Playing The Bad Boy's Game

"So, who sits here?"I whispered, noticing the other empty seat beside me.
Blondie glanced to the clock. "Him," he said just as the time clicked 10. The door opened and I looked up.
My pencil dropped to the ground, eyes wide.
Oh. My. God.
It's him.
The first drug dealer that began my parents addiction.
The player that stole my best friends virginity.
The wicked monster that sent my cousin to rehab.
The hottest guy I've ever seen.
The reason why my life is hell.
And he's coming to be my English partner.


32. Chapter 28: Time to face the evil-flesh-eating-llamas-with-vampire-sucking-fangs

Chapter 28: Time to face the evil-flesh-eating-llamas-with-vampire-sucking-fangs

This is a shortie chapter xD sorry about it but hey: BIG PLOT GOING ON!! I have everything planned out from now till the Epilogue of PTBBG so you got to give me praise for that :D


Wearing Brian's shirt, I yawned, and realized where I was. Alone in a cabin with Brian Daniels.

"Wow. You're actually up," Brian laughed, leaning against the door frame, already dressed and ready to go.

Hugging a pillow, I stuffed my face in it, and smiled, keeping my eyes on him. "Were you pulling off an Edward just now?"

He laughed, "An Edward?"

Crawling out, I stood up, scratching my messy bed hair. "Were you watching me sleep?"

Pretneding to think about it, he gave a sly grin, "Perhaps."

I wrinkled my nose, and took my sweat pants hanging from the dresser, pulling them on. "You honestly don't know how creepy that is, do you?"

"Ah, Rivyn, dear. No matter how creepy things get for me, I still make it sexy," he beamed, wiggling his eyebrows.

I rolled my eyes, and brushed past him, into the kitchen. His blankets and pillow was still lying on the couch, sprawled over the cushions.

The last of what I remembered of the night before was me dozing off into Brian's arms as we watched The Breakfast Club, cuddling up in mounds of blankets. He must have carried me to bed, and tucked me in, leaving me to sleep alone.

In his shirt.

With no pants.

I spun around and shot Brian a death glare. "Brian," I questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes?" he called out, handing me over a bowl of Cheerios.

Sitting on the couch, I folded my legs pretzel style, taking a scoop of the crunchy bits. "How did I end up in your shirt with no pants?"

He opened his mouth to speak, then closed it. His eyes searched into the milk, spinning his spoon around.

I made a disapproved scowl in disgust, but he quickly added, "Calm your action down.  If I wanted you naked, I would have just done a Magic Mike strut, and with a snap of my hip, your panties would drop to the ground. 

"You mean with a snap of your hip, your head would drop to the ground while I do a Magic Fist."  Shooting another killer glare, I threw a Cheerio at his forehead, and grinned at his stunned reaction. "Say what you want but you're still a perv.

"A sexy perv." 

"Okay. Now you're just a douche." 

"A sexy do--" 

"Don't even GO there." 

"I never knew you were a cup size C." 


"Sexy pervertive douche." 

"Oh just shut up."


I clipped in my seatbelt and watched as Brian climbed in the drivers spot. "You ready to head home?" he asked, "'Cause we could just stay another night if you wanted--"

I laughed, "Why miss a chance to see those non-hibernating bears you were talking about yesterday?"

Brian smiled and chugged the engine, clicking a button for the garage to open. Slowly strolling out, I merely gasped from the breathtaking view. Noticing now, the cabin was just at the tip end of a hill, looking out into the Vancouver city below. Early in the morning, a thin mist surrounded the city, the Christmas lights still sparkling. I could see people stroll along the streets, used to the cold winter with their mitts and scarves. Hot chocolate was already being sold by the large skating rink, children cutting along the ice with warm mugs.

Brian was right. Was I ready to leave? Who knows what'll happen when we get back. Only time will tell. And unfortunately, I was a very impatient person.

Switching to a radio station, I hoisted my feet onto the dashboard, slipping off my boots as well.

Brian cleared his throat, and I turned to see him stare out the window, driving down the hill.  

"What? You want my feet down?" I offered, resting my head on his shoulder.

He shook his head. "No. I was just wondering....."

Leaning a little closer, I smelt his spicy thick scent, and snuggled up to him, eyes closed. "You were wondering...." I carried, waiting.

" know...."

"Dude. You're killing me here," I said dryly, dozing a little.

