Playing The Bad Boy's Game

"So, who sits here?"I whispered, noticing the other empty seat beside me.
Blondie glanced to the clock. "Him," he said just as the time clicked 10. The door opened and I looked up.
My pencil dropped to the ground, eyes wide.
Oh. My. God.
It's him.
The first drug dealer that began my parents addiction.
The player that stole my best friends virginity.
The wicked monster that sent my cousin to rehab.
The hottest guy I've ever seen.
The reason why my life is hell.
And he's coming to be my English partner.


33. Chapter 29: Mirrors. The new reflection.

Theme song: Cups (Pitch Perfect Version)


Chapter 29: Mirrors.  The new reflection.

Mirrors- ‘Yesterday is history, tomorrows a mystery. Keep your arms around me, ‘cause you’re my mirror staring back at me.’

            RIVYN’S P.O.V.

            It’s been a five days now.  Attending American Chester High school for the last three days, and it seemed to pass by like pages flying off of the embedded spine.  I avoided the whispers and large groups, eating with Klaire by the staircase during lunch.  I caught small glimpses of Charlotte stealing peeks at me in class.  Chris was still dating her.  Over the weekend I hanged with Klaire, and talked about normal teenage stuff.  Which celeb should date who, what dress looked uglier on her.  We avoided how I was moving in only a short matter of time.

I haven’t seen Brian since we got the news. 

            Aunt Darby said the police came when I was at Klaire’s house and arrested him for kidnapping and some other illegal shit.  Mrs. Daniels just bailed him out a few hours ago, the two still at the police station to fill out some forms.  Brian was coming home tonight. 

            On New Year’s Eve.

            People think that’s the day where everyone starts off fresh.  A clean slate for the badass players, a fresh napkin for the drug addicts, a spotless record for the law-breakers.  A time for forgiveness. 

            But I wasn’t ready for that.

            Tossing the small basketball toy in the air, I caught it and threw it back up, constantly doing the same motions.  Klaire was at her grandma’s for the rest of the week, and here I was, lying on my bed, staring up at the ceiling with the most neutral tone I haven’t had in a while. 

            We were leaving the day after New Years, Aunt Darby wanting to celebrate the New Year in America.  She said the parties were more wild here which I didn’t argue with.  That meant I’d be spending New Years with Mrs. Daniels, Brian and Noah.  I held back a miserable groan, and thought of something else.  Which didn’t work.

            Forty-eight hours of this life, then I will begin a new chapter.  Without Brian.  I pinched myself for adding such an inappropriate comment.  Brian doesn’t belong in my life.  He never was.  He’s just a guy. 


            The basketball went ninja and dropped on my face, the rubber smacking onto my forehead.  Startled by the doorbell, I decided to stay in my room, not wanting to get up.  If the person was important, I thought, they’ll ring for the second time.

            About to throw the ball in the air, the doorbell rang yet again, and I cursed under my breath.  Where was Noah?  Oh right, he’s never home. 

            “Aunt Darby!  Can you get that?” I shouted, pleading to hear a quirky voice.  Unfortunately, I got no response and made a soured look, remembering she had an appointment at the spa today. 

            Ding!  Ding!  Ding!  Ding!  Ding!  Ding!  Di—“Alright!  Don’t get your panties in a twist, I’m coming!” I screamed to no one in particular, cursing as I stumbled towards the door.  Both my legs were asleep from lying on the bed for hours, and I winced, banging into the railing as I made my way downstairs.

            Tipping a little after the last step, I fell forward and caught myself, leaning on the front door for support.   Ding!  Ding!  Ding!  Ding!  Ding!

            I slammed my fist onto the door, and instantly the noise stopped.  “Finally,” I grumbled, and reached for the knob with my coffee-stained sleeve.  Damn, I really got to wash this piece of shit, I thought, recalling I was in Aunt Darby’s second hand hoodie and sweats. 

            Pushing away the belief of me actually caring, I swung open the door.  Immediately, I casted my hands over my eyes from the bright sunlight.  Why must the Nice Weathered Forces come against me?

