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23. for Katie4415

You know the famous boy band One Direction? That's a silly question. Everyone knows who they are. Well, I'm best friends with Niall. The Niall Horan. We have been friends since we were little and are still keeping the friendship alive. I don't know if he likes me. I do. Ever since I can remember, I've had a crush on him, but have kept it a secret. He's like a big brother to me. I would never do anything to ruin our friendship.


I've been invited to some of their concerts from Niall. They are the funniest things to go to. One summer vacation, I went on tour with them. The guys are so much fun to be around and are always full of energy. But due to school, I haven't been able to see him. Like always, people call me and Niall boyfriend and girlfriend. Over twitter hate is nothing new. But people just don't get that I'm not going out with him. But I do have feelings for him, but I keep that hid.


A long day of school went by. I was getting ready to do my homework when my mom came up with the house phone. "It's Niall." I squealed and grabbed the phone. "Niall?" I jumped. "Katie! I miss you!" "I miss you too Nialler. So what's up?" "Me and the lads are in town and I was wondering if you want to come over for a few?" "Sure. I'd love to. But I need to get some homework done." "You can bring it here. We can help you." "Ok awesome! I'll be there soon. Where are you staying?" "The Marriott. The fifteenth floor, room 1502. I'll be waiting for you." "Ok I'll be there in half an hour! Bye." I hung up and ran down the stairs. "Mom! Can you take me to the Marriott?" "Sure. You need to finish your homework first." "The guys said they will help me." "Ok. But all that homework needs to be done by the time you get home." I shook my head rapidly. "Ok go get your stuff." I nodded again and ran to my room and got my stuff. I ran back down almost falling down the stairs. I got in the car with my mom an drove to the hotel.


Fans and paparazzi were outside the hotel. Some fans recognized me and started to scream my name and said I love you. I quickly got to the elevator and pressed the button for the fifteenth floor and waited. When the door opened I saw Niall. "Niall!" I ran to him. His arms was open and we hugged. "I missed you so much!" He laughed. "I missed you too!" We let go then hugged again. "Come on, the guys are dying to see you." He had me by the hand and we were running down the hall. We got to the room and Niall slid the key card in. A blast of cold air hit my face sending my hair flying. I saw the boys. "Katie!" They screamed. I was tackled by hugs. I let a loud eumf. "Sorry." They said together. I got up and sat on the couch. "How have you been love?" Zayn asked sipping his soda. "Busy with school. How's the tour?" "Amazing! You really need to come to another concert!" Louis body slammed the bed. "First things first. She needs to get her homework done." Liam grabbed my bag. "Ok Daddy Directioner. All I have is math. Nothing bad." "Ah math! It's evil!" Louis grabbed my book and acted like it was going to eat him. I laughed and he gave me my book back.


I got my homework done in 10 minutes. I caught Niall up on what's happened in town and the guys told me stories from touring. Louis shot up. "Lets play truth of dare!" We all nodded and Louis went first. He tapped his chin. "Kati! Truth of dare?" "Dare." "I dare you too..." He stopped and ran in what I think was his room and came out with one of his shoes. "I dare you to sniff my shoe for fifteen seconds." The guys backed away. "How bad can it be?" I grabbed the shoe. I could smell the odor. It was awful. "It was like week old garbage left in the sun with the smell of wet dog and rotten milk. I coughed. "You want me to sniff this?" He nodded holding his nose. "Fifteen seconds." "Nice knowing you Kate." Harry laughed on the other side of the room. "Ready? Go!" I hesitated and held the shoe by by middle and index fingers. I held the shoe away and pulled my head away. Louis came behind me and pressed my head closer. I coughed making the smell enter my mouth. I gagged and the fifteen seconds were up. "Get me a w-water." I gagged. They all laughed and Harry gave me the water. I sipped the water and it tasted like the smell of the shoe. Some of it came out of my mouth as I made a B line to the bathroom. I spit the water in the sink and I felt someone hold my hair back. It was Niall. "That was awful. Never again." He laughed. "Louis is known for his foot stink." We went back in the living room. "Ok Zayn. Truth or dare." "Dare." I thought. I looked around the room. There was a plastic elephant sitting on the coffee table. I thought of different ways to use it." "I dare you to write a note saying 'who ever finds a purple rose will get a kiss from me.' Then throw it down stairs." He grabbed the elephant and wrote the note. We took the elevator to the third floor. Zayn choose a good spot. The lobby was now full of screaming girls. They screamed louder as they saw us. He threw the elephant. It landed in the middle of the crowd. A girl came up with it. She scanned it and ran outside. The rest of the girls ran out. Screaming 'I need a purple rose!' They were laughing. "You are going to get a lot of roses." We went up to the room. 


We got settled. "Ok Katie truth or dare?" Not again. "Dare." He looked at Niall and then at me. "I dare you to kiss Niall." He blushed. All the color dropped in my face. He looked at me and slid over to me. "A dares a dare." We looked at each other and his lips were against mine. My whole body went numb and fireworks shot in my head. I could stay like this forever. There was no way I would be able to control my feelings for him. We broke apart. His ice blue eyes stared at my brown eyes. "I've been waiting for that kiss all my life." He mumbled. "I have too." Our foreheads were connected. We forgot about the boys.Until we looked away from each other. "You wanna watch a movie now?" Liam asked. We all nodded. Niall and I sat beside each other hand in hand. I didn't want to leave his side. But it was getting late. My mom picked me up and with the help of Paul, I got to my car safely. Word got out pretty fast that me and Niall were dating. Not much had changed in between us. We are like friends but we hug more, kiss ad said I love you. Other than that, it's normal life.  I'm glad I chose dare that night.


for Katie4415, hope you liked it!! :) :)

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