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49. for clairebear2557

"Were are they?" I whispered looking out the window of the small house I was hiding in. Niall, Harry and Leo aren't back yet and it's getting dark and more of those 'things' are coming to this part of town. There was about ten of them walking around in front of the house not knowing I was there. My gun sat on the table beside me and my knife in the pouch strapped to my side. Harry found some spare guns with amo at a nearby abandoned police headquarters. A flashback came back to me. When those 'things' ate my parents and my little five year old brother. Niall, my boyfriend saved me before they could eat me. I wanted the 'things' to eat me so I could be with my family, but now the only family I have is Niall, Harry and Leo. All the tears I've held came out as I remembered the last words each of them said to me.

My mom told me, "Be careful baby. I love you." My dad told me, "Remember I will always love you and kill those bastards for me." Last my brother told me, "I love you sisi, take care of mommy and daddy for me." He didn't know mom and dad weren't already dead. I silently cried when one of those 'things' looked at me and went back onto his dead business. I took my hands off the window seal, when I knocked over a flower pot. Two of them looked at me and started to run. I hid under the window and got my knife out, gripping it til my knuckles turned white. I could hear the choking sounds they were making and bit on my sweater sleeve. There was a moment of silence when the window broke. I rolled out of the way and quickly stabbed the first 'thing' in the head, killing it letting his torso fall onto the shards of glass, cutting his face. I threw the knife at the other 'things' head and it fell on top of the other one. Here came ten more. I stood there in panic, I grabbed the gun and started to fire at them. All of them fell dead as more came. Soon, fifty of them were coming towards me and I was running out of amo. That's when I heard a loud bang behind me. "Claire! Stand back!" It was Niall.

I turned around and felt Harry grab me and pull me in the corner in the floor. His hand held onto the top of my head. His legs were rested up with me in between his chest and legs. My head was buried in his chest, letting the tears fall from my face. The more I heard te gun shots, the more scared I was. Finally, the guns stopped. "Is it over?" I barely whispered. Harry was now rocking me. "Is it over?" I asked louder. "Yes, sweetie it's over." I took my head out of his chest and looked at Niall. His face was covered in sweat. I got up and ran into his arms. He pulled me so close, it hurt. "Niall, p-p-please don't l-leave m-me ag-ag-again." I chocked out. He rubbed my back and cooed to me. "I won't I promise." He stayed like that for another fifteen minutes, until I stopped crying. I hugged Leo and Harry. "You hungry?" Leo asked. I nodded and he handed me a can of peaches. After my fourth can, I started to feel really tired. I left the living room and past the room that Harry was sleeping in. I got to mine and Niall's room and saw he was reading a book. Ever since this apocalypse started, Niall has read that book over and over again. I stood in the doorway. "Hey babe." I rubbed my arm. He set his book down and smiled. I walked to the cot and he patted for me to lay with him.

"Sorry it took so long today. I wanted to go back and stay with you." "I was scared that you guys go hurt." He pulled me close. "If I ever got hurt, I would come back for you to tell you how much I love you." I started to cry a little. "Claire look at me." I stared at the sheets. Frozen. "Claire look at me." He repeated. He took his fingers and lifted my chin up. The flame from the lamp shun in his bright sky blue eyes. "If anything ever happened to me, I would come back for you and tell you how much I love you. I would never let any of those 'things' kill you. I love you to much to let them touch you. You mean the world to me and I make sure I protect you. I promised your dad that I would protect you with my life cause I love you so much. You mean the world to me. I can't imagine life without you." I was crying with what I had left and it wasn't a lot left. My eyelids felt so heavy, I gave up and fell asleep in Niall's arms.
*four months later*
"Are you sure you want me to go?" Niall whispered in my ear. "Yes Niall, you aren't going far." He broke from our hug and put a big smile on that I could tell that full of worry. "Come with us." I backed away. "Oh, no. No. No. No. No. I would rather stay here." He grabbed me by my arms. "Come on Claire, it's about time you learn to come out with us." We argued until I gave in. "Fine! Fine. I'll go." He hugged me tight. "I won't let any of those 'things' hurt you." "Thanks. Let's get this over with." We broke apart and I made sure my gun was loaded and I had my hatchet and knife. Leo had his hand on the nob. "You ready?" We all shook our heads. I took a shaky breath and the door opened.

Over the four months, we learned almost everything about the 'things'. They're attracted by sound. If we stay quiet, they won't pay much attention to us. Niall made us scent protectors that we wear as a bracelet or necklace when we go out, it keeps the 'things' off our butts. It's working so far. Most of the 'things' just glance at us. One did come close to me and Niall killed it. We can't even whisper to each other, it's like they have very sensitive ears. There were storm clouds rolling in and I was starting to get worried. Those 'things' go crazy when they hear thunder. I got right into Niall's ear and whispered, "It's going to storm." There wasn't many of the 'things' around so we were safe... for now. He nodded and poked Leo to look at the sky. We were near our destination and we ran there, trying not to make any noise. Leo tried his hardest to knock the doors open, but they wouldn't budge. I made my way to him and pulled my hatchet out. I jammed the hatchet in the cracks of the door. I reached for Niall's hammer and scanned to make sure it was safe to do what I wanted to do. I hit the hatchet's handle. Cracks started to form.

