One Direction Imagines

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1. For my best friend Rayven

"Calm down Rayven, it's just a dance." I told my best friend as I curled the last strand of her hair. "I know Sam, but I'm going with Harry and I've had a crush on him since forever." Her dark brown eyes matched her brown hair. She had a strapless dress that was neon pink and covered in glitter. She twirled around like a ballet dancer and glitter fell off from her dress. I started to twirl with her when my mom knocked on my door. "Girls, Harry and Logan are here." "Ok mom, be there in a sec." I answered grabbing my shoes. After we got our shoes on we did a quick lip gloss check. "You ready?" She looked at me and smiled brightly. "Lets do it."

Rayven's P.O.V.

"You wanna go first?" Samantha asked me. I nodded nervously. "Do I look ok?" Samantha laughed. "Rayven you look beautiful. And I am for sure that Harry will agree." I stared at the stairs. "Well, here I go." And my heels clicked against the wood.


Half way down the stairs when I started to see Harry's feet. Then his legs, torso and finally, his face. He was smiling like a mad man with his green eyes sparkling. As I got to the floor I walked to Harry. He was wearing a black tux with a neon pink tie to match my dress. He was breathless. "Wow Rayven. You- you look amazing." I lightly laughed and tucked a strand of stray hair behind my ear and looked in his eyes. "You look amazing also." He blushed. As I saw his cheeks turn red I looked at the corsage. It was a red rose (favorite color). It matched the one pined to his left breast. He was staring at me when he saw me looking at the flower. "Oh sorry. Here." He lifted the lid and slid the flower on my wrist. 


I was so happy, I completely forgot about the dance. Samantha came down and did the same thing with Logan as Harry did with me. We took pictures and Harry had his muscular arms wrapped around my lower back. I grabbed his hands and rested my head on his shoulder. I could stay like this forever.


After pictures were over we hoped in Logan's car and drove to the dance. We were greeted by As Long As You Love Me by Justin Bieber. I was dancing with my friends when the DJ turned a slow song on. I searched for Harry. He was sitting with Logan who got up and danced with Samantha. "Wanna dance?" He looked to the floor. "What's wrong?" I asked. "I, I can't dance." I laughed. "Neither can I, but is that stopin' me?" He looked at me. "Eh, I guess you're right. Lets go." He grabbed my hand and we walked on the dance floor. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I wrapped my arms around his neck and rested my head on his shoulder. We swayed gracefully. "And you said you couldn't dance." Harry whispered. "Well, I had to get you up somehow." He lowly chuckled. The lights were dimmed and another slow song played. I looked into Harry's as he looked into mine. Again, another moment that I didn't want to end. As seconds past we inched closer. To when we were centimeters apart. Harry's intense eyes stared at mine when he bit his lip. I suddenly felt a pair of soft lips on mine.


Oh my...He kissed me.


Shivers ran up my spin as his warms hands cupped my cheeks. My mouth curved to a smile as we broke apart. "How was that?" He smiled back. "Amazing." "Rayven, I've liked you for a while know and I was wondering-" He paused. "Will you be my girlfriend?" I smiled. "Yes. Yes I will." HE smiled back and we shared another passionate kiss. After we broke apart he looked at the doors. "Come on, lets get out of here." And we left the school.


Let me just say. That was the beginning of our beautiful relationship.

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