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21. for Irishlover1

The bullies at this school. Someone needs to do something about it. I have tried everything and the school system won't do anything. There are multipule 'nerds' as everyone else calls them. I call them the smarties. Most of them are sweet and really smart see what I did there. Ok so as I was saying, a smartie was getting bullied, again. His name is Niall and one of the sweetiests ones of them all. I think they were going to beat him up.
Niall was at his locker getting his books when the school bully came up to him and took his glasses. He jumped for them. "Try to get them loser." Niall kept jumping for them when he gave up. He got the other spare pair he had. The bully took the other pair. My temper went through the roof. I stormed over to the bully and my knee met his crotch. He bent down in pain and I grabbed his glasses. I gave them to Niall and turned around. "Go on with your busniuss people, no fights." They all groaned and went back to their busniss. "Thanks Carolina." "Anytime Niall. Want to eat lunch with me and my friends." "I guess so." He was so shy it was adorable. "You know Niall, you can trust me. I won't make fun of you. I'm your friend." I touched his shoulder and he blushed like a tomato. "Aw Niall." I made him blush more. I pecked his cheek and walked to my class. I didn't look back but everyone was staring at me. I ignored them and went on with my busniss.
After three boring classes, lunch time! Me and my friends were already sitting when I saw Niall walk in. He had his book in his hand. His blonde brown hair brought out his blue eyes. I stood up and waved my hands. He saw me and started to walk to us. I sat back down. "Is he really going to sit with us? He's a dork." "Don't judge by looks. He's really nice." Niall sat beside me and read his book. "Come on Niall, talk to us." "What is there to talk about?" "Well there is a pool party at the city pool this weekend, you wanna come?" "I wasn't invited." "It's a summer party. For getting out of school." My friend answered. "I guess. My mom won't care." "Awesome! We'll make sure no one will bully you." He took his eyes from his book. "You know you girls are the only one's who doesn't make fun of me." "Well we don't judge by looks. Some of us." I looked at my friend. "You're alright Horan." He smiled. "Thanks." We all got our lunch and started to eat. The school bullies sat at their table and laughed so loud it made everyone look at them in silence. They didn't pay attention. We all went to our busniss when Niall's head hit my arm. "Ow." He rubbed his hand. "What is it?" Niall had the apple core that hit his head. "This." "Just ignore them." And we went back to eating our lunch.
The bell for class rang. I got up with Niall follwing me. The bullies threw their stuff away and picked Niall up. "Put me down you idiots." He pounded on his back. He didn't listen and Niall's head landed in the garbage can with his legs flying. "Oh my God!" I ran to get him out. All his friends were laughing. As I got Niall out of the trash can I growled. "You think that's funny huh big guy? Throwing a guy in a trash can for no reason. Do you see anyone laughing? I certainly don't except for those excuses of life." They all stopped laughing and gave me death glares. "Yeah that's right. I said it. I'm sick of you picking on these people. Just because the are smart and dress nice doesn't mean they are any less different than you and me." Everyone was looking at me. "That is true Ms. Carolina. There is no excuse for you Mr. Miller to throw anyone in a trash can. You really need to stop. You can learn a thing or two from her. And all of you, in my office now." It was the principal. They all groaned and limped away. "That was great thing you did. Standing up for Niall." And she walked away. I turned to Niall who was picking the bits of food off his shirt. "I'm so sorry Niall." "Oh it's fine." His voice cracked. Oh no, don't cry. "Here let me help you." He looked me in the eyes and tears were starting to fall. "Oh no, no, no Niall. Don't cry. It's ok." I hugged him. He wrapped his arms around me. Quietly sobing. "I have been builled for so long. All the hurt is out. I need a minute." He ran out of the cafeteria. I was now crying. The poor boy. When I saw him look ar me, I could feel his pain. My friends came to me. I had a slight smell of garbage from where I hugged Niall. My hands were buried in my face. "Calm down Carolina." "No someone needs to do something and now. I saw it in Niall's eyes. Years of sadness and hurt filled his face."
I finally pulled myself together and got the pieces of food off of me. I was about to head back in the cafeteria when I heard sobs coming from the boys bathroom. I went in. Niall was in one the stolls. I came clsoer to the sobbing and knocked on the door. "Niall, are you in there?" "Yeah you can open it." I slightly pushed it open and Niall was sitting on the toilet (pants up) with his glasses resting on the toilet paper holder. His head was drooped to the floor his elbows holding him up. "You feel any better?" He looked up at me. His nose was red and his eyes were puffy and red. "What are you doing in the guys bathroom? You're not embarassed?" I chuckled. "If it means being there for my friend, I would go anywhere to make sure they were ok." He wiped his nose with his shirt sleeve. I held my arms out and he almost tackled me in a hug. "Thanks for being a good friend Carolina." "Anytime Niall, me and you are the same. I used to be bullied, so I know your pain." He wiped the rest of his tears away and slipped his glasses on. "Come on, we're going to be late for class." "Should I go to the party on Saturday?" "Yes! Don't let those idiots mess your fun up. They might not be able to come after what happened today." "I hope. Well I'll see you after class." I pecked his cheek and ran out of the bathroom.
