Playing The Bad Boy's Game

"So, who sits here?"I whispered, noticing the other empty seat beside me.
Blondie glanced to the clock. "Him," he said just as the time clicked 10. The door opened and I looked up.
My pencil dropped to the ground, eyes wide.
Oh. My. God.
It's him.
The first drug dealer that began my parents addiction.
The player that stole my best friends virginity.
The wicked monster that sent my cousin to rehab.
The hottest guy I've ever seen.
The reason why my life is hell.
And he's coming to be my English partner.


5. Chapter 5: You did NOT just do what I think you did

Hiiieeyyyaaaaaalllllll!  Whts up?  I decided to attempt to update with two chapters!  AWESOME!

HEADS UP!  So Rivyn just realized that Ivene, her therapist, set her up for a date with one of the Daniel boys!  Eeeeekkkkk!  Clearly though, she isn’t excited.  At all. -_- 

QUESTION IS... who is her date?  Remember, think outside of the box.

So, I wonder how Rivyn’s gonna get through this next round of drama this time, hm?

*evil grin*

Let the odds be ever, in her favour.

Song: I got a feeling by Black Eyed Peas (my fav childhood band and still is!  i grew up with these beats, bro!)

Chapter 5:  You did NOT just do what I think you did

I got a feeling! Whooooooooooo! 


That tonight’s gonna be a good night!


That tonight’s gonna be a g---

“SHUT UP!” I screamed in my pillow, yanking out the alarm cord.

     Beep! I moved my hand around my bed, trying to find my phone.  Beep!

Finally I felt the metal figure and squinted at the screen.

You got 30 minutes till your date!  You better be wearing something nice.


I groaned and threw my phone across the room and scrunched back into my covers.  Fifteen more minutes to nap.


     “What the---- RIVYN!”

     I bolted up, eyes still drowsy.

      “You’re supposed to be ready in ten minutes!” yelled Darby, her expression disgusted as she glanced around my messy room.

“Your point?” I grumbled, shielding myself with another pillow.

      Big footsteps walked toward me and I suddenly felt myself being dragged off of my bed by my feet.

      THUD!  “Ow!” I said, hitting the floor on my chin.  Thank god I had a low bed frame or the landing would have been a lot worse.

     Rustling noises came from my closest.

“Too flashy.Too simple.  Oh my god, you still have this?  Nuh, uh.  No way.  You’re kidding me right?  Ah ha!  Perfect!”

     I slowly crawled out of the warm covers, standing up.  I rubbed my eyes and blinked twice in disbelief as Darby held up the sluttiest, skimpy black dress I’ve ever seen.

     “THAT was in my closest?”

      Darby rolled her eyes, throwing it at me.  “Yeah, it was at the very back, in a shoe box.  Man, you got to start taking care of your clothes.”

      “It’s not even my dress.  It’s my mom’s!”

      Darby raised an eyebrow.  “She must have been an attractive looking prostitute to pull this off.”

      “She is NOT a prostitute,” I growled, throwing the dress away.  “And I’m NOT going to wear that dress either!”

      Darby smirked.  “Then good luck finding something in ten minutes, baby.  If you’re not out by 8, then I’m making you wear that dress,” she said walking out of my room, slamming the door behind her.

“UGGGHHHHHHHHH!” I shouted, slamming my fist against the wall.

      “9 minutes!” she sang, peeking in.  I chucked a magazine at her head as she slinked away.

      I mopped to my closest, searching for the right outfit.  I came up with a plain white t-shirt and baggy jeans, wearing no make-up.  I clipped on big silver hoop earrings for the ‘formal’ touch and tied up my ‘long dark brown almost black’hair in a messyponytail.

      I’m stubborn, what can I say?

Ding!  “He’s here!” Darby chorused as I could hear her opening the door.  She gasped and chirped her friendly voice, ushering him in.  I couldn’t make out who’s voice my date was but I didn’t care.

I kept on my stripped socks as I skipped down the steps, putting on the most bored look on my face.  My date had his back faced to me so I couldn’t tell who he was.

