Playing The Bad Boy's Game

"So, who sits here?"I whispered, noticing the other empty seat beside me.
Blondie glanced to the clock. "Him," he said just as the time clicked 10. The door opened and I looked up.
My pencil dropped to the ground, eyes wide.
Oh. My. God.
It's him.
The first drug dealer that began my parents addiction.
The player that stole my best friends virginity.
The wicked monster that sent my cousin to rehab.
The hottest guy I've ever seen.
The reason why my life is hell.
And he's coming to be my English partner.


4. Chapter 4: Mother of ducks, did I just say that?

 This one’s a little longer ‘cause I had so much fun making it :)

Song: OMG (oh my gosh) by Usher


Chapter 4:  Mother of ducks, did I just say that?

BRIAN’S P.O.V (Brian’s part)

     “Running or kissing?” she asked.

     “Both,” I said, slapping her ass in delight.

Tweet!  “GO!”

     I ran off laughing as I saw the girl jump in surprise.  Damn, she was hot.  And so familiar too...... Several guys, tagged behind me, trying to pass.

     Focus, Brian.  Focus.

     I pumped my legs to go faster, creating a big distance between the other guys.  Man this was way too easy.

     “Catch you later, SUCKA!”  I spun my head to the side, witnessing the girl speed past me.  How the hell did s—

     Her ponytail swung back and forth, almost hypnotizing me.  I shook my head.  Come on douche!  GO!

     I lifted my feet up, sprinting on full blast until I was close enough to hear her heavy breathing.

     The finish line was about a few meters away.  So close.



     I sucked in a gasp of air, arms cutting through the air like blades.  Brian’s footsteps haunted me as they came closer and closer.  I had to make it.  I HAD to.

As I plunged farther to the finish line, a sharp pain shot through my calf.  Crap, not now, Rivyn.

      I bit my lip, pushing my legs to go faster.  They felt like jello, the numb feeling seeping into my lower body, firing straight to my muscles.   Chewing on my gum was the only thing that kept me going.  The taste of blood slowly oozed onto my tongue.

     I swear I could hear Brian’s heart beat.... or maybe it was mine.  Whatever, I just couldn’t lose to him.

     Seven steps closer.  Sweat dripped down my face, as I could feel the presence of Brian next to me.  Our feet were practically in sync.  It was like a rhythm.  Thump.  Thump.  Thump.

     Three steps closer.

     Unexpectedly, my body didn’t want to operate at that exact second.  I completely jerked forward, head diving to straight past the finish line.  Feet entirely immobile, I prepared for drop off, knees already buckling.

     “Woah!” said a startled voice as I felt myself being caught by strong hands.  Everything was blurry, blotches of colour swirled around.  I tried to speak but nothing came out.

      I was dehydrating.  Fast.

      Then a cool liquid dripped into my mouth.  It was soothing yet refreshing.  Water.  “Drink.”  I obeyed and began to take small sips, slowly regaining back strength.

     I blinked several times before my vision came back.  The first thing I saw was blue.  Or was it green?  Maybe more of a hazel.  Two hands were grasping my cheek.  Eyes.Beautiful eyes.“” I stammered, my voice confused yet still weak.

     “You okay?” asked a deep voice.  I nodded my head and blinked again, only to find a very attractive guy staring at me.  “Can you hear me?  You okay?”

     I responded with an “Mmhmmm,” and smiled like a freak.   Wait.  What the hell?  I stumbled back, this time catching myself.  I spun around, trying to figure out what was going on.  Then everything pieced together.The race.  Brian.  Me almost fainting.  Someone catching me.  Water.

     “You’re okay!” said Klaire as she ran up to me with her arms spread out.  I hugged her back and then quickly remembered.

     Who was that stranger?  I let go of Klaire and glanced around for my saviour, only to find a bunch of guys and girls standing around.  I stirred my thoughts away, realizing everyone was either relieved that I was fine or was staring over at Brian who was still trying to catch his breath.  Dylan passed him his water bottle, saying something that made Brian laugh.

     I had this race in the bag.  What happened to me?  Briancaught me staring and smirked, thinking I was checking him out.  I scowled and looked back at Klaire.

     “Did I win?” I asked.

     She shrugged.  “Honestly, I couldn’t tell.  It was too close.”

     I frowned, disappointed.  “It doesn’t matter though,” she said, “you still kicked ass AND you’re the first to actually come close to Brian Daniels’ in gym class!  Brian always wins in sports!” I could honestly say by her reaction, she meant every word.  “Man, you are something!”

     I chuckled, pleased by her excitement.  “Well, you ain’t so bad yourself,Miss runner,” I said nudging her.

