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6. for CecePoo<3 1D4Ever

I looked at the clock 12:42. Niall still isn't home. But it's nothing new. Almost every night Niall isn't home, Harry or Louis invites him out. With him touring, recording, doing interviews and meet and greets sometimes nights is the only time we get to see each other. I sat watching TV as the hour went by. "1:25. I read aloud. I laid back as the door slammed opened. I jumped. It was Niall! I ran to him hugging him tightly. "Niall I was so worried." I looked up at his beautiful face. But his breath stunk. Alcohol. My smile faded as I ran upstairs tears falling down my face. I forgot to close the door and lock it. Niall came in with a crazy smirk on his face. "Come on baby, lets have some fun." He slurred and tried to walk over to me. He managed to kiss me when he he grabbed my shirt. I smacked him away. He tried again. I smacked away. Again. He looked at my eyes. "No, Niall we aren't going to have sex while you're drunk." My voice stern. He just laughed. "Come on babe." He leaned in. I jumped from the bed. "Niall I am so sick and tired of you coming home drunk. We barely get to see each other and when I do, we are either mobbed by fans or you're drunk. If you want to stay with me you need to lay down on the alcohol." He didn't like what I just said. How would you know? I felt something hit my cheek. It stung and hurt a lot. Nial hit me. "Slut." He spat. "What did you just call me?" "Slut." He smirked. Tears fell from my face he just leaned on the wall. "Get out." He demeaned. "No problem." I yelled at him grabbing my suitcase and packing enough clothes to last me a week. After I was done I grabbed my phone. I looked at Niall who was now passed out on the bed. I went up to him and kissed his forehead leaving tears over top of his face. I didn't wipe them off of him. And left the house.

I sat on the steps of the porch and looked at the stars. Was it over between me and Niall? I love him to pieces but I he acts like a whole different person when he was drunk. I walked down the stone path with my suitcase rolling right behind me. I walked to Perrie's and Zayn's house. They live a few blocks away from me. I saw the lights were still on and I knocked on the door.

I was greeted by Zayn who was wearing plaid pajama bottoms and no shirt. He looked tired. "Oh sorry Zayn, I didn't mean to wake you up." "Oh it's ok Si, what's up?" "Me and Niall had a fight and I wondered if I could stay with you for a couple days?" He smiled. "Sure, what did you two fight about?" He grabbed a robe from a coat rack, put it on and sat on the swing and motioned me to sit with him. I sat beside him and rested my head on his shoulder. "Niall came home drunk again. But this time it was serious. He called me a slut and... hit me." I managed to let out before crying again. He wrapped me in his arms and rocked the swing. "Sh Sierra, it'll be ok. Niall is just being a dick." He cooed to me. I sniffed and let a small smile out. "I guess so." "Everything will be ok. Just give Niall some time." "Thanks Zayn." "No problem." He kissed the top of my head. Zayn was my best friend out of all the boys. I could tell him anything and he could do the same. "Come on, lets get out of this cold and to bed." I listened and we went inside. Perrie was asleep on the couch and Zayn picked her up bridal style as I walked up the stairs. I went to the guest room and crawled in the bed. I thought about the little talk we shared. I was surprised that Zayn wasn't going to hurt Niall. I didn't worry about it. I closed my eyes and in a few minutes I was asleep. 

I woke up the next morning to the smell of bacon and pancakes. When my vision cleared, I saw it was Zayn with a tray and Perrie at my other side smiling. "Morning love. I thought I should bring you some breakfast." I sat up and saw the tray was packed with bacon, eggs, toast, pancakes and milk. "Aw Zayn, thank you so much. You didn't haft to." "Oh but I wanted to." He set the tray in my lap and turned the TV on. "Sierra, Zayn told me about Niall. I'm so sorry." "Thanks. Hopefully he'll get the picture that I'm tired of his alcohol problem." "He will. Niall is a awesome guy and he'll come around." She whispered. "Well we'll leave you to eat." And they left. After I was done with my food, I went to the kitchen and took care of my plates and dishes. My phone rang in my back pocket as I put the last dish away. The color ID said Niall my prince. That's a thing we did when we got together. I was Sierra my princess. A flash back entered my mind from last night. The feeling when he hit me and called me a slut. I answered it. "Hello?" I asked. Why did I just answer the phone? "Look Sierra, I am so sorry. I was being a complete and utter dick. I never meant to hurt you in any way shape or form." "Niall I know that you're sorry but you can't just apologize to me with sweet words." I walked up to my room as we talked. "Sierra you don't know how sorry I am." "Do I? How sorry are you?" "Look in the balcony door." I slowly turned around and saw Niall standing. I set my phone down and walked to the door and opened it.

Behind Niall was the rest of the guys. As I walked out they started to sing Little Things. "Sierra I am so, so, so sorry. I never meant to physically hurt you and verbally. The alcohol got the best of me and I wasn't me. You are right. I need to lay off the drinking so much and spend more time with you. You are my princess and my everything. You keep me going."

"You never love yourself half as much as I love you. You'll never treat yourself right darling but I want you to. If I let you know I'm hear, for you. Maybe you'll love yourself like I, love you." He sang looking into my light brown eyes. His intense blue eyes were full of sadness and forgiveness. "I know I have said this a lot but, I am truely sorry. I love you with all my heart and I never meant to hurt you." I had tears falling down my face. "Kiss me you idiot." I smiled. He pressed his lips against mine and we moved in sync. We broke apart and kissed again. The guys cheered leaving us both smiling. We connected our foreheads together and looked into each others eyes. "By the way I forgive you." He threw his hands in the air and shouted whoo! I laughed and he swung me in a hug. We kissed one more time and went home. 


for CecePoo<3 1D4Ever hope you liked it!! I didn't know how to do your nickname so I just went with Si :P. hope you liked it!!

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