One Direction Imagines

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46. For kileypaige_horan

That's all life really was anymore, moving from family to family, foster home to foster home. Sometimes I wondered if I'd ever even had a family, if it was some cruel joke that someone made up to give me something to hold on to. Every family I'd been to, every foster home I'd stay in, hadn't been for me. I was on my way to my 27th family. The agency was surprised anyone would want me any more. After the numerous families and the 35 foster homes, I was more or less a pest. In my lap sat my rugged black backpack. In it were all of my things that I'd ever owned (which really didn't amount to much.) All that I had left were the shreds of cloth that I called clothing, and a plastic bag containing all of the things that the Agency had given me. I glanced out the window of the bus, we were coming close to the neighborhood that I was told would be my new home. My eyes widened in shock. I had to rub my eyes to make sure I was seeing things correctly. Surely, this was a joke. A gigantic house sat in front of us. The bus was gliding to a stop. "You're kidding." I said. It wasn't a question, but a statement. "This is my house?" I asked. "Is there a problem?" The driver asked with real concern. Quickly, I regained my sense and shook my head furiously.  "Not at all. This is great. I'll see you!" I called cheerily before bounding out of the bus. That's when I saw a man and woman standing in the driveway with smiles on their faces. I stopped dead in my tracks. Of course I wouldn't fit in here. It'd be worse than the other places I'd been. These people were rich, obviously too rich for me to fit in with. Somehow, I felt as if I'd seen them before. We chatted a bit before they took me inside to my room where I could finally be in peace.  I'd found out something horribly shocking. These people were the Paynes, relatives of Liam Payne. I fell asleep with my face jammed into my pillow.  That night, I had a crazy but amazing dream . It was a montage of memories, ones that belonged to me. Ones that I'd never remembered before. When the agencies took me in, I'd been suffering from severe amnesia. I was found at 6, wandering around. Only now was I remembering everything. I woke with a start. Three figures stood in my room.  "Do you think she'll remember?" One asked.  "Maybe not." One replied. That's when everything suddenly made sense. I opened my eyes and pushed myself up in my bed as everything made sense. The three figures were both of the Paynes, and their son, Liam.  "You all are my family. Liam is my brother. This was where I was before I was lost." I whispered.



For kileypaige_horan, hope you liked it!


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