      “Well, here she is,” said Darby as she turned to me.  Her jaw dropped as she took in my outfit.  I didn’t look ugly or anything.  People said I resembled to an Asian Megan Fox.  Honestly I hate it when people compliment my appearances.  It’s so awkward.

      Then again, I don’t think her jaw dropped because I was pretty.

      Before I could say anything she, legit, leaped up the stairs, shoving me up to my room.  Locking us both in.

      “Doll, you’re not gonna go out like that if it’s that last thing I do,” Darby demanded, ripping off my clothes.

       I covered my half naked body as she stared astonished that I was actually wearing a sports bra.  She mumbled in Spanish as she searched through my drawers, yanking out a red lacyLaSenza bra and a matching thong.

I was about to ask her why she was making me wear seductive lingerie but I kept my mouth shut.

      “Wear this,” shecommanded, pushing me into my bathroom.  I didn’t bother to fight back, silently closing the door.  I could never go against Darby when she’s pissed.


      I gulped, waiting for her to flash me the black skimpy dress.  Instead, she tossed me a short red dress with a V-neck and startedexploring my jewellery box.

      My eyes widened, surprised she wasn’t going make me wear the slutty dress.  I didn’t complain as I slipped on the piece.  She left diamond ringed hoops with a matching bracelet on my dresser as sheran back downstairs, saying nothing.

      I quickly placed on the accessories and did my make-up nicely.  I let down my hair, brushing each strand carefully.  I grabbed my silver clutch purse and walked downstairs, not bothering to put on a bored look.

I had a plan.  Fool-proof plan.  I just had to make sure that devil wasn’t my date.

I strolled down the stairs, my throat becoming dry within each step.

Please not be Brian.  Please not be Brian.  Please not be Brian.

     “Wow,” breathed my date.

     I looked at him, my mouth in an O shape.

     Let me tell you this much.   It wasn’t Brain.  No, it was a damn hot guy that made my heart skip a beat.  Eyes, blue, green, maybe hazel?  I recognized them so well.  His slick tuxedo made him look even more attractive.

      How could I be totally mean to such a sweet hot guy like him?  Especially for the fact that he saved me from fainting right after the race in class.

     “Long time no see,” he winked.

      Darby looked from me, to him, then back to me.  “You guys know each other?”

      I closed my mouth and kept silent as I walked down the stairs.

     “Yeah.  Riyvn’s in my gym class,” he grinned.

      “Is this true?”

My eyes searched the ground.  “N-N-No—I mean,” I shook my head, keeping on a straight face.  “Yes.  Yes, he’s in my gym class.”

      Shit, Rivyn.  What’s wrong with you?  Get a hold of yourself.  He’s just a guy.

     “Well, we should be on our way now,” he said, placing his hand on my back.  I was tempted to shiver in delight yet I managed to force myself to take a step away as I put on my high heels.

      Don’t fall for his charm, Rivyn.  I have to prove to Darby that this therapist choosing dating thing wasn’t going to work.

      He had a small disappointed look on his face but was quickly swept by a charming smile as he kissed Aunt Darby’s hand.  “It was nice meeting you,” he said, opening the door for me.

     She giggled, and blushed.  “Aw, you’re such a sweet thing, honey,” she blushed.  I walked out, digging my nails in my clutch bag, trying not to bite them myself.

     “Have a great time, kids!” she hollered out as she slammed the door behind me.

     “Where’s my ride?” I asked obnoxiously.  Now was operation Bitch Time.

     He chuckled and led me to the sidewalk.  “Were walking?!” I groaned with a really snobby attitude.

Click, clock.Click, clock.Click, clock.

“Nop,” he said.  On cue, a chariot and horse ride halted by my feet.  “Ladies, first,” he offered, handing me his hand.

     I forced myself to huff an annoyed sigh and crossed my arms, rejecting his offer.  I sat at the very far end of the seat and squished as far as possible.

      I have to say, I’m a pretty good actress.

     My date laughed, finding it humorous and hopped on, staying on his side of the seat.  “Do I have bad breathe or something?” he joked.

      The driver motioned for the horses to go as he noticed we were both in.

      I ignored him and stared into the distance, the night sky twinkling with stars.  Just act cool.  And rude.