     “Okay, everyone!” called out Coach Boysin.  I looked up, the results killing me.  I could literally hear nothing but the wind. “It was very close but I’m going to have to say it was a tie!  Therefore, our lucky runner won’t have to do the laps.  Count this your lucky day.”

     My jaw dropped, ignoring the last bit of what Coach Boyrin said.  “You’re kidding me right?” Whispers and murmurs quickly rose.  Klaire’s words flowed back to my head, “Brain always wins in sports!”  Always, hm?

     Not until now.

     You see, I’m the one who always comes first in sports.  Maybe we do have something in common...  Mother of ducks, did I just say that?

     Uh, uh.  I can’t compare myself to that low life, sex-maniac, filthy rich player,continuous hangover, hot head, jerk!  There’s no way we have nothing in common.  Nothing.

     “Oh my god!”Klaire squealed, grabbing my arm.  “Finally, someone put that pervertive freak into place!”

     I blushed.  “But I didn’t even win?!”

     “Neither did he!”

     “Do you have something against him?  Like, the fact that he liked you isn’t really enough to hate him that much, is it?”

     I know, I’m the one to talk.  Truthfully, if I was in her shoes, I wouldn’t have gone on full hating just because a guy liked me and he didn’t know I was a lesbian.

     Klaire chuckled.  “Yeah right,” she said sarcastically.  “Rivyn, ever since he came in the end of grade 10, he dated EVERY SINGLE GRADE 9, 10 and 11girl!  All because of that one time when he liked me, a lesbian.  He was sooooooooo depressed and didn’t bother to come to school for like 2weeks!  Every girl felt bad, and began to get even more weak and innocent when he came back.  That’s when Brian got back to his usual self esteem, dating, dumping, sexing---”

     “Sexing?” I asked, laughing.

     “Hey, you know what I mean!” Klaire huffed, slightly smiling.  “His charm was stronger than ev--”

     “This sounds like some typical, high school story,” I said, not amused.  “And let me guess, he ended up finding this one girl who didn’t fall for his charm.  Then they got into a relationship and crap, going all loveyand Brian became soft and the good girl became a rebel, right?”

     “Actually, now that I think of it,” she laughed.  “That’s quite similar.  He did meet one girl, and yes, she was a good person, later becoming a rebel.”  I rolled my eyes and gave her an ‘I-told-you-so’ look.

     “However, after they went out, she had to leave because of some BS that her dad had to deal with for work.  The girl moved out of the country, leaving Brian heartbroken.  Then, he decided just to become the player around here.  Giving girl’s hickey’s, making out in the janitors closet, having big parties.  Brian and Chris made a promise to become Bachelor’s for life.Giving up entirely on love.”

“So why do you think Brian wants me?” I asked, peeking over her shoulder.

Brian was talking to a cute freckled ginger, twirling her hair with his fingers.  Ugh.  Dylan saw me looking and whispered something to Brian in my direction.  I looked away, glancing back at Klaire.

     She shrugged.  “Probably just to get in your pants.”

     “Seems reasonable,” I said.  I still didn’t trust Klaire yet so I kept myother opinion to myself.

     Coach Boysin blew her whistle, making us jump.  “Alright girls, get in line for stretching!”  Numerous groans rang out as we filed up into lines.

     Flirtatious whistles and wolf hoots came from the boys as they started stretching on the ground.  They got their favourite view too.

     “Stretch it!” yelled one of the guys.          

“Look’n good, ladies!”hollered Chris.

“Work those ass’!” Brian howled.

Klaire and I groaned.  This is going to be a loooooooooong hour.

     “Can Miss DeLor please come to the office?  Miss DeLor, please come to the office,” paged someone on the PA.

     Guess this isn’t going to be a long hour after all.  “Today is your day, isn’t it?” said Klaire, raising an eyebrow.

     I shrugged and jogged off of the field, passing the boys.  I smirked, catching a quick disappointed look that crossed Brian’s face.  He covered it up with a flirtatious grin.

     “Catch ya later, babe!” yelled Brian, winking at me.  I rolled my eyes and kept jogging.

     “Lucky for the second time, no?” eyed Coach Boysin as I went around her buff structure.  I shot a smile and sprinted the rest of the way, back to school.  I changed into my clothes and headed straight to my locker, grabbing my stuff.  I knew I wasn’t going to be coming back until tomorrow.  I went to the office, again, taking a peek at the cameras above.

     I hated the feeling of being watched.

     My aunt waved at me as I came in, her salon tanned skin and monthly permed hair was quite familiar to me who, unlike the secretary, kept looking back at me and to my aunt.  Her face was clearly written as ‘are-you-two-actually-related?’

