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22. for EmilyRosePayne

I zipped my knee high converses as I got ready for my date. I decided to wear a regular t-shirt with mid thigh jeans and of course my converses. I'm not the type of girl who wore dresses and heels on dates. With no make up on. My date was going to be here any minute and I needed to do my hair. I took it out of its now dried ponytail, letting my blonde hair come in waves. I sprayed some hair spray to hold the waves when I heard a knock at the front door. He's here!


I prayed a little perfume and ran to the front door. There he was Liam, my amazing boyfriend. His curly hair was the first thing you saw. Then his lovely chocolate colored brown eyes. He was smiling like a crazy man. "Hey. You ready to go?" I ran into his arms giving him a bear hug. Words could never describe the feelings I have for him. He laughed and wrapped his arms around me. "I'm ready." I released and his arm stayed on my shoulders. He guided me to his car. He opened the door like a gentleman and got on the drivers side. "Where we going?" "You'll see." He smiled keeping his eyes locked on the road. He always surprised me where we went for dinner. The town has so many restaurants, we haven't been to all of them, and we have been dating for about four years. We were in the car for a few minutes when we pulled in the best Chinese restaurant's parking lot. I got out and we walked to the doors. "How many?" It was a American man. "Two." Liam gripped my hand. The man smiled at grabbed two menus. He started to walk and we followed. We sat in our booth. Like normal Liam sweet talks to me. "You look amazing." "Thanks. I can say that about you." He took both of my hands. We smiled at each other when our waiter came and took our order and drinks. The food was ready in about 10 minutes. We ate, paid, left, walked around and talked. Then Liam brought me home. That was how a normal date went with me and Liam.

(fast forward a year)

I put my blazer on. And applied some eyeliner. Another date with Liam. He called me and told me that he had a special night planned for me. I would drive to his house. That's all he told me. I got my keys and drove across town. All the lights were off in the house, but his car was there. What was he up to? I got out of my car and got to the door. There was a note. 'Take your shoes off then come in. <3 Li :)' I shrugged and pulled my sandles off. I opened the door and there were rose petals everywhere and candles lit. "Liam?" I quietly yelled. There was no answer. "Liam?" I asked again walking through the red and white petals. The dining room shun. I quietly walked to see Liam in a tux and lighting another candle. He saw me and set the lighter down. "Hey babe, like what I did to the place?" I nodded. A bouquet of red roses was set in the middle of the table with two plates on each side of the table. He pulled my chair out. I sat down and Liam moved the roses. He sat on the other side of the table. "Li, did you do all this for me?" He nodded. His dark brown eyes reflected a flame from the middle of the table. He hair was now shaved. Not completely though. He did it all for charity. The things he does for people. His hair was in a little quiff. It was so cute. "What's on the menu?" I asked. "Your favorite dinner." He got up and pulled the lid from my plate. There was a plate of spaghetti with sauce on the top. "Oh Liam this is so sweet." "I'm glad you like it." He went to his seat and pulled the lid off of his plate.


We barely talked through the whole time we ate. We just looked at each other. As I finished Liam took my hand and guided me to the living room. The fireplace was burning. He set me on the banister. (or what ever it's called :P) He half turned and gave me a little box. It was the size of a small rectangle. I opened it and it was a key. "What's this?" "A key to the house." Then he pulled another box out of his pocket. He opened it and it was a ring. My hand met my mouth. He got on one knee. Tears was falling from my eyes. "Emily, you are the love of my life. You stole my heart. I love you and I was wondering if you would, marry me?" I nodded. "Yes Liam, I will marry you." I tackled him in a hug. "We're getting married!" I yelled. He laughed and rose with me on his lap. "How do you feel Mrs. Payne?" "Wonderful Mr.Payne." I poked his chest. He chuckled and pecked my lips. We spend the rest of the evening calling family and friends telling the big news.


    for EmilyRosePayne, hope you liked it!! :) :) 

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