One Direction Imagines

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12. for Emily got that swag

I was sitting in my living room doing nothing, as usual. I had the day off and it was to col to walk around. The house was a little messy, so I decided to clean up. I got the kitchen, my bedroom and bathroom done when I started on the living room. I turned the radio on and began to sweep. 

After a series of songs played it was time for Hollywood gossip. My boyfriend Liam always told me what goes on with the stars, cause he is a star. He's one fifth of the famous band One Direction. Meeting him is a whole other story. "And in news, Just Bieber was believed to be attacked by fans. He was not severely hurt. One Direction has made their new song Best Song Ever preview on YouTube. And One Direction's own Liam Payne was seen holding hands with a girl that was not his girl friend. They were said to have gone on a date or two, but that's unofficial. Well that's your Hollywood gossip."

As he made the closing I turned the radio off. Liam cheated on me? He couldn't have. They said it was unofficial. But I don't that. Liam is the sweetest guy in the world and he would never do that. I guess not. I ran and got my phone and called Liam. "Hey baby!" He spoke happily. "Hi Liam, I need to ask you a question." "And me too. Do you want Chocolate or regular rice cripsies?" "Chocolate and are you cheating on me?" "Uh, what?" "Are you cheating on me?" "Let me come home first." And he hung up. When I told him it was like someone punched him the gut. I finished cleaning and was able to prepare for Liam. He came in no bags, must have left them in the car. "Emily, I'm sorry." "Did you cheat on me?" "I kinda did. I did hold her hand but we never went on a date. I don' know what you heard, but I didn't date her." "How do I know you're telling the truth?" "Emily I would never cheat on you. Ever. No other girl compares to what you are." "Liam that's really sweet, but I don't know if I believe you are not. I didn't want to see his face. What made matters worse is that the doorbell rang. "I'll get it." I whispered. I'm surprised I haven't cried yet. I opened the door and there stood a girl, about my height tanned skin and dark brown curly hair. She had a very excited look, then it faded. "Uh, is Liam home?" "Yeah. He's in there." That was her. The girl he cheated on. She ran to Liam and hugged him tightly. "Come on Liam, lets go to the park." "Uh hey, forget me?" She loosened her grip from Liam and faced me. "Aw Liam, you were right. She is pretty. I would like to have a little sister." I coughed. "Excuse me? Sister?" "Danielle what are you talking about?" Liam looked about as clueless as I did. "Sister." She repeated. "What did Liam tell you?" I asked. "He told me he, he had a sister named Britney." "Ok Danielle, you need to leave." He pushed her out of the way and out the door. "Sister? Sister!" I was furious. "Emily listen to me, that wasn't the girl I hung out with." "No Liam she blowed your cover. You cheated on me!" I screamed right in his face and ran to my room. I slammed the door and ran to the bed. 

I cried and cried. I can't believe Liam cheated on me. I didn't want to leave, but I didn't want to see him. I wonder what's going through Liam's mind right now. I bet he's saying what have I done? Why was I such a idiot. I cried into a pillow and heard a knock at the door. "Hey Emily, it's me, Danielle." My head shot up and I wiped the tears from my face. "Uh one second." I ran to the door. "If Liam set you hear, don't bother." "No, I came here on my own." "Oh, ok." Ok score one for Liam. She came in and sat on the bed. "Emily I came here to tell you one thing." "Which is?" "Stay away from Liam. He's mine." "What?" "I said stay away from Liam. He's mine." "Is that why you made that sister thing up? To break us apart?" She nodded. My temper blew through the roof. "Get out." "Excuse me?" "My house, my boyfriend. Get out." She turned her nose up and left. I ran to the living room and ran into Liam's arms. "Oh Liam, I am so sorry I didn't believe you." He also had puffy eyes and a red nose. "Danielle made me hold her hand and do all that stuff. She was a good friend but not as good of a girlfriend you are." We never broke our embrace. "I love you." He whispered. "I love you too. Lets watch Toy Story." He smiled. "I'll go make popcorn." Relationship back on.


for Emily got that swag. hope you liked it!! i dont like to make the break ups to sad, sorry to dani, lol shes awesome. again hope you liked it!! :) :)   

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