   “Hey Aunt Darby,” I said, pinching a fake smile.  I loved her and all but, sometimes, she could be a little too.......perky.

     “Hey sweet thing, you almost forgot about your appointment didn’t ya?” she exclaimed, her big Asian eyes twinkling.

     Okay, let me put it this way.  Aunt Darby is a Chinese Spanish completely ecstatic, crazy shopaholic, ‘omg he’s so hawt’, wannabe teenager that loves to talk Western and can do extremely amazing Australian accents.  And yeah, she flirts with men beyond and younger her age.  She doesn’t drink or smoke and she’s gone through three marriages already, all men older than her.  Aunt Darby is like the old fool; the kind of person who’s wise yet never knows when to shut up, rambling on about random things, never getting to the point.

     I wonder to myself a lot, how I’m, out of all people in my family, stuck with her.  There’s nothing wrong with that of course, she buys me anything I want, I can’t go wrong with that but... well, like I said before.  She’s a handful.

     “How could I forget?” I questioned, faking an eager grin.  We both exited out of the school and strolled down the stairs to her baby.  Let me rephrase that, we strolled down to her sexy silver Porsche.  Yeah, I said it.  A Porsche.  It’s not like we’re rich or anything.  My mom and dad left Darby their bank account so let’s just say she went... overboard.

      Darby took the driver’s seat as I hopped in.  She geared her baby to life and rode to the street.

     A while before I moved to America, the police assigned me to a therapist.  They wanted to keep an eye on me, making sure I wouldn’t turn out to be like my close friends and family.   The law and police exactly categorized them as ‘bad people’.  To tell the truth, they weren’t always bad.  It was just Brian who came into their lives.

     I hate Brian.

     “So, how was your first day of school, hm?  Did you meet any cute guys?” she said, nudging me.

     I rolled my eyes and forced a smile.  “Naw, none were my type.”  I didn’t bother to tell her that Brian went to my school.  There was no point.  She would just ramble on about how hot he is and blah, blah, blah.  That was one thing I loved about Darby, she didn’t care that her family was on the verge of becoming continuous law-breaking people.She was a carefree woman that lived only for herself, never worrying about anything.

     “There’s a Sprite can in the back seat,” she said, keeping her eyes on the road while trying to find a radio station.

      I reached to the back, and opened a can, taking several big slurps.  I relaxed, sinking into my seat as the bubbles tingled down my throat.

     “Ivene scheduled something different for you instead of the boring talk to talk thing today!” Darby said, patting my leg.

     Ivene, my therapist, plans several activities for me to do around town; helping at the retirement home, cleaning up the trash in the park, tutoring kids and other good things that’s suppose to ‘keep me on the right track.’

     I slipped off my furry boots, exposing my striped socked feet.  “Like what?” I gurgled with a load of Sprite in my mouth.

     “A date!” Darby squealed.

     I sprayed out the sticky liquid all over the dashboard, snapping myself forward.  The seatbelt caught me off guard, jerking me back into my seat.

     “What?!” I blurted.

     “EIIEEEEEE!” she shrieked in her Spanish accent, watching me freak out.  Her eyes quickly darted back to the road as a truck horn honked, almost hitting us.  “What was that for?”

     I could tell she was pissed that I got pop all over the seat but honestly, I was way more freaked.

     “What do you mean what was that for?  She signed me up for a DATE without my PERMISSION!” I yelled back, facing Darby.

     She took in a deep breath and counted to ten in Spanish.

      I huffed impatiently and crossed my arms, placing the empty Sprite can in the holder.

      Finally, her calm face was on and she politely told me, “Rivyn, Irene said that you sound quite lonely during the pep talks you have with her.  You need a companion.”

     “No I don’t!  I’m perfectly fine being single!” I countered, raising my voice.

       A date?!  I could just imagine how uncomfortable it would be.  A complete nerd rambling on about comic books while I awkwardly slouch in my seat, wishing I was home in bed.  It’s not like I hate nerds or anything but I don’t really trust Irene’s choice of men.

     “Well isn’t that too bad, Rivyn Jay DeLor,” demanded Darby as she pulled into our driveway.  “You are going to go to that date, dressed elegantly with a dress and that’s final!”

     I puffed a big annoyed sigh and moved out of the car with just socks, slamming the door behind me.  I typed in the garage key, storming in the house, up to my room.

     Who the hell does Irene and Aunt Darby think they are?  Altering my life like that?

Beep!  I scavenged out my phone from my pocket and glanced at the screen.

Your date is coming to pick you up at 8.  It’s one of the Daniel boys so make sure to look hawt!

     MWAH!  Xoxo

     Love, Aunt Darby

Aw hell no.   She did not just go there.

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