"...If....well...I mean...if we're an item again," he answered, and my eyes immediately snapped open.

"Why would it matter," I retorted, slightly furious at such an inappropriate question. I was actually enjoying myself, forgetting everything wrong about this until now. Hec, he HAD to bring this topic back up again.

He did a little shrug, and tried to turn down the radio but I swatted his hand. Awkward silence was the last thing I needed. "No reason in particular really. I was just curious after, you know, the past few days."

Sitting up, my heart thumped as I peeled off of him, missing his presence. However, logic was in control now. I had to think clearly without any distractions. "Brian, we've gone over this. I can't... I mean," I sighed, and propped my elbow on the window, keeping my hand on my temple. "I need time. I told you. I need to think, that's all."

He nodded, and I was glad he understood. Sure, the past few days have been fun, although something occasionally kept tugging my mind for me to come back to Earth. I had school to come back to. Scholars were big and this was my senior year. I had to get my soccer team back and I had many people to talk to. I still had to set things straight with numerous others and many unfinished applications sat on my desk. I had a life to attend. And I wasn't ready to include Brian in it just yet. Or maybe even ever.

That boy has costed me so much stress and pain, it wasn't funny.


I snapped out of my trance, and looked up. "Yeah?"

"I suggest you take a nap. It's going to take a while until we reach home since I'm not taking the border way," he informed, smiling at me.

I went queasy at his genuine smile, and quickly joked, "What? So you can go all Edward on me and stare while I sleep?"

A mischievous grin spread across his face and my ribs tightened, captured by his gaze. And as if saved by the Gods, a vibrating noise interrupted my decent and Brian pulled out his phone.

A shallow look cast over his face, and he put it back in his pocket. Perplexed, I shifted so I was closer. "Who was it?" I questioned.

He shook his head like he didn't want to talk about it. Shrugging a little, I was about to scoot away until he spoke, "My mom."

I was not the nosey type, don't get me wrong. However, he appeared so sad, and I had to do something. "What did she want?" I softly asked, not wanting to sound forceful. I respected his space as did he for me last night.

"She wants me home."

I brightened, "Aren't we heading there now? Then what's the problem?"

He chewed on his lip, and gripped the steering wheel, hitting the highway. "'s...." he sighed, and I placed my hand on his knee in a friendly way. As if that suddenly calmed him, he continued.

"Ever since the beginning of senior year, my mom and I have been quite uptight. I don't know if its cause Noah hasn't been hanging at home for a while, or because I haven't been hanging at home, or---" he sighed, and gave me a sorry look as if he didn't want to say his last prediction.

Nodding, I decided not to push it any farther.

The ride continued to get silent until Taylor Swifts song, '22' came on. Okay, let me set something straight here. I hate country. the whole banjo and 'Yoodle-la-he-hoo'--or is that yolding?-- 

thing drove me crazy.

And being Brian, he knew where to push those buttons. Giving me a tilted smile, and he began to sing. "Twenty-twwoooooo."

I laughed, and punched his arm, "Stop! My ears are bleeding!"

He swung his arm out, slapping me in the nose. "Twenty-twoooo!" I rolled my eyes and couldn't help but crack a smile as well.

"I don't know about me!" I belted, although my country voice wasn't the best.

Brian's eyes gleamed and he honked the horn. "But I'm feeling twenty-two!" we sang, holding up two fingers, sharing our beautiful vocal cords to the dying birds above.



"You ready?"

Was I? It's been a hell of an adventure with this guy. And let me tell you, I'm never setting foot in a pair of skis again. I don't give a shit if Justin Bieber says, 'Never say never,' cause that son of a bitch still hasn't dropped his balls yet. Poor guy. Still living as a peanut.

"Rivyn? You okay?" questioned Brian, studying my sudden smile.

Shaking off my daze, I nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine."

Beaming, he turned to me, and widened a grin. "May I say something?" I raised an eyebrow for him to continue. Clearing his throat, he sat up straight and adjusted an imaginary tie below his neck.

Lightly laughing, I sat up straight as well, folding my hands in my lap.

"I, O'Brian Daniels, would like to thank Rivyn DeLor for making this getaway a Muther Fucking ride, from running around Canada to snowboarding down the Vancouver hills, watching you epically fail at skiing--"

"Hey!" I scowled, and he warmly chuckled as I slapped the back of his head.

