Playing The Bad Boy's Game

"So, who sits here?"I whispered, noticing the other empty seat beside me.
Blondie glanced to the clock. "Him," he said just as the time clicked 10. The door opened and I looked up.
My pencil dropped to the ground, eyes wide.
Oh. My. God.
It's him.
The first drug dealer that began my parents addiction.
The player that stole my best friends virginity.
The wicked monster that sent my cousin to rehab.
The hottest guy I've ever seen.
The reason why my life is hell.
And he's coming to be my English partner.


31. Chapter 27: Whoomp! There it is!

Chapter 27: Whoop!  There it is. ((LOL! LOVE THAT SONG))


            She can’t ski.

            She can’t fucking ski.

            How could I be so stupid? 

            I grabbed her wrists, and yanked her to the side just before the chair lift turned around.  She cried out as the seat hit her back as I pulled her down to the snow, hugging her tightly as we both dropped onto the white ground. 

            A sexy scent wafted over her neck as I dug my face into her skin, my heart beating as I laid on top of her.  Both lust and love drove me crazy and I felt the layer of clothes between us weren’t necessary.  I couldn’t let her go.  But I had to. 

            She didn’t love me.

            Groaning at such disappoint, I moved her goggles from her beautiful eyes to see them shut.  “Rivyn?” I whispered, my nose just brushing against hers.  

            “” she moaned, and I noticed her skis sprawled a few meters away.

            I scrambled off even though my body disagreed.  Clutching her hand, I slowly helped her up, my snowboard lying beside her.  It must have fallen when we rolled off the lift. 

            Slowly standing, she brushed off the clinging snow, adjusting her goggles.  “Brian,” she said, flipping her hair as she looked up at me.


            “I think I’m about to kill you.”

            I raised my hands in innocence, eyes wide.  “I just saved your life!”

            “You almost killed me!”

            Ready to shoot the girl in the head, I clenched my fists, and gritted through my teeth, “I fucking saved you!  You’re the one who didn’t tell me you couldn’t ski making me jump to conclusions!”

            She gasped, and narrowed her eyes.  “Nuh uh!  I tried to tell you but you and your bossy dick kept telling me shut up!  And that was your fault for jumping to conclusions!  Not mine!”

            I growled, and grabbed my board, sitting down to do up my bindings.  “What do you think you’re doing?” Rivyn asked, resting her hand on her hip.

            Honestly, I wasn’t even sure myself, but I didn’t want to tell her that.  “Leaving,” I said flatly, and jumped up with my board straddled on. 

            “You’re leaving me?!” she roared, marching over.

            I smirked, rolling my eyes.  “Well, it seems that you’re not appreciating the fact that I just saved your life, and the police aren’t even after you, AND you can’t ski.  So yeah, this leaves me with only one option.”

            Crossing her arms, she let out a huff, giving a death glare.  “Fine then.  Hope you break your ankle on the way down.”  And before I’m about to say anything, she stormed off picking up her poles as she went towards her two skis.

            I watched her as she struggled, trying to attach her boot to the ski.  Unfortunately, she had the ski backwards.  Idiot. 

            I heard shouts about halfway down the hill, and saw a glimpse of the officers trudging up by foot.  One second thought, they’re the idiots.  There’s a thing called snowmobiles, guys.

            Ready to slide down the hill that stupid nagging person in the back of my head took over.   I couldn’t just leave her!

            I was torn.  Either help that sexy bitch or ditch her and police, getting out of this mess in a jiffy.  Groaning, I stomped the snow with my board, and undid my straps, making my way over to her.

            “It’s not rocket science, you know,” I said, flipping the ski over. 

            She glared, “Fuck off.”

            I lightly chuckled, and bent down.  You got to love this chic.  “That’s not nice to say to someone who just saved your life,” I grinned, connecting both her feet into the ski. 

            “Why are you still here?” she asked, ignoring what I said. 

            I shrugged, standing so we could meet at eye-level.  “Don’t know, don’t care,” I brushed, not wanting to show the real intention.

            Looking over my shoulder, I heard the sound of an engine.  The police officers finally called up with some snowmobiles, and were now coming up faster.  “That’s not exactly a good reason,” she said, crossing her arms.

            “It isn’t, is it?” I said a little distant, glancing around.  There was no way I could make it down with Rivyn without getting caught.  Suddenly, that bright light bulb sparkled above my head, and I flashed an evil grin. 

            She sensed my spinning gears, and frowned.  Wiggling my eyebrows, I quickly undid her boots from the skis, throwing away her poles. 

            “Brian, what are you doing?” she questioned, her cute face confused. 

            Hearing the sirens from the approaching skimobiles, I did up my snowboard and jumped up, my evil grin still widening.  “You better hold on,” I ordered, and snatched her waist. 

            “What?  But—”  Not letting her speak, I swooped her up, bridal style. 

            Her eyes widened, and I bit my lip from kissing her.  Her scent was so much stronger now that she was cradled in my arms.  Tearing my wandering eyes, I shifted my attention towards the steep hill.  Black diamond.  This was going to be fun.

Then next thing I knew, I began to tilt forward, launching my decent.

            Her arms slinked around my neck, and she tightened her grip, shutting her eyes as I began to pick up speed.  Her body shook and I held her closer, bending for more speed.

            “There!” shouted one of the police men, and I zoomed past them, witnessing Damon’s angry reaction.  Oooh. Too priceless.

