The future a place where vampires, werewolves enslave the human race. 2100. The year on endings. To survive this you must lose something greater than life itself... Memories.


2. Death

Name, Tyme. Like the herb. I am a surviver, a winner, another one gone. You see, living is a game played by death, it watches you move and roll and move again, then cheats. Tricks you into thinking you have won, when only you have lost more than you could ever imagine. Time. Lots of it. Years of time gone. But I have beaten death, turned it's tricks against it and regained my time.

A place where nothing is alive nor dead, it's stopped. The grass doesn't wave in the wind and the wind does not blow in your hair. Still and quiet. Alive nor dead, that is where they keep you. They stare. Ripping you open like a cat hunting a mouse, leaving you for dead upon the dry grass. Noise. Only one thing is heard, heartbeats. Thump. Thump. Thump. 


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