            “What the fuck do you want?” I groaned, unable to—whist not caring—see the visitor.  Aunt Darby would have slapped me upside the head so hard if she heard what I said.  Thank god she wasn’t here.

            “Hey, uh, you okay?”

            “Who are you again?” I grunted, my ears somewhat not paying attention.

            “It’s Damon.”

            A cold rush of panic seeped into my body, and I suddenly felt like slamming the door in his face.  Forever. 



            “Are you going to let me in?”

            I weighed the option, my vision still blurred by the bright light, and just nodded.  Screw no boys in the house.  Screw everything actually.  Screw—

            “Wow.  You guys have a nice place,” he commented, and I finally decided to remove my arms as I shut the door. 

            Blinking a little, my heart picked up speed as I grasped the fact that Damon was in my house.  Damon.  The police officer.  The one who loves me.  ‘And who’s kind of a creeper,’ coughed my conscious.

            “Tell me about it,” I snorted to myself, and Damon shot a puzzled look.  Waving him off, I sunk into the couch, collapsing against the cushion.  Turning on the television, I itched for something distractive as Damon approached. 

            He was still looking fine as ever in his police uniform, the handcuffs hanging by his thighs.  I directed my eyes away and back to the screen.  “You going to stand there all day or are you going to talk?” I questioned, still keeping my distance. 

            Damon shifted uneasily, and I heard a gulp come from his throat.  “I...I just wanted to see if you were fine.”

            Something snapped.  It wasn’t just any old snap that I usually have when Brian pisses me off, it was an annoyance snap.  “Why do you care about me so much?” I shot, raising an eyebrow. 

            He chewed on his bottom lip, not giving an answer.  This however, sent hot rages through my head, and I had the urge to throw the remote at him to talk. 

            “Huh?  You’re going to answer or what?” I pushed, now presenting my full attention.  “Because if not, I’m not stopping you from leaving.” 

            “I like you,” he blurted, the words sounding weird coming from his mouth.  No spark lit up the room as the confession tumbled out, no rollercoaster ride in my stomach and no rib squeezing feeling happened. 

            Zilch.  Nada.  Zero.

            Shrugging, I turned back to the television and watched as a rerun of American Idol came on.  Simon was sitting with his famous solemn gaze at the imposter on the stage.  Some lady was trying (key word here, ‘trying’) to do a Nicki Minaj song.  Don’t ask what song ‘cause I got no absolute clue. 

            “Is that all you’re going to say?” Damon asked, and I almost forgot he was there. 

            “Yeah,” I flatly said, and watched as Simon cut of the music. 

            “Are you sure?”

            “I’m pretty sure,” I assured, observing in amusement as Simon confessed his thoughts.  Laughing at the contestants stunned reaction, I felt a shadow standing and found Damon still here.

            Gee.  This guy can’t take a hint, can he?

            “Look,” I stated, copying Simon’s movement as we both said the same thing.  “You suck.  You creep me out.  You’re old and I don’t want to see you again.  No hard feelings man, but the doors that way.”

            Nothing could top his bewildered expression, his jaw dropping ten feet down to China (Koni-chewa!....wait.  I think that was Japanese...).  With an eye roll, I even pointed to the door with my finger, signalling for him to leave. 

              His feet stayed planted into the ground, this face frozen.  “Get!” I scolded, throwing the remote at his face.  Jerking back by the flying metal object, he touched his nose, looking somewhat offended that I chucked something at him.  Making one last bitchy, ‘what-are-you-waiting-for’ stare, he stalked off, slamming the door behind him.

            The house shook for a second, and I smiled to hear the car engine, his vehicle pulling out.  “Finally,” I sighed, relaxing back on the couch.  The images of me and Damon together burned in my mind, lifting a large weight off my chest. 

            Who knew dissing an officer was a stress-relief?  Perhaps I can talk to Irene about job employment...




            “Can you wake her up?”

            “Why me?”

            “Because she’ll probably call me something nasty.”

            “And I don’t?”

            Slowly peeling my eyes open, I found myself still on the couch, head hanging off of the cushion like a rag doll.  Tracing my hand over my mouth, I cringed to feel crisp drool along my chin.  Wiping it, I gradually sat up, and yawned. 

