One Direction Imagines

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32. for 1D_unicaorns5

Ugh, I'm bored. All my friends are out of town and school is out. I grabbed my phone and scrolled through my contact list. I saw my three best friends names. Harry, Louis and Zayn. They live on the other side of town, but I think their in town. I texted Harry. To: Hazza- Hey Harry! its me Savannah, would you want to hang out? I pressed send and went to my kitchen to get something to eat. I came back up to my room and saw that Harry texted me back. From:Hazza- yeah! Me, Lou and Z are heading to the beach, you wanna go? I replied a yes and changed into my bathing suit. From:Hazza- Awesome! Meet us at the beach! I packed a bag and walked to the beach.

There wasn't man people at the beach. I saw Louis and Zayn kicking a soccer ball with Harry on his phone laying on a towel. "Hey guys." They all looked at me and smiled and Louis and Zayn told me hey. I laid my towel beside Harry's and sat at his level. "Hey Savannah. Glad you could come." He threw his phone in his bag. "Lets go in the water." "I just walked across town, give me a minute to cool off." He rose. "Come on, the waters cold." I shook my head. He smirked, picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. He laughed as I kicked and demanded him to let me down. "Ok, if you insist." My body met the cold water. I came up and wiped my eyes. "Harold Edward Styles! I'm gonna kill you!" "You gotta catch me first!" He yelled from the surf. I stood up and got tackled by a wave. I finally got up and started to chase Harry around the beach. Louis and Zayn started to chase me and then I was hoisted up on Zayn's shoulder. I was then thrown in the water again, but the guys came in with me. The ocean was calm, until we got in. Louis started a water fight and it lasted for half an hour.

We got out of the water and Louis got the bright idea of playing zombie. "I'll be the zombie." Zayn volunteered. I ran far from the guys and Harry met up with me. "Harry, it's every man and woman for themselves." He pulled me close. "Who says I can't sacrifice myself." His bright green orbs shun from the sun. "Is it ok if I call you hazel?" "What?" "Your eyes. Their so pretty." I think I blushed. "Thanks." I heard choking sounds and there was Zayn running trying not to laugh. I screamed and we ran. Harry ran left and I ran to the right. I was in the water and Zayn was gaining. "Help!" I screamed. Then came Louis screaming "Super man will have you!" Louis quickly swam and got me out of the water. After fifteen minutes, Zayn got me. I was playing and tripped. Zayn slid down in the sand pretended to eat me. I acted dead and Louis was getting into it. "You zombie! You ate my friend! Now you must pay!" He tackled him and they wrestled. Harry broke them up and we went back to our blankets. "That was a fun zombie game. You should be the lead zombie role in a zombie movie." Zayn shrugged. "Eh, I guess. Zombie's never was my thing. But it was fun." I looked at Harry. "But I didn't have my sacrifice." He laughed. "Hey, at least superman saved you." I looked at Louis. "I don't know where I would be without my super man." "We would all be in danger." Louis laughed.

The rest of the time we were at the beach, Harry seemed to flirt with me more and more. I liked it. The water got to cold and we couldn't bare to get in the water. We just hung out on the sand and talked until it started to get late. "This day has been fun, I've been dunked the water, eaten by a zombie and was saved by superman. I need to head home." Harry perked up. "I'll walk you home." "Thanks Harry, but you don't need to." He held up his hand. "No I insist." I shrugged and we started to walk. "Thanks for inviting me." He smiled, his dimples popping out. "Thanks for coming. Hazel." "Should I just change my name to that?" "Well for me, thats your new name. It's official." It seemed like the walk was short. We reached my front door. "Well, I'll text you later." I went to open the door and I was pulled back. Mine and Harry's was conected. Has is been like that the whole walk home? Harry noticed and pulled away. "See you later Savannah." "Bye Harry." Ever since that, we've been going out.
for 1D_unicaorns5, hope you liked it!! :) :) i wasnt sure what to do with this one, sorry for the long wait :P :P, high orientation came and it took all day, but im now a black eagle!!

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