Paperwork. Paperwork. PAPERWORK!!! I'm never going to get it done! I've tried reasoning with them, but I can't get any peace. How long do I have to stay here?
P.S. Links to Agent Petal: Friend Or Foe?


2. Mid-day

After stealing some donuts from Dudley's room for breakfast, I put some One direction music on; Same Mistakes, Save You Tonight and Stole My Heart, and did the washing up. After lunch, I had to do the washing up again, and rake all of the autumn leaves up in the garden before I could go back up stairs. By now, I'm exhausted and I collapse on Harry's bed. Just as I sit back at the desk, my phone rings.


"Ah, Agent P,"


"Hi, um, there's a slight hiccup."

"What do you mean?"

"As in, your hardware data has been hacked and - "

"Under the lights tonight - "


"Sorry, listening."

"We need your password."

"What, why?"

"Because you hardware data has been hacked into. Jesus Hattie, listen!"

"Sorry, but who's hacked in?"

"Oh...just er ........"

"Tony!" Said Zeeva.

"Zeeva?" I asked.

"Hi Hattie. Honestly, you know she has a lot of paperwork to do. She needs peace."

Then, it kicked me, "No-one's hacked in, have they Tony?"

"Um, no. Well bye!" He hung up.

Honestly, he only wants to see those pictures of me and my friends at the beach last month. He's such a pedo. Anyway.....

The Titanic Incidence:

Oh god.

During 1912,you prevented your employers from joining the biggest cruise of history because you did obviously know that it would sink. Although everything still seems to be in tact, do you not agree that it was quite risky?

Jesus Christ  Deckthrast hates me. All the directors seem to.

Yes, I agree it was a risk. 

If so, why?

Because no-one was going to notice a coupe of passengers. No offence, but I think that I know about the class system better than you do. Yes, I persuaded the Earl of Sercarson's daughter and her lady's maid not to go, but I know for a fact that they would have survived; the both of them, because Lady Jane is a first class lady, she would have easily gotten off. However Miss Golding would have gotten off with her as she had a middle class cabin. I know she's classed as steerage but she wouldn't have been there to have a nice cruise with her family, she would have been there still to wait on Lady Jane, therefore, Lady Jane had an employers middle class ticket for her and they would have gotten on a life boat together. No drama. The two heirs still drowned, so once again, I didn't change anything.


"What are you talking about?"

"Don't play dumb with me girl, I knew you were a thief right from the start!"


"The missing crockery-"

"Are you serious? I found all that in your "perfect child's" room."


"Yeah, this is so serious, we should get the police involved. Oh wait, in the hierarchy of authority, I'm a above police."

"Harry would never have the guts to answer back like this! Why don't you take a leaf out of his book."

"Well it's nice to hear you appreciate Harry more," There was clear regret on his face. Suddenly, Harry wasn't as "abnormal" as me. "And for the record, it's not that he doesn't have the guts, because he would love a good a argument, unlike me, he just can't be asked every single time. But I'll do it anyway." I said getting up and walking downstairs. 

"You'll do what?" He shouted back down at me.

"The washing up. Geez......"

******** end of the day *********

As I collapse on Harry's bed, quite hungry due to small portions, I drift off to sleep. Two questions done in a whole day. Wow.


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