            A bright 10:00pm was sitting before me, the clock resting on the coffee table.

            “She’s up!”

            “Tell her to get her ass out here!”

            “I CAN HEAR YOU!” I shouted, spinning around.  Brian and Mrs. Daniels turned their heads in my direction; a little surprised I was awake.  Noah on the other hand, was cutting up some vegetables at the side, not even acknowledging me. 

            Then again.  Who would?  Besides those two anyways.

            “How long have you been up?” asked Mrs. Daniels, her cold gaze withering any cheery spirit I had left from my peaceful nap. 

            “Why does it matter?” I scoffed, and turned my back to her, facing the blank television.  

            She scowled, and I knew some crude words were going through her head.  “I need you to go to the store and get me something.”

            “Why?” I asked, feeling tired all over again.

            “You ate all our New Year’s food.”

            That was actually Aunt Darby.  She ate the food.  I just helped. 

            “I don’t have my car,” I said, picking at some cheese on my sweater.  Aunt Darby took my car when leaving, and I was vehicle-less.  “And I’m not walking.  It’s almost midnight, and the New Years Streets are packed.”

            Heavily sighing, the sound of keys jingled and my stomach dropped at what I think was happening.  “Brian.  Drive her there.”

            My heart squeezed, and Brian stood by me, waiting impatiently.  “Get up,” he ordered, and I crossed my arms. 

            “Why can’t you go?”

            “Because I hate grocery shopping,” he answered, spinning the keys around his finger.  Throwing in another eye roll, I got up, and tossed back the churning feeling as I faced Brian.  I stuffed my hands in my pockets from running them in his blonde hair, biting back a smile of such innocent memories. 

            “Let’s go then.  The sooner we leave, the faster I can get back, and sleep.”


            I bit my lip as he pulled us in the parking lot of 7/11, the only drug corner store open on a holiday.  The drive here was extremely awkward, and I itched for the whole fifteen minutes, trying not to jump out the window. 

            It wasn’t like I didn’t want to speak to him.  There just nothing to talk about.  There was no point since I’ll probably never see him again.  For some reason, that made me sad, and the more I thought of it, the more depressed I got.  

            “You got your list?” he asked, not bothering to look up from his phone. 

            Shaking my head back into reality, I nodded and got out, carrying my purse.  Slamming the door, I inched to look back and found Brian staring.  “I told you to stop going Edward on me!” I shouted, and he smiled, causing me to smile as well.

            *     *     *     *    *   *   *

            I checked off milk with my lipstick on the crumpled paper, biting on the metal lid.  Scanning it one last time, I threw the carton in my plastic bag, and headed towards the cashier.

            “Oh Chris, you’re making me blush!”

            Halting in the dairy aisle, I bent through the bottled yogurt and pushed aside the Yogo package.  My eyes widened, the lipstick cap falling out of my mouth. 

            Charlotte giggled as Chris whispered something in her ear, pulling her flushed against his hard chest. 

            Steam rose up my throat, the anger burning my clenched fists.  I had about it with this girl’s problem.  “Enough was enough,” I growled, and stomped my way over.

            “Damn, Char,” chuckled Chris, and I grabbed his shoulder, pushing him out of the way. 

            “I had about it with you,” I glared, sticking my finger in her face.  “First you steal my team.  Then you try to take Brian away from me.  And now you’re playing Chris.  What is wrong with you?  Is it because I completely humiliated you in front of everyone the last game?  Is it because you—”

            Spinning me around, Chris shot me a look of bewilderment and rage.  “Charlotte has nothing on me.  She—”

            “Babe,” she soothed, cupping his face in her hand.  “Let me take care of this.  Please.”  Immediately softening, he gave a quick nod, and walked off, sneaking an annoyed scowl at me. 

            Pushing her raven hair behind her small ears, she adjusted her pink miniskirt.  “I know I’ve been hard on you, but hear me out?  Okay?”

            Through her evil eyes, I managed to keep back a snarky remark, and just gave a sigh for her to continue.  “When you were gone.  Something happened.”