"And for making my life a whole lot funnier--"

"That's not a word!" I quipped and he shot me a playful 'shut-up-or-I'll-strangle-your-dog' glare, and I pretended to zip my lips, giggling under my breath.

"So to wrap up this whole passionate and deep speech, I just want to say..."

I flashed my teeth, unable to hold my smile. A bit of hesitation glistened in his throat, but then a sudden boost of assurance came, like he abruptly changed what he was going to say.

"You're the most ignorant, bitchy, annoying, rude, stubborn, pain in my ass I've met in my entire life."

Opening my mouth in an onion ring shape, I watched as a wicked grin crawled around his lips. "And is a hell of a kisser I might add. Thanks for the fun, DeLor! It's been great running away with you!" he saluted, and got out of his car, heading for the front porch without me.

"What the fuck?" I breathed, so confused. He was going to say something else. I knew it. But what was it? 'Why does it matter since you're a pain in his ass anyways?' snickered my conscious and I scowled, getting out of the car.

Just when the door opened to the Daniels house, I jogged up beside Brian as Chris swung the door.

"Ehhhyaaahh!" chanted Chris, arms wide. "Look who's back! Welcome home fugitives!"

I laughed and walked in, giving him a big bear hug. "Man, we missed you guys!" I squealed. Pulling away, I quickly remembered something, causing me to put him in a head lock. "By the way mister, since when were you dating that bitch Charlotte, hm?"

He blushed, and tilted ashamed. Giving him a good ruffle in the hair, I realized I shouldn't kill the happy mood, deciding I'll interrogate him later.

"You!" glared Brian, pointing at Chris. "Car stealer!"

He weakly smiled, shoving his hands in his pockets. "Yeah....about that...."

"Oh my heavens! Good lord, look what the milk man rained on us today!"

Looking up, Aunt Darby had her daily mud mask on, a white towel wrapped around her hair. In a neon pink robe, she stretched out her arms as did Chris, and shook her hips.

"Come give Darby some sugar!" she sang and I ran over, embracing her tight suffocating hugs. Choking, my eyes ogled as she squeezed harder.

"Can't...breath..." I wheezed, feeling a little dizzy. Finally letting go, she jerked me to the side and grabbed Brian's collar like a highschool bully.

"I still got my eyes on you, Daniels. Your dick ain't going no where with me in the house, ya hear?" she threatened.

He nodded, "Yes, mam!" Smiling in satisfaction, she let go, and flashed her perfect teeth again, shifting back to normal. "Goody good! I'll call Klaire and tell her you're back, and then I'll tell you the news I wanted to---"

"My baby!"

Around the corner ran Mrs. Daniels, as she almost threw Brian to the ground, kissing and hugging him to death. "Mom! I'm fine!" he cried out, flushing to a deep red. Mrs. Daniels pinched his cheeks, giving one last sloppy smooch on the cheek.

"I thought you were gone until the hospital called about your coma! We went straight to the airport, but they said all the flights were booked because of the Christmas holidays! Driving wasn't an option because of the busy roads and all the snow tires were sold out! We tried calling the hospital except they never picked up. You don't know how many complaints I filed about that for the past week!"

"Mom!" Brian laughed, kissing her hand. "Really. It's okay now. Rivyn and I---"

"Rivyn!" she snapped, her face darkening. As if someone cast an evil spell, she approached me with a look of hatred. "You filthy bastard!"

I gaped at such a sudden outburst, my eyes popping out. Everyone gasped, their reaction just as big as mine.

"Sorry, was that rude? Excuse me for being such a bad woman, you---"

"Mom! Cut it out!"shouted Brian, placing a hand over me, as if he were my protector. "Rivyn has nothing to do with this, which gives you no right to call her a filthy bastard!" I smirked at Mrs. Daniels. "Only I can do that!"

I blinked twice, and frowned at Brian who grinned teasingly.

Mrs. Daniels on the other hand, rolled her eyes, "Whatever. That girl has brought you nothing but trouble. First she brings you to Canada without my permission and then let's you get hit into a coma for a week. Then she gets you to runaway from the police, being wanted around Canada!"

"She did none of that! That was all me!"

She snorted, "Well I guess she's just the influence, right? Face it, ever since she came here, both of our lives have been going down hill. Me stressing over your safety and you stressing over some girl! Time to wake up Brian! Schooling is important right now if you want to get into Yale! And with your records now, I was brought to the point that I had to PAY as in BRIBE the school into letting you stay to graduate!"

