One Direction Imagines

please request on the other One Direction Imagine book!!


44. authors note

hey all you out there!! its me sammi and i justwant to say how sory i am about the long wait!! this was the first time i was able to say anything in this past week cause my school week has been crazy and i have been busy this weekend!! D: D: my new co author will post some chapters soon and we will get back on track!! :) :) thanks for almost 600 reads!! thanks for all the requests we are getting!! my two special helpers are really excited to write fro you guys and we will have more chapters up soon!! please keep reading, and read my stories, another world and in love with the nerd!! my newest co author jamie has amazing stories, check her out sometime!! and erin has a sotry written!! its really good and we all can use the support!! thanks you all for requesting and reading! continue both of those things and happy reading!!


lost of love



Hey everyone! This is Erin, one of the co-authors. Even though Sam's written a bit above, I wanted to expand on that a little. We have your requests written down and I have some drafts already saved into my WordPad. Please do not resubmit your requests. It may throw us off a bit, and delay some of the other stories. If you've posted a comment, we have your request written down and assigned to one of us three authors and it is in progress. This excludes new requests, though. If you'd like ANOTHER Imagine, feel free to ask for one in the comments. It's the multiple requests for the same story that back us up even more than we are now. Thank you for reading and being great fans!


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