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36. for aligagnon

"Ok I'll meet you at the park." "Can't wait to see you!" "Me neither!" I hung up my phone. I'm meeting a guy one of my friends set me up with. I've talked to him a little and he's really nice. But I'm clueless to what he looks like. I fixed the blonde, brown curls in my hair and grabbed my keys. I drove to the park and parked. Still in my car, I texted the guy. 'I'm in the parking lot.' I sat there for about five minutes when he finally returned my text. 'Awesome! I just got here, meet me at the REALLY big sycamore tree. xx' I've going to that park ever since I was little and I know what he meant. I locked my car and walked to the tree. He had blonde hair with brown at the roots coming up half way up his small quiff. I wasn't close enough to see what color his eyes were. He was wearing a plain white v-neck with jeans, nikes and a snapback. He had a bouquet of flowers in his hand. He was cute. He smiled when he saw me.

As I got closer I saw his intense bright blue eyes. "Hi I'm Niall." He hugged me. "I'm Alison, nice to finally meet you. Christina has told me so much about you." "She has also told me much about you. You're even prettier in person." I looked at him confused. He got out his phone and showed me a pic that she sent me. He held the flowers out. "These are for you." I smelled them. "Thanks, their beautiful." We started to walk. "To be honest, I was scared to meet you. Christina has set me up with blind dates in the past, and they turned out terrible." "You think this is going to work out?" I smiled. "Once I get to know you, we'll see." He smiled. "So where you wanna go?" "Anywhere really." "How bout we go to my place and watch a few movies?" He wrapped his arm around me. "I'd like that." We turned around and got to my car.

"If it's ok if I stop at the store and get some popcorn?" I shook his head. "Sure, no biggie. Hey, maybe even get some candy!" I smiled. "That's a great idea!" After a short drive to the store, I got what I needed and we were at my house. When we got in my house, I pulled the couch into the bed and popped in The Hangover. While the beginning previews came on, I popped the popcorn and poured all the candy we got into a large bowl and poured us some drinks. After we were all situated and ready, I pressed play and sid a blanket on my legs and snuggled up next to Niall. In the first few minutes in the movie, tears were falling from my eyes. I looked up at Niall who also had tears falling from his eyes. I stole his hat and jumped to where I was standing. He chuckled. "Very funny, now give me the hat." I laughed. "If you want it, come and get it." Holding onto the top of my head. He slid the blanket off of his body and got up, almost reaching me. I squealed and ran in the kitchen, Niall chasing me and us going in circles around the table. I ran up the stairs and into my room. Niall stopped on the other side of the bed and froze. "I think we know who gets that hat." He laughed. He jumped on the bed pulling me with him and we landed laying beside each other. "You know you have the prettiest brown eyes." I pulled the hat in my face. "And you have the cutest blue eyes." He grabbed the hat by the flap and put it on backwards. We laid there for a minute smiling at each other. "I'm having fun." He finally spoke up. "Looks like Christina can set up a good blind date." "She's got good taste in friends to." We stared at each other. Then my eyes closed. And I felt something soft on my lips. We were kissing.

His hand rested on my cheek as we moved in sync. His kiss was passionate and sweet. Like he wanted to take his time and not to rush. After what seemed like forever, we finally broke leaving each of us speechless. We kissed one more time and we rose from the bed. "I don't normally kiss on the first date. But I think I need to start." He pulled me close. "Should we finish the movie?" I nodded. We walked back to the living room and finished the movie laughing the whole time. We watched The Karate Kid and it started to get late. "I need to head home." I crawled up from the bed. "Ok. Thanks for a fun time." We were at the door. "Thanks for the movie and the kiss. I'll call you again." He pecked my lips. "Goodnight." He started to walk and yelled night over his shoulder. I picked up the mess me and Niall made. I follded the bed up and went to my room. I changed clothes and went to bed.

Me and Niall soon fell more in love.
for aligagnon, hope you liked it!! :) :)

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