I continued to form in the glass when it got to the point where it was going to burst. I took a bobby pin from my pocket and started to carefully poke the pieces of glass out. A few pieces crashed making noise, but nothing happened. I finally got the hole wide enough to fit each of us and I crawled in. The guys close behind. This place looked so familiar. A simple drug store. But something stood out about it. I went up to the registers and looked in the fourth register. I lifted the tray up and there was the silver key. My mom worked here when I was a teenager and she found a secret room in the basement and made it kinda like a safe place if something happened. "Come on guys, follow me." I kinda became the leader of our group. The guys found maps when they were out and I think of plans and strategist to get our supplies. Plus I'm really good with my hands. This apocalypse has gotten me to think harder and better. We made it to the large steel door. I slid the key in and it opened. Everything she put in there was still there. None of the food was touched. I'm fifteen and she worked here when I was thirteen so the food should still be good. I checked all the food and it was all ok. "Here are duffel bags, pack the food. I need to find something." They nodded and I went to the other room. My mom put all of our family scrapbooks in this room and everything that she thought should be kept safe. I picked one that was all about my brother. From the time he was born to a couple days before he was eaten. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I saw his blinding smile. He was such a happy kid. He acted tough to make me laugh and kept me up til three in the morning. As I closed the scrapbook, I found another duffel bag and put everything I could fit in it. "Come on, we're ready." Harry smiled. I picked the bag up and we went to the doors.

"I can see where it's raining. If we go now, we can make it just in time." They all looked at me and nodded. We jogged making some noises. What was weird, no 'things' were around. It was to weird. I had this weird feeling in my stomach that something was going to go wrong. "Guys, I don't like this." Leo scanned the area. "Yeah, I don't either. Be very causious." My heart raced. Why did I haft to say anything? I saw one and I was relieved to see it. It started to walk towards us. We froze and dropped everything, not making a single noise. It was getting closer. He was making gagging noises and ran faster. "Watch out!" I screamed. Then here came ten more. I reached for my hatchet. S**t, I left it in the door! I killed some of them and was confused, why did they attack? We didn't make any noise. After the last one was killed, it started to rain. A white flash took over my vision followed by a crack of thunder. We heard chocking noises and looked back to see almost twenty of the 'things' running towards us. We started to shoot. Ten dead, a few more to go. I just got a head shot when I heard a manly scream. I killed two 'things' and they were finally dead. The scream continued and all I saw was Leo's back. I ran up to him and there was Niall on the ground. "No." I whispered. I loved Leo out of the way and bent down to Niall. His shoulder was bit open, along with his arm and leg. I started to cry and started to rub his face. "No. Niall, this can't happen." As every second went by, he became more dazed. "Claire." He barely whispered. "I-I w-w-w-want yo-you t-t-to know t-that I -l-love you." I kissed his hand as it began to turn colder. "Niall, don't die on me. Not now. Please Niall. Keep your eyes open." His eyes began to close and his eyes started to turn gray. "I love you." He whispered. "Niall? Niall! Please wake up! Please! Niall!" I cried rubbing his face slightly hitting it. His almost closed eyes stared at me. His blood from his body was now on my hands and face. "Niall. Niall! No! NO!" I screamed slamming my head on his chest. "Please wake up!" His body was ice cold. I rose and Harry's hand on my shoulder.

"It'll be ok Claire." I was frozen, staring at Niall's gray eyes. "We need to head back." Leo whispered. "No. I'm not going." I mumbled. "Those things will kill you." Harry whispered back. "I could care less about those things. I want to be with Niall." Harry tried to move me but I let out a blood curdling scream. I don't know where it came from. He covered my mouth. "Claire, you're coming with us. I can't let you die." "Yeah, but Harry you said that you wanted me to be happy. Let me be happy and let me go with Niall." I had no expression on my face I was so out of it. He tried time after time until he gave up. "Claire, I love you with all my heart. Listen to me. I just lose my best friend, I don't want to loose another." I cupped my hands into his cheeks. "I'll see ya soon Harry." I kissed him and laid beside Niall stroking his hair. Leo and Harry left and the ran caught up to us. The rain came down on us, making me soak and wet and washing away all the blood off of Niall. "I miss you already baby." I whispered to him. I saw a couple of the 'things' pass by. I reached for my gun. I looked at Niall's face and pulled the trigger. They came fast and I felt the first bite. I wanted to scream, but I couldn't. All I think about was Niall and my family. I will be reunited with them again. The pain was unbearable but short. Everything went black.

I woke up and everything was white. I was on the ground. I stood up. I rubbed my head and scanned around me. It was white with clouds or fog near the ground. I looked and saw a guy. He was to far away I couldn't make out the face. I walked closer. Niall. It was Niall! I ran to him and we hugged. "I knew I would be with you forever." I whispered.
for clairebear2557, OMG!! hope you liked it!! this was so much fun to write!! i hope you liked it!! sorry for the long wait :P :P

lots of love

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