      “How long is this ride?” I complained a few seconds after we left.

      He shrugged.  “About five minutes.  Don’t worry, you’re going to love the place we’re going.”

      I scowled.  “Please, you know nothing about me.”  A look of hurt washed over his face as he glanced out onto the street.

      A feeling of guilt hit me hard. Why did the hell did Irene have to pick someone so innocent?

      The awkward moment of silence passed by for a while until the chariot ride was finally put to a stop.

      “Here we are,” he mumbled, stepping out.  I climbed out the other way and walked to the front of the restaurant. 

The Italia.  He was right.  This is one of my favourite restaurants.  And it was VERY expensive to get in.

      He tipped the driver and went inside, opening the door for me.  I passed by his 5’7 built without thanking and strolled in, head held high.  Formal people were talking amongst each other by their own tables.

      “Table for two, please,” he asked to the blonde host.  She twirled her hair, mini waitress skirt short as possible, and checked him out with pleasure.

      “Sure thing,” she said and shot him a quick wink, absolutely paying no attention to me.His date.

      Before he could react, I slid my arm around his waist, giving him a kiss on the cheek.  No way was this slut taking my date.

So what I wasn’t being the best date either, but I NEVER, lose a guy to another girl.  Ever.

     He grinned and laced his arms around my shoulder.  “That was nice,” he whispered as we followed the annoyed blonde to our table.

     “Please, I can do way better,” I flirted, loud enough for the blonde to hear.

     She scowled.  “Here’s your table,” sheglared, shooting evil daggers with her eyes.

     “Thanks,” I said politely.  The waitress stormed away, mumbling that she had to serve another table.


     “Yo, Noah!My step brother, my man!”

      Wait, Noah?   As in Noah Daniels?   I pinched myself stupid, completely forgetting the text I got from Aunt Darby.  My date was one of the Daniel boys.  

       Kill me now.

      I slowly turned around, praying silently in my head.  Why me?

       “Hey Brian!” hollered Noah as his face lit up.

     “Why don’t you and your girl sit with us?” Brian hollered back.  People were now looking at us.

     “I thought this was a two-person date,” I hissed to Noah, not moving yet.

     “I thought so too,” he murmured back.  “But now that I remember, Brian was taking a girl to dinner tonight too.”

      I gave a fake smile and whispered quickly in his ear.  “Don’t you want it to be just the two of us?” I said, still keeping my feet on the ground.

     “More the merrier, no?” he said, flashing me a charming smile.  Before I could respond, Noah pulled me with him, not giving me a choice.

     Tonight is really going to be a good night, isn’t it?

     The closer we got to the table, the faster my heart thumped.  Lucky me, we were all sitting in a booth.Noah slid beside Brian’s date, leaving me to sit next to Brian. 

     “Noah, meet my date, Avery,” introduced Brian.  The cute freckled ginger from gym class.Great.

     “Hey,” said Noah, shaking Avery’s hand.  I gave a weak smile and ignored Brian’s hidden smirk.

     Brian reached for a menu across from me, his minty breathewafting to my ear as he leaned over.  “This is going to be a fun night,” he hushed, his lips grazing my ear.

     I gulped andstrained myself to look at Noah.  “So what do you recommend for deserts?” I asked him, his blonde spiked hair glinting from the spotlight above.

     “Desert already?” Noah laughed.  “Don’t you mean the appetizer or the main course?”

     “Oh, I don’t eat full meals around dinner time,” I lied.  “How ‘bout we order a quick snack to go and head over to the park for a nice walk down by the beach?”  I had to get away from Brian, far as possible.

     Suddenly, I felt a warm hand placed on my knee under the table cloth.  Something told me it wasn’t Noah’s.   “Why go so fast?” said Brian, raising an eyebrow.

     “Yeah?” joined Noah.  “Come on, this place is your favourite....right?”

      I half-heartedly nodded and flinched slightly as the hand moved to my upper thigh.  I cleared my throat, wrenching off the hand.  The grip was too strong.  

     “So, who’s ordering first?” asked Avery, her spiralled red hair bouncing up and down.  I almost forgot about her.

