One Direction Imagines

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3. for delaneyellen

I was with my two best friends Jade and Morgan. We were going to see White Eskimo! They are a small group but are playing as an opening act for a music festival outside of town. I curled my reddish brown hair and put it in a ponytail. I slid on a rolling stones shirt, ripped skinny jeans and my favorite union jack converses. I put some white eyeliner on my waterline to make my chocolate brown eyes stand out. "Come on Delaney we're going to be late!" Jade yelled from the bathroom. I grabbed my phone and walked to my front door. Jade and Morgan were already there. "Lets go." Morgan clapped her hands together. We hoped in Jade's car and drove off.


We pulled into the grass. All the other good parking spaces were taken. We tried to find the right stage when we heard the announcer. "White Eskimo will be performing at stage six in fifteen minutes." "Well that's convenient." Me and my friends laughed and we found stage six.


There was a lot more people than I thought there was going to be. Somehow, we ended up in the front row. "White Eskimo will be performing in five minutes." Me and Jade squealed. Morgan laughed and squealed with us. The closer the time got the more my heart raced. The two medium sized screens turned on at thirty seconds. "3,2,1." Everyone counted down. Then the band came on stage. I screamed the loudest I have ever screamed. I went to elementary school with the drummer back in the day, and seeing him now is awesome. He hasn't changed a bit. After the rest of the band came on stage, the singer came last. I will say he's my favorite. "Hi everyone, I'm Harry the lead singer." I screamed. He scanned the crowd until he got to the front. He looked at me and my brown eyes matched his green eyes. He froze and smirked a little. He shook his head and started to play. I didn't know much of their songs but I've heard they have videos on youtube. I gotta look them up.


After the last song Harry spoke. "Thank you all for coming and hope you liked it. Bye." The entire time he kept his eyes on me. I felt my face heat up and they walked off stage and we walked around. "Was that awesome or what?" Jade laughed. The day was hot day and they had water for 1 pound. We waited in line. I scanned the crowd looking to see if I would see Harry. No luck. After we got our water we walked. I got another rolling stones shirt and found a White Eskimo shirt! I was so happy. Me and the girls were talking to some people our age when Harry came into the crowd. I tried to keep cool, but he only got closer. "Hey um, can I talk to you for a minute?" His arm tapped mine. "Oh yeah, sure." I tucked a strand of hair back. "I saw you in the front row, you a fan?" "A little. My friend Jade told me about you guys. I went to elementary school with the drummer." He smiled showing his bright smile and dimples. He was so cute. "What's your name?" "Delaney." He held out a hand and I shook it. He ran his fingers through his hair. "Uh, do you wanna get ice cream sometime?" My mind just blew into a million pieces and my heart pounded. "Sure!" I screamed. Oh crap, did he think I'm to desperate? But he smiled and chuckled. "Could I have your number?" I nodded and we switched phones and I set my name as Del :)<3. He set his name has Harry ;). "So where do you live?" "Homes Chapel." He answered as we started to walk. "Really? I live there. What side of town?" "East end." He nodded. "So please tell me you've heard of Marie's freezeria?" "You aren't from homes Chapel if you don't know that place." He agreed. "So when do you want to go on the 'date'?" I air quoted. "Saturday good?" "Yeah!" We walked to where Morgan parked her car and it wasn't there. "Oh crap!" He looked worried. "What's wrong love?" "My friends left me here." "We can give you  ride if that's ok?" I smiled widely. We were walking as I felt a large hand intertwine with mine. I didn't mind I just smiled and went along.

                                                         (fast forward to saturday)

I pulled my White Eskimo shirt over my head and applied some lip gloss. When me and Harry talked, he always told me he didn't like it when girls wore a lot of make up. "Delaney, Harry's here!" My dad yelled. "Coming!" I yelled back. I made it to Harry. He was wearing a purple Jack Wills jacket and jeans with black converse. He saw my shirt and laughed. I closed my door and we walked to the parlor. "What would you like?" "I'll have cookies n' cream." He looked at Harry. "I'll have rocky road." We got our ice cream and sat down at the window. We laughed and talked. "Wow Del, you are one funny girl." I loved it when he called me Del. "Thanks Harry." I never thought of a nickname for him. 


We finished our ice cream and left. We got to my front porch. Along with ice cream we went to the harbor and the park. "I had fun today Del." "Yeah I did to, Haz." I said not thinking. "Haz, I like that." He smiled. He hugged me and left.

                                                 (fast foward 15 years)

Me and Harry are still together. after all these years, Harry became one fifth of the famous boy band One Direction. After college I got into the music biz and now I am the lead guitarist in their band. We are married and have a three year old little girl Darcy Lee Styles. She got Harry's green eyes and my hair color. But more red. She is such a daddy's girl. She loves to be on the road and loves the fans and attention. When we are telling Darcy about how we met me laughs and calls Harry 'Rocker daddy'. I couldn't imagine me being with anyone else. He's my rocker daddy.


here's to delaneyellen!! hope you liked it!! thanks for being my first request means alot!! if you didnt a part of it its ok!!

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