            Panic compressed my abdomen, and my heart beat rose.  “What did you do?” I croaked, my nails digging in my cotton sweats. 

            “You promise not to tell anyone, okay?  Not even Klaire?” she pleaded, her voice cracking at the end.  It was strange to see terror glinting on her face, her flawless cheekbones now a little pale. 

            Unable to speak, I broke a tiny nod.  Chewing on her bottom lip, Charlotte scratched her arm, searching the ground. 

            “Klaire and I kissed.”

            My jaw plummeted to the tiled floor, my bag slipping off my arm. 

            “I know,” she glowed, and suddenly sunk her shoulders, her confession seeming to lift.  “It all occurred so fast and....” her gaze finally met mine, “ wasn’t my fault.  I enjoyed it.  Is that bad of me?”  Her lips quivered, “I-I-I-I’m not trying to hurt you. I was before, I was jealous of you, and....”

            You know how I said nothing could top Damon’s face?  Let me replace that.  Nothing could top my reaction to the fact that Charlotte was bi.  Not that I had anything against bi-sexual people, but it was quite overwhelming.

            Sniffing, I noticed she was crying.  What has this crazy world come to? 

            Honestly, I wouldn’t know since the next thing I did caught me in shock.

            I embraced Charlotte in a hug, caressing her hair.  “Shhh, it’s okay,” I whispered, slightly taken aback by her loud cry.  It sounded like a dying crow, but I kept that thought to myself.

            “Not it’s not!  I’m sorry I threatened you,” she whimpered, sniffing as her face dug into my shoulder. 

            I hushed her to quiet down, and made an apologetic face to the strangers walking by.  “Sorry, she has issues,” I mouthed, and they uneasily nodded, leaving with second peeks of confusion. 

            “Shhhhh, please,” I implored, trying to soften my tone.  Charlotte cried out again, and felt something soggy soak my shirt. 

            “Ew,” I mouthed to myself, and shut my eyes.  “Charlotte, I don’t mean to be the downer, but can you get off?  Your snot is bathing in my sweater.”

            Taking one last sniff—let us pray—she pulled back, and wiped her nose on my sleeve for the final time.  “Sorry.  I-I’ll buy you a new second hand hoodie.  Ass wipes are pretty easy to find around here,” she heavily breathed.

            I blinked twice, unsure if I should have been grateful or not.  “Um...thanks?”

            Weakly smiling, she swabbed her finger under her eyes, mopping off her running mascara.  “No problem.  Look, after kissing Klaire, I told her we couldn’t continue—”

            “Continue?” I blurted, and her eyes began to water again.  “Sorry.  Carry on.  Please.”

            She took in a large gulp, resting her shaking hands on her thighs.  “She agreed as well, and I understood I needed a distraction from this crazy sexual realization.  I needed a lay or just a simple guy to use.  Chris was strolling down the street after I ran from Klaire, and I decided to use him as my get away.  It was only supposed to be a one-night-stand.”  Touching her chest, she shut her eyes and opened them, like she just pushed over a grave barrier.     

            “And then I got to know him.  He’s adorable, Rivyn.  Sexy at the same time.  I feel different around him.  I feel as if my world revolves around him.  He makes me smile.  He makes me laugh.  I actually feel important to him and not some slut.  I think I love him.  Am I going crazy?  Am I?”

            I cleared my throat, pulling on my sleeve. 

            “No,” I managed to say, and without thinking, I continued.  “You’re not.  The way he looks at you, the way you described your feeling with him, the way you think about him; you’re only going crazy in love with Chris, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of that.”

            Her soft lips curled upwards, and she squealed, doing a little Barbie leg-kick.  “You’re right!  I shouldn’t be!  I should love who I want, no matter what type of sex I like!”  Shrieking, she gave me a giant hug, wrapping her arms around me like I was some massive teddy bear. 

            Patting her back, I couldn’t help but beam as her smile continued to glow.  “Oh, right!”  She went into her bra, and pulled out a few twenty dollar bills.  “Here, for your broken groceries.” 

            Looking down, I found my groceries sprawled over the floor, the eggs and milk swirled in an omelette puddle.  “Thanks,” I said, and took the cash. 

