One Direction Imagines

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14. for erinnn

Man a week in summer vacation and I could never be more bored. My mom told me to go outside or call some friends, but I don't want to. My mom finally got me to go out. I brushed my black hair and changed into knee high shorts, a rolling stones t-shirt and put my black converses. I grabbed my purse and put some money in it and my phone. When I stepped out on the front porch, she closed the door and locked it. "I will unlock the door when you come back at dark. Do something." I sighed and walked along the sidewalk.

I thought about going to the park, I thought about going to the pool. Too many people. I went to the city store. I got a water and noticed a blonde babe looking at candy. Oh my Lord, it was Niall Horan from One Direction. The drink coolers were across from Niall and I really needed a water. I sucked it up and walked up to the cooler. I opened the cooler door and I felt a finger tap my shoulder. "Excuse me, but would you help me pick a candy bar?" "Uh sure." I whispered. They had almost every single kind of candy. "Well my personal favorite candy is Kit Kat." "Kit Kat it is then!" He grabbed the whole box. "Man you love food." "Yes, yes I do. What's your name love?" "Erin." "And I'm guessing you know who I am?" I nodded nervously. He chuckled. "Here I'll by that for you." He grabbed my water. "Oh no, no you don't need to I have my money right here." I held up my purse. He didn't listen. He walked up to the register and get everything down. "That'll be fifty dollars." Niall pulled out fifty dollars and we left. "Here's your water." "Thanks." "Wanna hang out?" "Sure. My mom threw me out of the house til dark." He chuckled again. "He put the candy in his car and we walked in the park.

I saw a lot of people I got to school with looking at me in amazement. A few people came up to us. I didn't care as long as Niall had fun. Ever since I liked One Direction I've always want to meet Niall and him like me for who I was. We sat on a bench. Niall was sweating. "Here take my water." He refused. "There's a water machine over there." He then took and I got me another water. I went back to him. "Wanna get some lunch?" "Yeah! I know the best place to get some food. It's a diner. Come on!" I gripped his hand ran then walked. The diner is where everyone went after school. Since school let out there wasn't a lot of people. I ordered my normal chicken and Niall ordered a bacon burger and large chili cheese fries. I ate mine and laughed as Niall ate his food. "I'm having fun." Niall wiped his mouth. "Me too." "Wanna meet the rest of they guys?" "Yes!" "Ok lets go!" We walked back to his car and we drove to the biggest hotel in the city.

Multiple paparazzi reporters were there and fans were screaming. One reporter asked Niall if I was his girlfriend and he said no, just a friend. We got past the crowd and got to their room. They were on the top floor and the view was the whole city. It was amazing. Niall slid the key card in and we silly string his my face. Louis was going crazy and the boys were playing soccer on the xbox. "Hey Ni! Who's this?" "Eh Lou, this is Erin." "Awesome to meet you! Niall, you got dibs?" Was Louis hitting on me? "Come on Lou she's just a friend. We met like two hours ago." Wow, only two hours ago? "Uh huh." Louis kidded. Niall tackled him and they started to wrestle. I couldn't help but laugh. I jumped over Louis and Niall and went to the rest of the boys. Liam saw me and paused the game. "Well hello beautiful, what's your name?" "Erin." I blushed. "Well that's Harry, I'm Liam and this is Zayn. You probably already know that." He laughed. "I've always wanted to me you in person." "Well we're right here." Zayn held her arms out. "Who brought you here?" Liam asked. "Niall." "Who knew he would leave to get some candy and come back with a girl." "Eh I guess. He asked me whats my favorite candy bar was and he got the whole box." "Typical Niall." Harry laughed. "Take a seat." Liam pointed behind me. I sat down. "So what brings you out around town?" Liam asked me. "Well it's been a week into summer vacation and I have been sitting in the house and she kicked me out until I do something." "Well now you can tell your mum that you met One Direction." Zayn laughed. Their accents were so handsome and more thick in person. I looked at the screen. "I've heard that this is your favorite game?" Their eyes widened. "Yes it is. Have you played?" Harry asked waving his remote around. "No, but I did play soccer when I was a kid." "You wanna learn?" Liam pointed the controller towards me. "No I'm fine, but I would like to see you play." And the immediately started to play. They were shouting and yelling. I got out my phone and started to video tape them. They didn't notice but Niall crawled up beside the chair and jumped in front of the camera. He screamed potato!

The entire time I was there, I've never laughed so much. I video taped almost the entire time. I looked at the clock. 8:30. "Oh wow, I need to head home. This has been really really fun." "You want me to take you home?" "Oh no. It's fine. I live a few blocks away." "Are you sure?" "Yes I am for sure." "Ok, but first give me your phone." I obeyed and gave him my phone. He did something and then handed it to the boys. After Harry did what he had to do, he handed me my phone. I said my good bye's and got hugs from the boys and I left. I looked at my phone and I had five new contacts. Nialler, Boo Bear, Vas Happenin'??, Haz and Leium. Wow, I have all the numbers of the One Direction boys. I was finally home and my mom stopped me. "I'm guessing you had fun?" "Yeah mom I did. I met One Direction." He laughed. "Ok sweetie what ever you say. Goodnight." "Night." I went to my room and went to bed.

Over the weeks me and Niall have been dating and they have been the best time ever!


for erinnn hope you liked it!! :) :) 

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