One Direction Imagines

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43. For Harry it's me RaYna

I pull my coat in closer around me as I step into the Holmes Chapel Bakery. The cold and icy snow mixed with the wind made the day very unpleasant. A bell that was nailed above the door rang as the door collided with it. I stepped up to the counter. The bakery seemed empty, but I knew better. 

"Harry!" I called. I could hear Harry mumbling something about not enough flour before making his way to the counter. A smile played across my lips as he bent across the counter to kiss me. 

"Won't Ms. Alden mind? She'd probably yell at us for driving away potential costumers." I murmured against his lips. I felt his lips pull into a smile. 

"I needed a break anyways, Rayna." He kissed me again, then walked around the counter. In his hands he held a white box, which he always packed full of the "extras" he always made. I took a table and popped the lid open. I selected a sugar cookie, then nudged the box towards him. I didn't watch to see if h'ed taken one or not.

"Only one working today?" I asked while nibbling the corner. He laughs. 

"Overtime. Today was supposed to be my day off." Harry replied. 

"You know, sometimes I really wonder if you will ever get that day off." I commented. Harry laughed again. The smell of sweet sugar wafted all around me, so I inhaled deeper than usual as I spoke. 

"You're such a great baker, but I would think that if you could bake and hand frost a cake from scratch, but you can't make a peanut butter and jelly when you're over..." I joked.

"Someday when I land my own cooking show, I'll still be the guy with the great girlfriend who makes the best peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the world." He smiled and pulled me into his side. I pushed myself up in my seat enough to rest my head on his shoulder and tangle a finger in one of his loose curls. I loved my baker boy, and now more than ever, I was sure he loved me. 


For Harry it's me RaYna, I hope you like it! Thank you so much for requesting! Much love

Erin xx (I promise Sammi will be publishing hers soon, I've just been writing these very quickly!)

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