apart. So she broke up with me." "Niall, I'm so sorry." Harry sat beside me. "Thanks. I need to get her back. My life is nothing without her." "Let us talk to her. We can change her mind." Louis spoke up. "I don't know if she'll listen. She was serious." "We can get her to change her mind." "Change her mind. Right now, I'm just gonna give her space. And let her think." "That's a good plan. Right now, we need to get back in track. You got your guitar." I looked at him. "I never go anywhere without my guitar." I ran to the room and got my guitar. "What shall we start out with?" I asked. "Play something random and we'll go from there." Harry leaned back in the chair. I thought and started to play the beginning to She's Not Afraid. Louis sang along. We sang songs the rest of the day. "It's getting late. I leave tomorrow." They all nodded. "We'll see you in a few days." We all gave quick hugs and I put my guitar up and went in the bed. It felt so empty. Not having Laura in my arms. Hopefully we can convince her to come back to me.

Laura's P.O.V.

The past few days has been horrible. Not having Niall to talk to. But it's for the best. I would rather break up with him, then have us drift apart. Surprisingly Niall hasn't tried to call me or anything. Not even a call from any of the boys. I hope I didn't make them mad. Oh, what if they are mad? No Laura, you didn't make them mad. 


I'm pretty much cried out. I let all my tears out on the flight. People looked at me but I ignored them. Some fans recognized me and asked what was wrong. I didn't answer. My phone rang. I ran across the room and saw the color ID. It was Louis. "Louis! Hi! How's Niall?" "Woah Laura, calm down." He laughed. "Is he mad at me? Are you guys mad at me?" He continued to laugh. "No Laura, we're not mad at you. Niall has been a wreck without you." "I have been a wreck too. I need my Nialler. I was a idiot to leave him. Tell him I need him back and I miss him with all my heart." "I will Laura. Don't worry. That was what I was calling you about. Niall called Liam and he brought all of us and told us everything." "Thank you Louis. Tell Niall I need him back." "I will. Hope to see you soon." "Me too. Later Boo bear." I hung up. I'm going to get Niall back. I was a idiot to think about leaving him. When was he coming? All the memories from the vacation flooded my mind. When we was walking on the beach when the sun reached the horizon. We talked about our hopes and dreams. One of his dreams, to meet every fan. I was getting my Niall back. I'm getting my Niall back!


Three days. Still no Niall. I was beginning to worry. When will he come? Like I have been doing, I walk around my empty house. There was a knock at the door. I ran as fast as I could. It was the mail man. I was about to cry. He knocked and left. I opened it and there was a bouquet of roses in a vase. The card read, 'Beautiful roses for my beautiful princess.' "Miss me?" Niall stood in front of me. I dropped the vase and ran to him. Crying. "Niall, I am so, so, so, so sorry. I was stuiped to think that we would drift apart. I was scared of losing the love of my life." "Sh, Laura I know. That's why I came back for you." He cooed. I kissed him over and over again. "I love you Laura." "I love you Niall."


For LauP1D hope you liked it!! :) :) this is the longest one ive written so far i just noticed that lol!! :P :P hope you liked it!!

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