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20. for Clancyyy123

Ever since I moved out of my parents house, I have nothing to do anymore. I got out of high school a couple weeks ago and I need to get a job or something. My parents already have the first seven months rent. But I need money for food and stuff. I changed out of my pajamas and into some regular clothes. After I was done getting ready, I searched in town for a job. I looked at the grocery store, no look. There was a opening at the local TGI Friday's as a waitress. I walked a few blocks and was greeted by the hotist. "Hello. How many?" "Actually I wanted to apply for the opening waitress." He smiled real big. "Ok follow me!" "Ok." He was really nice. "By the way my name is Pedro." "Clancy." He guided me to the kitchen. Everyone gave me warm smiles. At the back of the kitchen was the managers office. "Just say you want to apply for a job." "Thanks Pedro. Hope to work with you." He gave me a thumbs up and I knocked on the door.
"Come in!" I opened the door. "Hi, I would like to apply for a job here." "Awesome! Take a seat." He looked in his mid forties with black hair and dark hazel eyes. "Just fill this application out. Have you graduated from high school?" "A few months ago. Have you got people wanted to apply?" "Some have. You look like a hard worker. Have you ever worked somewhere?" "I've worked at the post office and volunteered at the hospital." I quickly filled application. "Here you go." I handed it to him. He scanned over it. "Well everything seems to be ok. You're hired." "Oh thank you, thank you! I won't let you down." "I like your work ethic. I'll have you be one of the waiters. Let me get someone to train you." I smiled and he walked out of the room. My phone began to buzz. "Hey mom!" "Hi baby, hows it going?" "I just got a job I need to go, I'm about to be trained." "Sorry, call me when you're done." "Ok." And I hung up. "Ok Clancy all I need to do is make you a name tag. This will be your trainer Zayn." The name sounded to familiar. I turned around and it was Zayn. I have known him since the fourth grade and have had a crush on him forever.
"Hey Clancy!" He smiled. "You two know each other?" "Yeah we went to school since forever." He answered before me. "Well I'll make your name tag while Zayn trains you." "Come on Clance. Is it ok if I call you that?" I nodded. "First things first. You will be assigned a section. If there is people there and nothing with them, go there as fast as you can. Like so." There was a family of four. "Hello my name is Zayn and my friend Clancy. Can I start you off with something to drink?" "Two sprites, a coke and a sweet tea please?" "Ok I'll be back in a minute." We walked to the soda fountain. "Always have a smile on your face and be friendly no matter what. Here, you take the tray." It was hard a first. As Zayn set the last drink on the tray I almost dropped it. "Woah, I gottcha." He caught me. I couldn't help but laugh. "Do you remember which people asked?" "The kids had sprite, the dad had the coke and the mom had the tea?" "Very good. Lets go." We got to the people and I gave them their drinks. "Do you need some more time?" "Just a few more." The woman looked up at Zayn then me. "Sorry for asking but are you two dating?" We looked at each other and laughed. "Oh no, we went to school together now I am going to work here." "Oh ok." She smiled. We walked away in awkward silence. The silence was broken by the manager.
"Here is your apron, shirt and name tag. You change into them if you want." "Ok I will." I went into his office and grabbed my purse then headed to the bathroom. Everything fit good. I put my hair in a ponytail and washed my hands then met back with Zayn. "There is another table, here's a pen and notepad." "Thanks." "You remember?" I nodded and walked to the table. "Hi, my name is Clancy and I will be your server today. Can I start you off with something to drink?" "Do you have Dr.Pepper?" I nodded. "We'll take two of those." "Ok be back in a jiffy." I went to the fountain and got two Dr.Peppers. I split the straw like I was suppost to and gave it to the people. "Are you ready to order?" "I think we'll start off with some appetizers." I got my pen and paper. "When ever you're ready." "We'll have the buffalo wings." "May I look at the menu, I'm new here." "Sure." The girl smiled at me. "What kind of sauce?" "Mild." "Ok I'll be back soon." I met up with Zayn. "Wow your first order! Let me show you how to enter it into the computer." I followed him. "Just take the order and scan it through here. It will send the order to the chefs. The servers will give the food to the people." I nodded. He was so serious. The rest of the day went slow. I loved it. I will be paid every Friday and all the tips are mine. Me and Zayn have the same shifts together and get to spend a lot of time together.
(fast forward to Clancy's first pay day)
The day was coming to a close. Everyone was sitting at the tables as the manager gave everyone their pay checks. I was sitting with Zayn. "I can't believe it! My first pay check." "You worked hard this week you earned it." He held my hand. Without thinking he opened his mouth. "Cancy, after this do you want to hang at my place?" "Sure." He smiled and blushed. We got our pay checks and walked to his new apartment. "Hey, I live in building too!" "Really what floor?" "A level below apartment 4P." "Wow, this gives us more time together." He took my hand. "Yeah together." "Let me run to my apartment and change clothes." He nodded and I took the stairs. I unlocked my door and changed into a t-shirt and sweatpants. I ran back to Zayn's apartment. He was wearing sweat pants and a black v-neck. "Wanna play some old board games?" "Yeah. What do got?" "Check it out." There was monopoly and all those old games. "Oo! Can we play monopoly?" "I'll put a movie in." I nodded. He popped the movie in while I got the game ready. "You wanna go first?" I rolled the dice in my hands. "Ladies first."
Zayn is probably the most sweetest guy in the world. He showed me some songs that he has wrote in the past and showed me his dancing. It's so bad words can't even describe it. But it's cute. I beat him in monopoly and we watched another movie. We popped some popcorn and sat on the couch. I wish this moment could last forever. Our hands fit together perfectly and my head was always connected to his shoulder. He wrapped a blanket over our legs. I didn't know, but Zayn put Titanic in. "I had some relatives on the Titanic. They survived though." "That's good. I don't think I had any family members on the ship. Sad what happened to it. I would like to go see it, you know under the ocean. Pictures are cool, but it's different seeing it in person." "I wish that too." Me and him have so much in common. We both love art and helping people. I was in love with him.
Half way through the movie I fell asleep. All Zayn did was go to his room and he went to his room. Almost every night we hung out. We soon became girlfriend and boyfriend. All the time I knew him, I thought he was the quiet bad boy. But he's a crazy good boy who takes care of people. I couldn't wish for a better boyfriend.
 for Clancyyy123 hope you liked it!! :) :) sorry it was boring at first, but i got back to the romance fast :) :)

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