One Direction Imagines

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40. For harry.styles.I<3u

"Janny." My friend, Jessica, whispers with a sly smile, poking my arm gently. She points towards the door of the club, where I couldn't see anything.

"What?" I ask curiously. 

"There." She says again, pointing in the direction of a guy who'd just walked in. I didn't see him until he turned around. Curly brown hair, and stunning green eyes. Tattoos. He was gorgeous. He was gorgeous, and staring right at me. I whip around to tell Jessica, but she had already made her way to the dance floor. She'd left me. When I turned back around, the guy was closer. Oh, God. I thought in realization. He's coming over here. The guy approached, until you were so close you could smell his musty cologne. It was intoxicating. He smiled down at you.

"Hey." I said as casually as possible, leaning against the wall. His smile widened. He leaned beside me. 

"Hey. Haven't seen you here before." He replies.

"Yeah? Well, that'd probably make sense. Haven't been here before. My friend dragged me here for my birthday then left me here alone." 

"Yeah?" He replies simply. "Would you like another drink?" The guy asked, nodding to my empty shot glass. I hadn't noticed. 

"Shouldn't I have your name first?" I ask. He laughs again. 

"Harry. I'll be right back...." 

"Janny. I'm Janny." I finished. With that he was gone wearing another big smile. Suddenly it all hit me. I'd managed to keep it so cool without even trying. Before I could freak out inside, he was back. He smiles at you, and passes you the small glass. 

"To happy birthdays while being ditched in the club!" He toasts, clinking his glass against mine before we both drink. My eyes blinked a few times in succession, the alcohol always stung going down. A warm feeling exploded across my body, just as it had earlier. 

"Would you like to dance?" Harry laughs while offering his hand. I laugh and take it as he drags me out to the floor. As we begin to dance, Jessica winks at me from the other side of the floor. 


Harry and I stumble off the floor after what seems like only minutes of dancing. When I check my phone, I'm proven wrong. Two whole hours. 

"God. I should be getting home." I mumble. 

"First, hand me your phone." Harry demands. I drop the phone into his outstretched hand, and he does a few things before handing it back. His next move surprised me. Harry stretched over and kissed my lips gently. I could taste the alcohol on his breath. 

"I'll see you again?" He asks. 

"When?" I question.

"Tomorrow?" Harry asks with a cheeky smile. I bent over and kissed him back, then said 

"You bet."


For harry.styles.I<3u I hope you liked it! This is my first imagine, sorry if it was bad! Thank you for requesting!

Much love, 


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