            “No, thank you!” she sang, and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.  I guess not all bitches with annoying voices and big breasts were secretly dirty bastards. 

            Go figure.

            About to scurry off, I quickly called her name.  “Yeah?”

            “Does Chris know?”

            “About Klaire?  Yeah, he knows.”

            “Oh, okay,” I smiled, and watched as she skipped off.  Almost closing the door, her head peeked out, her smile still lighting up the corner store.  “You should bring Brian with you to England.  You guys are really cute together.”

            I lightly chuckled, “I’m not so sure he’d fit in my suitcase, but I’ll put that idea into thought.”

            She lightly laughed and skipped away, walking out with Chris who was waiting patiently outside for her.  He said something, and she blushed, as he wrapped his arm around her waist, kissing her lightly on the lips.

            Now why couldn’t my relationships be like that?  What had I done, oh Powerful and Great Gods of Love? 


            Walking out, arms piled with bags, I banged on the window.  “Brian!  Open up!”  I grunted as I felt the sacks slipping, “Hurry!” 

            Blowing my falling strands to the side, I peeked in to see the car empty.  “Where the hell did you go?” I breathed, and put down the groceries.  Running my hand through my hair, I went around the car.  Squinting inside of the drug store, I frowned, and huffed out an annoyed sigh. 

            Cracking my knuckles, I licked my lips.  Concentrating, I took in a deep breath and punched the glass, shattering it to the floor.  I nearly jumped from such the loud alarm, and reached in, unlocking the door.

            Throwing the bags in the seat, I went around, and patted the hood of the slick Mustang.  “Sorry, babe,” I sighed, and hopped in the drivers spot, taking the wheel.  “Your owners a son of a bitch.”

            Chugging the engine to start, I geared forward and started to roll back home.  However, just as I spun out of the parking lot, a glimpse of blonde hair went around the corner. 

            Halting to a stop, I spotted a girl wrapped under Brian’s arms, genuinely laughing as he spoke.  A twisted dark feeling curled by ribs into a painful coil, capturing my breath.  I didn’t understand the affect this boy had on me.  It was complicated, this thing.  Love.  Four lettered cruel word.  I hated it.  I hated it with all my guts.

            Pulling up by the two, I rolled down the window but then remembered I broke that one.  “Hey Brian.”

            He looked up, and the most shocked reaction showered over his perfect face.  Man, a lot of people were getting surprises tonight.  “My-My-My car!  You broke my fucking car!” he roared, eyes blazing in fury.

            I shrugged, “It’s just the window.  Jeez.  Don’t get your dick in a knot.”  The girl beside him laughed, and I shined a bright smile, watching Brian shoot me a icy glare.

“I’m serious.  Take a chill.  It’s not like I killed your engine from the cold weather.”

            Chug, chug, chug, chooooo.....

            I weakly smiled, “Guess I spoke to soon, huh?”

            He growled, and pushed the girl aside.  Walking over to the hood, he opened it opened and dug his head in.  Coming back up a second later, he shot an ‘I’m-going-to-kill-you’ look, and slammed down the lid.  “You’re pushing this back home.”

            “E-Excuse me?” I stammered.  “No I’m not.  You can push it.  You’re the one who left me at the corner store!”

            Brian flicked a short laugh, and slung his arm around the girl’s shoulder.  My stomach churned yet again, I tried my best to hide any sign of what I was really feeling.

“I wanted to make sure this pretty lady was going to get home safe,” he smiled, flashing a winning smile at the girl. 

She giggled and I felt like throwing sharp pencils at her.  “Don’t you mean your home, Brian?  Or in other words, your bed?” I smirked.  Turning to the girl, I mustered a fake grin—which wasn’t so hard.  “From girl-to-girl, I just want to say getting under the covers with this guy isn’t worth it.  The crotch is like, yeeh-big,” I left a tiny microscopic gap between my fingers.   “Trust me, I’ve seen it.  Not impressive.”

The girl raised an eyebrow at Brian.  “Really?”

“Yup!” I praised, nodding. 

