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53. for AlexluvsNialler

"Two tickets to The Conjuring please." Niall asked the ticket lady. She pressed a few buttons and told him the price. He paid and we got our tickets. We got our popcorn and candy then took the elevator upstairs. "You scared?" He asked me. I shook my head. "Yes. All my friends says it scary as f**k." He laughed. "Well I'm here for you if you get scared." I gave him a peck on the cheek. "My big strong boy." The elevator door opened and we stepped out. Our screening room was the first one. There was a couple people in the room. Mostly couples like us and some parents with teenagers. We sat in the top row and the previews started as soon as we sat down. 


Soon the movie began. Niall pulled the arm rest up and put his arm over my shoulder. My head was rested on his shoulder and my heart raced. This movie was suppost to be really scarey and I am kinda a scardie cat. "It's ok Alex, I gotcha." I eased a little bit. The first scary part, I jumped a little bit. This was only the beginning. The more into the movie got, the more scared I got. "This movie is scary." Niall whispered. I nodded in agreement. A scary part came and I screamed and hid my face in Niall's chest. I started laughing and Niall joined. People started to look back at us. The movie got so scary, I had to run out of the room. Niall came laughing with my purse and our left over popcorn. "Come on Alex, that movie is to freaky for me." "That movie isn't for me." I rubbed my arm. "You still shooken up?" He asked me. I nodded. He held his arms out and I went for a hug. "Lets get some ice cream." I nodded and we got in his car.

"I honestly think that movie is to weird to be true." "People just make up those lies to get attention." I agreed. "I wonder if I made a lie about getting abducted by aliens and then they'll make a blockbuster movie out of it?" He laughed. "People in Hollywood will do anything to make a quick buck." With the turn of the key, the engine slightly roared. The radio blasted, making both of us jump and me scream. As we laughed, Niall turned the radio down and we sped off out of the parking lot.

We pulled into the parking lot of the ice cream parlor. Niall met up with me and he connected his hand to mine. He opened the door like a gentlemen and went to the front counter. "What can I get you two today?" The employee asked us. He had black hair and bright green eyes. "You order first." I scanned all the ice cream. It all looked so good. "I'll have some rocky road please." He nodded and looked at Niall. "I'll have cookies n' creme please." He gave us our ice cream and Niall paid. I went to eat my ice cream and Niall stopped me, making me about drop my ice cream. "Woah. Wait. I have a better place to eat." I nodded and he led me to his car. We got in and he drove to the 'lovers hill' on the outskirts of town.

We got out of his car and the wind blew my hair back. Niall hopped on the hood of the car. "Come on." He patted the metal. I hopped and we started to eat our ice cream. Every Saturday night, lovers hill put on a fireworks display. By six o' clock, cars started to pull up full of families and couples. Some of them was older than me and Niall and some were younger than us. Everyone stayed in their cars while me and Niall were laid back on the wind shield holding hands and looking into each other eyes. "Your eyes are amazing." Niall kissed my forehead. "And your eyes are as blue as a clear blue sky." I poked his nose. The sunset made his face look flawless and the faint light was perfect for his face. We laid there for another half hour talking when the first firework was launched. We looked up as the dark night sky was lit by red and purple. People were sitting on the hoods and roofs of cars with others sitting on the ground or in chairs. Little circles of colors lit the sky as some fireworks made smiley faces, stars and hearts. For a large grand finale, a large amount of fireworks shot in the sky and exploded making words. It read, 'I love you Alex'. I turned towards Niall smiling and speechless. "Niall that was the sweetest thing anyone has done for me." He wouldn't stop smiling. "I love you Alex." He whispered. "I love you too Niall." And our lips met. His hand cupped my cheek as we moved in sync. We finally broke apart. "I bet you forgot all about the movie." He laughed. I sighed. "Now, that. i won't get over that for a while." We laughed and stayed at lovers hill to mid-night when we finally went home.


for AlexluvsNialler, hope you liked it!! sorry for the long wait i have been SO SO SO busy and havent had time to write :( :( but now i have!! :D :D hope you liked it!!

lots of love


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