(skip boring school :P)
It's Saturday! Time to party! Me and Niall made plans, that I would go to his house and we would go together. I decided to wear a rainbow tie die bathing suit with a black and white striped coverup. With black flip flops and white sunglasses. Turns out Niall doesn't live that far from me. I walked over to his house. I was greeted by his brother. "Niall is upstairs in his room. Third door on the right." "Thanks." And I skipped up the stairs and to Niall's room. It was closed so I knocked. "Come in!" "It's me." I opened the door and saw little wights. Niall worked out? "Hey Carolina, excuse the weights." He put them in closet. He had a white wife beater and sweat pants on. "Give me a second to get ready." I nodded and hopped on his bed. In five minutes he came out wearing Hawaiian flower print black and white swimming trunks and a gray button up shirt that was unbuttoned. With a beach towel slung over his shoulder. His fair skin was toned and muscular. He had black sunglasses over his eyes. "Can you see?" I asked. "Yeah, my mom got me contacts. You ready?" "Yeah." I slid glasses over my eyes. He slipped some beige flip flops on and we walked to the pool. "We're hear for the high school summer party." The woman nodded. I turned to the girls room and met Niall at the pool. There were two chairs open where our friends. "Hey Caroline, hey Nia-" They slid their glasses to the ends of theirs noses and started at Niall. "Hey girls." He laughed spreding his towel on the chair. I took my cover off and put some sun screen on. "Want some Niall?" He nodded and turned around. He screamed when the cold spray hit his back. I laughed and laughed harder when I got to the front. "Hey did you guys hear about the chicken competion?" "We should all enter it!" "You need a guy and a girl. You and Niall can do it, sign up sheets over there. It's at 1:15," She looked at her phone screen, "and it's 12:56 so sign up now." "Is that ok with you Niall?" He nodded and I ran to the sheet. I signed us up and went back to Niall. "Come on guys, lets get in the pool." They groaned but got up. Each of my friends stuck their toes in and complained about how cold it was. I pushed them all in. Niall thought it would be funny and he threw me in. Then he jumped in.
It was 1:15. Time for the chicken competition. We were sparing with Jessica Burns and Hunter Burns. They were brother and sister. I was friends with both of them, so they weren't going to go easy on Niall and I. The principal blew her whistle then Niall and Hunter charged. Mine and Jessica's hand clenteched together. Niall lunged forward and I took our hands apart and pushed Jessica. Hunter caught them. But Niall pushed him and they fell backwards. Everyone was cheering and Niall threw me off his back. I laughed and hugged him. We moved to the finals. It was me and Niall vs. Taylor Stone and George the school bully. When Niall came above water I pulled his hair out from his eyes. "Use that power from lifting those weights." I whispered. The whistle blew. On each side of the pool there was people cheering for me and Niall, then the others. We had more people cheering for us. I had Taylor by the hair. She threw my arms off of her with Niall almost falling. I leaned forward and went back to balance. "You're going down nerd." Niall's filled with rage and took Taylor's legs and flipped her over making her feet hit George in the face before they went under. I hopped off of Niall's shoulders and hugged him tight. After we broke our lips touched. All the trapped feelings for him leaked like a dam. Everyone yelled and shouted. When we broke we hugged again. "You don't know how long I've waited for that kiss." I whispered. "Me too." Everyone jumped in at once.
The party went on til eleven at night. I was so tired, I don't think I could make it home. We got Niall's. "If you want, you can stay in the guest room. You can borrow one of my old shirts." "Thanks let me ask my mom." I got my phone and called her. "Hey mom, can I stay at Niall's for the night? I'm really tired." "Sure honey. Just don't get to comfortable." "I know mom. I'll be home soon. Love you." "Love you too." And I hung up. "She said yeah. As long as we don't get to 'comfortable'." I air quoted comfortable. He chuckled. "Parents." I nodded and yawned. I slipped the shirt Niall lent me and hopped on his bed. He sat on the other side. "Here you can sleep in my bed, I'll sleep on the floor." I didn't protest. I slipped under his covers. His bed was so warm and comfortable. Niall kissed my forehead and fell asleep on the floor.
for Irishlover1 hope you liked it!! :) :) this one is my favorite by far. i do best with the nerd ones, i dont know why a well :P i had a lot of fun writing this and i hope you liked it!! i know i did :) :)

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