“How pathetic,” she snorted at him, and shared a sincere smile with me.  “Thanks, girl!  I can’t believe what I was thinking!”  Flipping her hair, the chic stalked off around the corner. 

Brian frowned, his eyebrows narrowing.  “Since when have you seen my junk?”

“Since every time I run into you naked,” I answered, and he lightly chuckled.  Suddenly, a dark shadow loomed over his face as his face trailed over the Mustang. 

“You do know you’re still pushing this home right?” he scoffed, his fists clenched.

“Just call a tow-truck, worry-wart,” I waved, rolling my eyes. 

He threw his hands in the air like I was the insane one, “It’s a holiday!” he roared, pulling at his blonde curls.  “You’re—you’re—you’re—”

“Despicable?” I offered, and he furiously shook his head.

“No!  Well, yes.  You are, but you’re just—you’re just—”

“A pain in your ass?”

“Yes!  Thank you!  You’re a pain in my ass!  And how is it that your stubborn skull figured that out?!”

I shrugged again, “You say it a lot.”

“No shit,” he grumbled, and I shivered, remembering how cold it got in January, especially without one window.  I hopped out and dug my hands in my pockets, heading towards home.

“What about the groceries?” he called out, watching in bewilderment as I was departing him with his car.

“I bought them!  You carry them!” I yelled, turning around.  Loudly groaning, he opened the car door, and yanked the groceries out, ditching the Mustang. 

Continuing to take a few more steps, I huffed a long sigh, and spun back around.  Brian’s legs were wobbling as he tried to balance the bags, sweat breaking on his forehead.

Coming over, I grabbed a bag, hearing him exhale a lengthy breath.  “Thanks,” he panted, and I smiled. 

“No problem.” 

It was quite for the next few moments as we walked home, the neighbourhood surprisingly quite on a holiday.  I didn’t care though because I liked the silence.  It was peaceful and calm.  Something I haven’t had lately.  It was nice.  A good change. 

Perhaps my New Year’s change.  Maybe moving to England—


I shook my head, and realized we were at the front steps of the house.  He made a motion towards the knob and I let out a small ‘oh’, and opened the door with my free hand. 

“Come on, come on!” ushered Mrs. Daniels as she pulled us into the living room, leaving the door wide open.  It was funny seeing her so upbeat when I’m around.  I kind of liked it actually.

Brian and I set down the groceries right before we got jerked into the living room.  The television was on and the countdown had begun.  Noah was sitting cross-legged on the carpet, eyes peering into the screen.


So many things flooded into my mind, as I remembered all memories of this past year.  When I came to American Chester High.  Meeting Klaire.


Encountering Ms. Boysin for the first time, tying with Brian during gym class. 


Going on a date with Noah.  Having the two fight over me down by the steps.  My first date with Brian.


The Latin Pervert.  The disgusting meat shake.  The raw soaking-into-Charlottes-clothes prank.


Dissing Charlotte at the soccer game ... Figuring out Brian used, lied, and cheated on me...


O’Brian Daniels kissing me.  His soft lips blended into my mouth, the tingling heat he sent me every time he smiled.  Laughed.  Teased.  How he said the three words whilst my tears were running down my cheek, ‘I love you’.


Mrs. Daniels jumped up in the hair, blowing her party toy.  Brian and I exchanged funny looks and just as I felt happy for once, he advanced a step towards me.  The New Year’s Kiss.  My heart beat quickened, and my throat felt dry.  One more step—

Suddenly, a pair of hands grasped my shoulders, and lips smacked onto mine.  My eyes bulged as Mrs. Daniels lips smacked onto mine.  Yanking her off, her eyes gleamed, “HAPPY NEW YEAR, RIVYN!  Let us all be forgiven!” 

I looked at Brian with a goofy smile.  He shrugged at me, and pulled Noah up, giving him a big wet brotherly like kiss. 

Laughing, I howled at Noah’s startled reaction and he jumped on the couch, trying to get as far as possible from Brian.

I feeling of sudden hope sparkled in my mind as I stared at the laughing brothers, and crazy mother. 

“Happy New Year!” I shouted, and blew into the party straw.


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