One Direction Imagines

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45. For Harrygurl1352


 My head was spinning as I heard the hundred or so girls standing in the hotel plaza singing What Makes You Beautiful. It had been going on like this for hours once everyone had found out that One Direction was staying here overnight for their concert the day after. Sure, I liked One Direction. I actually loved them. I owned all of their albums on iTunes, had some merch, and followed their Twitter accounts. Hearing their songs sung off key by these girls at 10 p.m., however, could drive a fan away. Suddenly, their singing transformed into shrieks and screams as a tour bus drove into the parking lot. They pushed each other around in hopes of getting a better view. The security drove the girls back to give the members of the band safe walking space. I stood behind the counter wide eyed as both double doors swung open and in walked Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Harry with four burly guys. You would think that they would have gone straight up to their rooms, but they didn't. They turned. They headed right for the front desk. Right. For. Me. I could barely breathe. The air was suddenly heavy and hot. Harry made his way up to the counter first. He flashed a dazzling smile. 

"Hello." He said. A guard came forward and stepped in front of me, as if to protect Harry from me. "No," Harry disagreed, pushing him out of the way. "It's okay." He mouthed. 

I said something really intelligent like "Umh."

The rest of the boys were now standing at the register. 

"The room keys, miss." The guard demanded. I shook my head quickly and practically ran to the side room to grab the nine keys. When I returned, eight of the other employees were each with a guard or one of the boys. Harry was standing alone. I distributed the key cards then realized that they were scattered throughout our huge hotel. I was assigned to Harry. I took a breath as everyone started walking.

"Do I get your name?" Harry asks while looking down at me. A smile played across his face.

"Jasmine." I somehow managed.

"It's a beautiful name, it fits you." 

I'm sure my entire face was red because I felt the heat moving up. Even though I loved One Direction, Harry had always been my favorite. I'd imagined him many times as my boyfriend, and what that would be like. Now, standing less than a foot away from him, I thanked God silently that he could not read thoughts. I saw the next trace of hallways that would lead to his room. I didn't want this to end, but I was ruining the moment. Harry stopped dead in his tracks and leaned against his luggage.

"Is something wrong?" I asked, barely above a whisper. He smiled.

"Nope. I just wanted time to talk to you."

"Uh, won't your security guards think something's up?"

"No, they give us time to settle in to our rooms before bugging us." Harry said. 

"Oh." I murmured. I was being such an idiot. Suddenly his phone rang in his pocket. He flashed me an apologetic look before answering. His expression fell. 

"I correct myself. They've given us time every day but today. I'm so sorry, maybe I'll see you later." Harry offered. I knew he was trying to make me feel better. I just nodded and waved before pointing him in the direction of his room and running away.


This was frustrating. I was sitting at the edge of the hotel pool in the dead of night. Nobody would come out here! So then why did I have to sit here acting as the lifeguard every single night? Because you're trying to pay for college tuition that's coming up due much to fast. I reminded myself. That's when I heard the door open. I looked up. It was none other than Harry Styles himself, in swim trunks and no shirt. He smiled and sat down beside me. 

"Couldn't sleep." He informed me as if he already knew the question that was about to roll off my tongue. I really hoped he couldn't read minds. 

"....So you decided to come for a midnight swim?" I questioned. I'd mentally prepared myself in case I saw him again. I was sure that I wouldn't, but I'd done it out of pure boredom. 

"The truth?" He asked with a cheeky grin.

"I'd suppose, yeah."

"I wanted to see you." He whispered in a voice much lower.



Jasmine, let me start off by saying that I am incredibly sorry for making this as he'd be famous, even though you didn't request that. I'd gotten an idea and it kept rolling and this is what came of it. I still hope you like it, though!


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