      I jumped as the hand squeezed my leg.  “You okay?” asked Noah, a concerned look crossed his face.

      “Yeah, fine.  Perfectly fine!”  I dug my sharp nails into Brian’s hand.  Hard.

     He winced and took his hand away.  I flashed my white teeth to Noah, hopefully getting him to think everything was fine.  Which was totally was not.

     “How may I help you four?” asked a deadly familiar voice.  I turned and glanced at the same blonde chic who served us before.

      How about getting lost?

      “Could I have two of the specials for tonight?” asked Brian.

      “Sure thing, babe,” flirted the blonde.  Surprising, Avery didn’t mind.  She was too busy drooling over Brian.  The waitress flipped her hair, attempting to make an impression and strutted away.

       “So what made you two come here?” questioned Noah.

      “Well,” began Brian.  “I remember you said that The Italia was a great place to bring fancy girls for special nights,” he hinted as he winked at Avery.  She giggled and reached for his hand.

       Brian pretended he didn’t see her hand and glanced at his phone.  “I’ll be right back,” he said, excusing himself.

      Avery sadlyslipped her hand off of the table, a disappointed look on her face.

      I stood up, making room for him to pass by.  Unfortunately, I didn’t know how tight the space was.  Next thing I knew, his body was pressed against mine, and I could tell he was enjoying it.

And why was his chest so freakn hard?  Like, six pack much?

      “I forgot to tell you,” he murmured.  “You look hot in that dress.”

      I blushed and looked away.  Wait.  What?   “Just move,” I scowled, a disgusted look on my face.

     “Okay, okay,” he said as he shimmied his way out, pressing our bodies together multiple times.

     Finally he slipped out, a smug grin on his face.  “That took a while!” he said jokingly as he went out the front door.

      Noah didn’t even notice, too busy talking with Avery.  Some date.

     “Hey Noah,” I said, smiling at him.  “You play any other sports?” I asked, putting my listening face on.

      He faced towards me, looking away from Avery.  “Yeah, I play hockey in the winter and soccer in the summer.”

     My face lit up.  “You play soccer?”  After that, we both rambled on about soccer and our love for the game.  And you know what?  I actually had fun.  It felt good I had something common with Noah.

     Well, until my phone blinked,disrupting the happy moment.

Unknown Contact

Come to the back of the restaurant,


“Sorry, I’ll be right back,” I said, sliding out of the booth.

      Noah frowned, upset.  “You better hurry, the foods suppose to come soon.”

     I pecked a quick kiss on his cheek to satisfy him, and walked to the women’s bathroom.  I found my way to the back door, dodging a few staff members.

     Luckily it was still a little warm out in the middle of September so I wasn’t entirely shivering as I stepped outside.

   “Klaire, how did you get my—”

     I groaned, noticing Brian leaning on the brick wall.  I reached for the door but he stopped me, as he trapped my wrists, pushing me back.

     I was about to scream but he cuffed my mouth with his other hand.  “Don’t worry, I’m not going to rape you or anything,” Brian chuckled.

      For some reason, I believed him.  Brian never means to hurt anyone physically, just emotionally. Well, unless he was fighting over a girl but clearly this wasn’t the case.  Man, I really did know him well, didn’t I?

      “Then what do you want?”

      “A kiss,” he hissed leaning in.  Before he made any contact, I knocked heads with him, banging our foreheads together.  A sharp pain zipped to my head, making me wince.

      “What was that for?” he shouted, rubbing his head.   I massaged my forehead too, unsure myself.

       “Poor self defence,” I grumbled.

      Brian chuckled.  “You think?  And that was like, the second time you left a mark on me!  I still have a bruise on my arm from the rooftop today.”

      I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms.

     “Anyways, what about that kiss?” Brian said, evilly.

     The pain vanished, replaced by anger.  “Who do you think you are?  Going around, kissing girls and partying for a living, hm?  Who are you exactly?”

     Brian smirked and kicked an empty can.  “A wealthy millionaire, playboy, badass, captain of the football team, and player.”

      Not bad, Brian Daniels.  Not bad at all.

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