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4. for AriannaJhonson26199

I have been reviewing what has happened this week.

1. We got five new mysterious students at school.

2.I was kidnapped by them and turns out they're vampires.

3.I was told that I was a 'mate' of one of them named Harry.

Harry's nice and cute, but I don't feel anything between us like I do with one of his friends Liam more. The guys are nice though. They are really nice and funny. Their music talent is amazing also! Louis is a prankster, Niall eats everything, Liam is the quiet yet funny and Zayn is obsessed with his reflection. I know what you're thinking, vampires can't see themselves in the mirror. Myth. They live in the outskirts of town. So I can walk around the woods and I ran walk on river banks.


I was reading a book when the guys came from upstairs. "Hey Ariel, you wanna play truth or dare?" I set my book down. "Sure." We all sat on the floor. "Where's Harry?" "He's getting food." I nodded and we started. It was Zayn's turn. "Ok Ariel. Truth or dare?" "Um, dare." He smirked real wide showing his white teeth and fangs. "I dare you to kiss Liam." My heart dropped and my mind went blank. I get to kiss him! Yay, but I'm Harry's 'mate'. Liam crawled over to me and he smiled before his lips pressed against mine. Goose bumps chilled down my spine as he kissed my neck. I started to get scared but he soon returned to my lips. His hands cupped my cheeks when I heard the door slam shut. I broke from Liam and stared at Harry. He had a mad, sad and hurt expression on his face. He set the food on the floor and walked towards me. "Ariel, go upstairs. Now." I was really scared. I had tried to leave one time and he threatened to hurt me and I just wonder what he'll do to me now. I listened and ran upstairs to the room me and Harry shared.


I got to the doorway when I heard screaming, hissing and glass breaking. Tears fell from my face as I closed the door. I sat on the bed and pulled my knees to my face. I sat there when I heard foot steps pound up the stairs. I panicked and looked for a place to hide. I tried to open the doors to the bowcany (forgot how to spell it) and tried to open them. I couldn't get them open when I heard the steps get louder and more angrier. I scanned the room and hid under the bed. Before I hid under the bed, I got a pillow so I could bite on it if I needed to make any noise. I finally got comfortable when the door opened. Harry didn't slam it shut and I could tell he was calm now. "Come on Ariel I know you're under the bed." His charm speak was getting to me. I bit on the pillow. "Ariel, don't make this hard." His voice was more stern so I could tell he was getting mad. "Ok, I will count to ten. And if you don't come out, I'm coming to get you." He sounded calm. "One, two." My heart pounded as he got closer. But I refused to come from the bed. "Seven, eight, nine..." He stopped. Tears poured from my face. "Ten." Then I saw his knees then his face. He put his arms out towards me. He grabbed one of my arms and I slung him off. "Come on Ariel, don't be stubborn." "I'm not stubborn, I don't want you to hurt me." I whispered and I immediately put my hand over my mouth. His charms speak got to me. He got both of my arms and jerked me from under and threw me lightly on the bed.


I curled and begged for mercy. "Please don't hurt me. It was just a dare." He chuckled. What? He was mad a second ago now laughing. He slid over to me. "I know Ariel. Liam explained everything." "Then why did I hear screaming and stuff breaking?" I wiped the last of the tears from my eyes. "Seeing you kiss Liam drew my temper to the roof. I tried to throw something at him but I missed. The boys held me back and explained to me what happened." "So you're not mad at me." I had the pillow lodged in between my head and knees. He set his cold hand on my knee. "No Ariel, my ego got the best of me. Look Ariel, I love you and you are my mate. We are meant for each other." His eyes were the sparkling green and he wasn't using his charm speak. He really meant it. When we first met and today, he's always used his charms speak in some way, but this was the first time he was serious. "Aw Harry." I crossed my legs. He grabbed my hands when I felt a slight burning on my right wrist. I looked and saw on my vein was H+AJ in a heart. I was marked. I was officially his. I traced my fingers over the tattoo. I winced it still hurt. Harry chuckled at me and got closer. As we got closer we kissed. My arms was supporting my body and Harry was sitting sideways. He turned around facing me and cupped my cheeks like Liam did. But this time when we kissed I felt something between us. We were meant for each other. We broke apart. "I love you Ariel." "I love you too." I smiled back. "You have beautiful blue eyes." His eyes were back to red. "And I love yours." Harry got up and pulled the covers and popped in a movie. We got back in the bed and he held me close to his chest. My eyes slowly closed and I fell asleep in the love of my life's arms.


to AriannaJhonson261999 hope you liked it!! :) thanks for requesting means a lot!!

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