"School? Really? You had to bring that up?" he groaned, shaking his head.

"Your mother has a point, Brian," stepped Aunt Darby, and I almost forgot she was there. He shot her a mean glare but she quickly casted that away, a pro at ignoring others. "This is your senior year. For both of you." Her gaze met mine as well, and I sheepishly glanced down, ashamed.

The DeLor's didn't exactly live off well unlike Brian's family. We were never the wealthy type and scholarships were something I had to obtain if I wanted any future.

"The news I wanted to tell you, Rivyn was that Mrs. Daniels offered me a job!" beamed Aunt Darby.

I lit up, and smiled, "That's wonderful!" Too bad the evil mother helped out, I thought silently.

She nodded, "It is. And I'm going to be moving back to Canada for the permanent job."

Relieved she meant just her, I relaxed my tense shoulders as I noticed they were tight the whole time.

Aunt Darby nodded, some of her face mask cracking. "The school board also called when you were gone."

"Did they get my application? Am I getting in to that university?!" I almost squealed, excited by such great news.

"Oh honey, they called to say you've missed too many days of school. Unable to put enough of your marks on record, you're going to have to go to boarding school until late fall if you want to graduate."

"What?!" I screamed.

"Mrs. Daniels even helped with the funding. Babe, it's either boarding school or you can't graduate."

A rush of cold blood pulsed in my body, pumping into my head. Feeling light headed, I caught a glimpse of Mrs. Daniels smirking in approval at the comer of my eye, already knowing where this was going. Ideas and pictures of prom sunk down the drain, and graduating with honours this summer were gone.

"There's a boarding school here, right? Down by CJ Avenue, right? Am I going there?"

Aunt Darby cupped my face in her warm hands, her touch not comforting my nausea feeling. "I'm sorry Sniggers, but you're moving to England."



FreshFocker// Feb.7.13.  OMFG *covers eyes* I am embarrassed to admit I actually wrote this (one below) A/N note.  Omfg.  Haha I am such a loser!!! Anyways, excuse my weird and rudeness down below.  I was very naïve then........ anyways, thanks!  VOTE! ....ugh I should delete this A/N note below but I want to keep evidence of how much of a young retard I was when writing this story xD

A/N time is my time, baby! Te he!

So England, eh? (Yeah. I'm a polar bear rider that loves to go fishing, eh? Cheering on that hockey team with the blue leaf as their symbol -____- ode to joy!)

What's the accent in England anyways? Cronky der, mate? Wait. That's Australian. Uh.... Oh oh! I remember! *clears throat and sticks up pinky* "Ello there, may I have a cup of tay?"

Yup. I'm born and bred British. See that na-tur-al slang right there? This guy perfected it. Mhmmmhm.

Okay, spinning back to the story. RIVYN'S going to boarding school!? Latin pervert say what? And Aunt Darby has a job (go mama!)? How is Rivyn going to confront Charlotte about the soccer team and realize she can't get her position back (or can she?)? How will they interrogate Chris and what will they find when they ask him about Charlotte? Is Brian finally going to get over Rivyn after the sudden news or will he become a total pathetic wreck? What does RIVYN have to say about this moving shish-ka business? Will they ever be together? When is she moving anyways? What will her mother think of her? *gasps* then again, her mother probably doesn't even know about anything (cough. Drug addict.). And Mrs.Daniels! Rawr! Someone's on the naughty list. Guess who's getting coal for Christmas next year!  

Oh the drama! *throws pathetic hanky in the crowd feeling faint*

Damn girl. Talk about melodrama. Speaking of next year, its New Years Eve in a few days in the book xD SPOILER ALERT FOR MEXTY CHAPTER!

McKay. I'm gonna get off the soapbox now xD dedication winner: @Ashley8746 say cheese, honey!




DAMN. This is a long AN!  

Love u xoxo 


Btw my screen name might be different next time u read PTBBG! I'm also wrapping up this book in a few chapters (I got everything planned-) 

K. This big mouth freak is gonna shut up

After she says: "I did this on my phone. Don't judge."

FreshFocker// Feb.7.13 *cue my face palm* Damn. Idk what I was thinking when writing that A/N and what kinda of fresh meat (freshman) I was back then...  I swear when I was still delivering newspapers, instead of a door-to-door sales person, I was a dork-to-dork sales person.  -_-

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