One Direction Imagines

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42. For Jayda

I watched as one of my last late costumers left the store. I worked at Stop N' Shop, a tiny connivence store that somehow managed to pay rent in the large city of Orlando, in the same area as five star hotels, and Walmarts. One of the only ways we were able to stay open included staying open 24/7, something that these other places didn't. I myself was blessed with the late shift, working from 9pm - 4 am during the summer. I sat against my register and pulled out a book from under my counter. I opened the cover and began to read, as it wasn't often when I got a customer. To my surprise, I heard the door open around ten minutes later. I stuck my bookmark into my book, and smiled up at the guy. He was wearing a dark hoodie that was pulled up over his head, his face hidden in the shadows cast by the hood. I straightened a bit uncomfortably and patted my pocket to reassure myself that my phone was within reach. The man disappeared into the back of the store and part of me wondered how this was about to go down. Just as soon as he'd disappeared, he was back at the register. He dropped a bag of pepperoni rolls and a soda on to the desk. I scanned them without a word. I attempted to see his face. He looked up, and his eyes met mine. I dropped the bag I was holding and the soda bottle inside burst.

"Oh my God. You're Liam Payne." I said.

"Shh!" He whisper-yelled. 

"There's no one else in here." I told him, still in shock. Before taking my word for it, he glanced around. After making sure the coast was clear, he dropped his hood. There was no doubt about it, this really was Liam. 

"Since you already seem to know me, I would love to have the honor of knowing your name, if that's all right?" He asked. I smiled, and a light pink blush spread across my cheeks. 

"I'm Jayda." I replied steadily. Liam smiled.

"Shouldn't you be in a hotel, heavily guarded by security?" I asked, leaning a bit towards him. 

"Probably. I snuck out." He admitted. "I wanted to get out." That's when I remembered the busted soda. 

"Oh, God, I'm sorry about the soda." I apologized, whirling around the counter with paper towels to clean up the mess. "You can get another soda, on the house." I told him. He bent down and helped me mop up the mess even after my declines. 

"You know what? How about you and I go out, get a soda together somewhere?" He offers with a half smile. 


For Jayda, hope you liked it! I'd love to hear what you think. Much love

Erin xx


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