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10. for caro 1D

"My boys first day of third grade. They're growing up so fast." Niall sipped his coffee. "Yeah, seems like yesterday we were changing their diapers." I laughed as I finished packing lunches. I walked to the stairs. "Come on boys, you're going to be late!" I shouted. Then my big boys came hopping down the stairs. "There they are, Max and Jason on their first day of third grade." Niall was behind me clapping his hands. I bent down to their level. "You nervous?" They shook their heads no. Max had his beige cargo pants on with his black and white polo shirt on. His brown blonde hair was combed down. His brown eyes shun with excitement. "Don't worry Max, you'll be fine. Just stay with your brother." He nodded and I kissed his forehead. I went to Jason. He was wearing white cargo pants with his only skater shirt. His curly brown hair was combed to the side. "Oh you look so good." I hugged him. "Thanks mom." He hugged back. "Don't ditch your brother." "I won't mom." He had Niall's Irish accent. Only a little thicker. Max had a light one, sometimes he talked like a American, inherited from me. I got my phone out of my pocket. "Ok boys get with your dad." Niall stood in the middle with Jason on the left and Max on the right. They were both up to Niall's mid torso. They're getting so old! I took the picture and Niall took a picture of me with the boys. "Well boys, time for school!" They grabbed their bookbags and we headed to the car.

Niall's P.O.V.

My boys are getting so old and looking like me more and more everyday. We got to the school. Like always, paparazzi and magazine reporters were taking pictures. Apart of being famous. The boys said that they would stop by and come see the boys. I pulled in the school parking lot. Parents were taking their kids inside and talking to them. We got to the front entrance when I saw Harry and Liam. They were hiding behind a tree with sunglasses and hoodies on with the hoods up. "Hey mates." Niall smiled. "Hey Niall! Hey Caro." She waved. I looked around. "Where's Zayn and Louis?" Liam pointed up. Louis and Zayn were sitting on the branches of the tree. They hoped down. "Hey Niall. Mornin' Caro." "Hi boys." They all bent down to Max and Jason. "You guys ready for school?" Louis asked. They shook their heads yes. "Good. Getting a good education will take you far in life." "Ok daddy Direction." Caro laughed. "Hey I got something for you." Louis smiled. He went to the tree and got out Kevin the pigeon. Max loved Kevin. Louis handed it to Max. "Thanks uncle Louis!" "Glad you like it! Keep him in your locker as a reminder." "For what?" Jason asked. "A reminder of how proud we are of you guys." Max and Jason gave the guys a hug. "Let me get a picture of you guys together." Caro shook her phone. Max and Jason stood in front of the guys. "Niall get in with them and boys take your sunglasses off. We all obeyed. She took the picture. "Ok we need to head in. See you boys in the studio." We said our good bye's and the boys gave Caro hugs and Max and Jason. We walked inside.

The boys knew where to go. They sat their bookbags and lunch boxes on their hooks and went to their desks. They got to sit with all of their friends. The teacher saw us and walked over to us. "Hi Mr and Mrs. Horan. I'm so happy Max and Jason are in my class. "Oh Mr. Mullins, we are glad our boys got you. I have heard from the kids that you're the best." He smiled. "Well I've been with kids for as long as I can remember." He seemed like a good teacher. We talked to the boys. "Ok boys be good for Mr. Mullins. Have fun and we will be here to pick you up." Caro looked back and forth at the boys. "Don't be scared boys. Have fun and remember Kevin believes in you." I kissed the top of their heads and Caro kissed their cheek. We got to the door and looked at Max and Jason. They were laughing and talking to their friends. "Our boys are growing up." Caro leaned on me. "They will get bigger, but they will always be our little boys." I pecked her cheek and we left.


for caro 1D hope you liked it!! this is one of my personal favorites, i dont know why lol :P :P!! hope its your favorite!! :) :) 

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