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19. for Jayde_Stypayhorlison123

"Who ever is the tenth caller is will receive One Direction tickets and backstage passes for their concert in Columbus, Ohio. Polls open in half an hour, so be prepared." The radio DJ had said. I was in the car with my mom and two best friends. We all love One Direction. Directioners forever! It has been my dream to see them in concert. And backstage passes! I need to be that tenth caller. Or one of my friends needs to. We all had our phones out ready to call. My mom laughed at us. "You girls are so silly. They're just a band." "It is more than a band mom. It's life! They are so hot!" My friends agreed. The entire day the radio has been playing One Direction's songs that people request. Their new single Best Song Ever is coming soon too! Ah! I can't wait.
Truely, Madly, Deeply played then One Way or Another. It's funny cause my mom was singing along. "Give me a break. I've known that song forever." Then C'mon C'mon and Up All Night. Me and my friends were scream singing acting like idiots. Then the DJ came back on. "In less than five minutes, the contest will win tickets to the One Direction concert in Columbus, Ohio. Then some ad's came. Finally it was time for the contest to begin. "When I saw go, callers dial 568-410-8587. GO!" I dialed as fast as I could. "I got caller number three!" My friend Jessica yelled. "I got caller number seven!" My other friend Monica yelled. "Ok! Times up we have the tenth caller on the line." I didn't say anything. I was on the line with the DJ. "Hello lucky caller! What's your name?" "Jayde." Monica, Jessica and my mom looked at me crazy. "Well congratulations Jayde. You and three lucky people are going to see One Direction front row, with back stage passes." We all screamed. He didn't say anything about front row. Made it six times better! "Ah I'm so excited!" He laughed. "Ha, ha I bet you are. You can come and pick your tickets up by Thursday. Congrats." And he hung up. I was screaming. All three of us were jumping in our seats, making the stopped car jump. "We're going to see One Direction! We're going to see One Direction!" We chanted. "Mom drive to the radio station!" My mom slammed her foot on the gas and we sped to the radio station.
(fast forward at the concert)
"Oh my gosh I can't believe we're here!" I screamed walking into the arena. There were thousands of girls already inside with tons at the food stands and souvenir stands. Turns out Olly Murs is going to open for One Direction! I like some of his songs. We searched for our seats. We were in the center in the first row! I was wearing my I <3 One Direction shirt with jeans and my Union Jack converses. I got a little emotional and wiped a tear from my eye. Now I can say I saw One Direction! We got there a little late so we didn't haft to wait long. The arena was filled with thousands of screaming girls. The screaming got louder when the arena went black. Rising from the floor was Olly Murs and Flo Rida singing Troublemaker. "Why does it feel so good, but hurts so bad?" "My mind keeps sayin', run as fast as you can." I sang along. They finished the song and sang My Heart Skips a Beat. After they were done with that song, Olly held his microphone to his mouth. "Are you ready for One Direction?" We all screamed. "I can't hear you! ARE YOU READY TO SEE ONE DIRECTION?" The giant room got three times louder. "That's what I like to hear! Well ladies and gentlemen I present you, Louis, Harry, Zayn, Liam and Niall!" The lights went to the boys as they rose from the floor. The guitarist began to play the intro to She's Not Afraid. "One, two three four!" Louis sang.
The whole time they sang, it seemed like a dream. Seeing all the features of their face. You would think that the camera's catch some of their beauty. Wrong! Camera's capture every detail of their faces. Niall's eyes were shining with happiness. Louis was going crazy on stage. Harry was dancing to the music while Liam was scanning the crowd singing. Then the chorus came. "She's not afraid of the attention. She's not afraid of runnin' wild. How come she's afraid of falling in lo-o-o-o-ve." He sang it perfectly just like when you're listening to it on head phones. Niall sang his part and ran his arm down the crowd high fiving everyone. He touched my hand! OH MY GOD! HE TOUCHED MY HAND! I was screaming 'I love you Niall!' and the same with the other boys.
When the song ended Louis looked at me and winked at me. I blushed so bad. My face was steaming. Louis freaking Tomlinson winked at me. They sang all the songs from the Take Me Home album and a few from Up All Night. The concert ended. But not for us! There was a a stage manager who came and got us. "Ok we can not fan girl, they don't like that. Treat them like the normal people they are." I repeated over and over again in my head. "Have fun." The stage manager showed us the door. It read 'One Direction dressing room #1'. I nervously knocked on the door. "Come in!" I heard Harry's voice. Yes I can tell which is their voices. I opened the door shaking every second as the door opened. The door was open all the way. My heart dropped and my legs went numb. No legs, stay up. I demanded to myself. The boys were all in pajamas. Liam and Niall were playing soccer on the TV while Zayn, Harry and Louis were on the couches talking. Me, Monica and Jessica were standing still trying get our brains to work. They all got up and greeted us. "Come on in loves." Harry had one hand stretched out and another on the door. "Uh, where's the bathroom?" I asked. I needed to scream. "Right over there." Niall pointed. I mumbled a thank you and closed the door and locked it. I took a deep breath and screamed my fan girl scream. After I was done everyone was looking at me like I was crazy. "Sorry, I needed to let all my fan girl out. I"m good now." They laughed. "It's all good. So what's your names?" Zayn asked guiding us to the couches. "I'm Jayde." "I'm Monica." "And I'm Jessica." "This is my mom Caren." She waved. "Nice to meet you, Jayde, Monica, Jessica and Caren. You know our names right?" Louis kidded.
We stayed there for about two hours. The boys didn't seem to mind. I think they liked us. I got pictures with all of them and autographs. Louis seemed to flirt with me here and there but talked to me the most. My mom looked at her watch. "Sorry boys this has been so fun, but It's getting late and we need to head back to our hotel." The boys groaned and so did we. "Before you go, can I have your number?" "Me give you my number?" He nodded. "I don't see why not." I stared at his beautiful blue eyes. "Are you going to hand me your phone?" I snapped myself out of his trance. "Oh yeah sorry. Here." He took my phone and took a while. when he was done, he had the camera on the inside. "Say Kevin!" "Kevin!" I laughed. "It was so awesome meeting you I'll stay in touch." I hugged him. "Yeah, if you can't reach me I put all of our numbers in. Give them to your friends." I couldn't believe what he just told me. The boys gave us one more hug and a peck on the cheek before we left.
"Girls, I have Louis' and the boys numbers. He wants me to keep in touch!" They were jumping up and down. "You haft to give us their numbers." Monica touched my shoulder. I yawned. "I will tomorrow. Right now, I need to sleep." They all agreed and when we got back to our room. We all feel asleep in our concert clothes.
for Jayde_Stypayhorlison123, hope you liked it!! i used my experience at a 1D concert i went to in pittsburgh a few weeks ago. but i didn't have back stage passes and front row seats :( :( that was all imagination :) :) hope you liked it a lot!! :) :)


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