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38. for austinmahoneluver170

"Hey babe, I can't wait til our date tonight." I heard Liam suck through his teeth. "Yeah Janae, I haft to cancel." My smile faded. "Why?" He didn't speak. "You still there?" "Yeah, the lads and I haft to finish recording Best Song Ever." My mind thought of an idea. "Maybe I could go with you?" He sucked again. "Simon wants it to be just us. Elanour and Perrie have been visiting and Simon's getting ancy." I leaned back in my chair. "Ok, I understand. Keeping the song a secret. We can get together tomorrow night or something." "I'd like that." I could tell he was smiling. We talked for a few more minutes. "Sorry babe, but I need to get ready for a concert." "Ok. Love you!" I yelled before he could hang up. Then I did.

Liam's P.O.V.

"Sorry babe, but I need to get ready for a concert." "What concert?" My fake girlfriend asked. I waved my hand behind me and she closed her mouth. "Ok. Love you!" She yelled. I was thinking about what she will do to me when she figures it out. "Don't worry about that girl, you have me." Management set me up with this girl named Georgia. They said that if I stayed together with Janea, sales would go down. I fought against them and had the help of the lads. But sadly, it didn't work. And yes, I canceled our date so I had to go on the one with Georgia. "You ready Li?" She asked. I rose from the couch and grabbed my jacket. "Lets get this disaster over with." If Janea finds out, Georgia is going to tell her what's really going on.


Normal life of a rockstar. Paparazzi swarming you and thousands of girls screaming your name. We walked into the restaurant and I bet there was already pictures up of us. Some fans said that they liked Janea more, I agree. Georgia was told to hold my hand and try to get all the attention to us. But it would all end up getting pinned on me and that would make my life a living hell. We got to our table and Georgia started to play with my hands. She held it up to her face, trying to act cute. Janea did that on our first date and does it all the time. I could feel the softness of her foundation. She had at least a pound of make up on. I pulled my hand from her face and she snuggled my arm. I sighed and tried to break from her grip. She had a strong arm. Our waiter came up and got our drinks. Georgia got a martini and I got a cola. By her third, she was half drunk. By the time we were half way done with our dinner, she was wasted.


I got the check early and led Georgia to the car. She was slurring random things and trying to pull my clothes off. That's it. I don't care, I'm not going to deal with her anymore. I got out of the car and went to Georgia's side. I picked her up and sat her on the bench at the front entrance of the restaurant. Everyone was asking me why I did it. I told them, "Management." They stormed over to me with three times more questions. I finally got in my car and drove to Janea's house without killing anyone. I hope.

Janea's P.O.V.

I got a twitter notification. The title read 'Is Liam Payne a two timing cheater?' My eyes widened. I clicked the link and it was a picture of Liam and some slutty blonde, holding hands. "1/5 of the famous band One Direction, was seen going to a restaurant together. They left the restaurant with the girl possibly drunk.Payne wasn't though. He left her at the restaurant and said 'management.' Then he drove off. There was a picture taken of the girl with his hand on her face. Is the sweet member a cheater? What about his first girlfriend?" I read all of it aloud. Some tears escaping my eyes. The door bursted open and there stood the person I didn't want to see. Liam.


"Get out of here." I pointed to the door. He ran to me, guilt filling his eyes. "Janea listen to me. Management told me that if I continued to date you, sales would go down so they decided to get Georgia and make a big story out of it. I tried everything I could. The lads also helped out trying to get them to change their minds. They were to stubborn to listen and gave me that thing. I tried to keep her off of me, but she wouldn't leave me alone. I love you Janea and I would never do anything to hurt you." Wow. Just wow. I was staring at him. Tears still falling. He wiped them away. "What about the hand? That was our thing." "Management saw that we did that and they thought it would be cute. It wasn't. All I felt was her make up. I'm so sorry and not matter what, I will risk my job to be with you." My eyes widened. "Woah Liam. You proved yourself well. You don't need to risk your job to be with me. When I saw management, I thought they did it. But now I know that you won't cheat on me." I hugged him tight. I seriously thought he cheated on me. But now I know he would never hurt me.


A few weeks later, Liam made a public statement that it was all management and he would never try to hurt me. Surprisingly, me and Georgia became really close friends. Looks like the cheater is a ok girl.


for austinmahoneluver170, hope you liked it!! :) :)

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