            “Catch you later, suckers!” I laughed, and flashed down the hill with a winning smile.  Cutting through the trees, I travelled into the shortcut just between these two covered logs, and some memories swept in.

            I pictured myself when I was little, snowboarding with my dad and Jim through this path.  We would always race to Jim’s cabin, the first one getting two mugs of hot chocolate.  Those we’re times that I wished I could live back to...If only things were the same.


            RIVYN’S P.O.V.

            Sitting in the warm cabin, my butt was softly cushioned by an old couch, the pain easing from our fall earlier.  My back was still in pain from the seat banging into my side, but I leaned on the pillow, relaxing.

            Cringing, I heard a frustrated groan and peeked to see Brian running through the tiny rooms, slamming drawers and cabinets.

            Moments ago, Brian pulled up on his snowboard and placed me down.  About to open the garage to get the truck, he forgot all about how it had a lock.  His faced washed disappoint at how we had to go into the warm cabin —the heater was left on—and had to try to find the keys. 

            Trudging into the cabin with Brian’s continuous ‘how-could-I-forget’ grumbles and complaints, I knew better from his over-exaggerated leg kick and sudden idea burst.  Yeah, the total snapping-fingers-I-got-an-idea thing was a dead giveaway. 

            He wanted as to be alone.  In a cabin.  In the middle of the forest.  Where no one will find us.  With a bed.

            Yeah.  *gulp*

            “Are you sure we can’t just call Jim and ask him where they are?” I asked.

            “No service,” he quickly said just as my words left my mouth.  Realizing how fast his response was, he heavily sighed and dragged his hand down his face, trying to look annoyed. 

What did he think I was?  An idiot?

            He stopped marching in the middle of the living room, staring at me.  Was he staring the whole time during my trance?  Naw.  Probably not.

            “What about smoke signals?” I offered.

            He rolled his eyes, “I don’t think that’ll be a good idea...”

            “We can just heat up this fireplace!” I began, starting to feel excited about the idea.  Or maybe it was because of how handsome he looked, standing only meters away.  Hair messed up from the sharp winded ride, he reminded me of one of those hot male models. 

            “And steam will rise...” I drifted, and felt my own steam of my cheeks rising as I pictured him topless, “it’ll be....”

            “Pointless,” he stated, studying my odd behaviour. 

            “Yes.  Pointless,” I quipped, shaking my head. 


            I sniffed his husky mint scent approaching, and my stomach churned, dancing lightly down to my toes.  My eyes flew to the ground, and I tried to think of gross things.  Aunt Darby’s nose hair, Coach Boysin’s moustache, scrubbing the Latin pervert’s back... Tiny thrills travelled up my arms, and my toes curled as he gave me that smug grin.

            “Maybe one of us should go get help...” I gulped, wanting to back away.  “I suppose I could slip past the police and get Jim.”  However, my legs were glued to the ground, wanting to drift forward. 

            “I don’t think you’d even make it half way.”

            Tearing my eyes from the carpet, I glanced at the window to see a blizzard going on.  What?  How could I not notice that?  Because you were daydreaming about Brian topless, stupid, snickered my mind, and I cursed for my smart ass ego.

            “So we’re stuck here?” I said, flicking my eyes back to the ground.  Unfortunately, during that little vision switch, I couldn’t help but noticed the t-shirt he wore slightly slide up. Or was it my imagination?  I think it was.  Clearing my mind, I noticed his shirt was down and I was seeing things. 

            He was now about a meter away from me, and my legs still disobeyed their owner.  “It seems that, yes, we are stuck.  For a few hours maybe—”

            “Hours?!” I swallowed, biting back my jump for joy.  “But.... I-I don’t think I can last without my....uh...”

            “Your.....” he continued, coaxing a sexy grin. 

            “Toothbrush!” I exclaimed, and he couldn’t help but smirk.  “What?  I need my toothbrush!  The ones that massage your gums!  Yeah!  I got sensitive gums you know...”

            “I’m sure Jim has a couple of those in the bathroom,” he said, but I shook my head.

            “And my teddy bear!”

            “Teddy bear?” he questioned. 

            “Yes!  I to hold at night!” I scavenged, trying to keep up with my lie.  Of course, that went down the drain since Brian slowly lit up at what I just said. 

            Gears spinning, my eyes widened and I crossed my arms, wishfully thinking it could make a barrier.  A love-proof barrier.  With laser points that would burn people to crisp.  People like Brian.  Yeah, that would be good.

            “You know you could always hold me,” he offered, and I shook my head again. 

            “No.  I have to have my teddy bear!” I shot, acting like a child.  Hec, I probably sounded like one.

            He shrugged, and turned off his seductive gaze, it soon morphing into a bored tone.  It was as if he gave up on kissing me and moved on.  An unwanted surge of frustration bubbled up, catching me by surprised.

            I should be relieved, but instead a queasy clench of disappointment itched.

            “Whatever, I’m not forcing you to stay?” he shrugged, dully waving me off. 

            Where did that come from?  I glanced down to see my fists clenched, my knuckles tight.  He spun around, like I was nothing and made his way to the dresser.  Pulling out a pair of keys, he didn’t bother to turn and said, “I’ll get the car started for your departure.  Take whatever you want for your ride,” he flicked.

            “Yeah, sure.  Thanks,” I said, reflecting his dull tone, and walked away as he closed the door behind my back. 

            Since when did he want me gone so quick?  It was like one minute he wanted me to stay, and the next he didn’t give a damn if I ran out naked in the middle of the forest screaming, ‘Catch me later, mother fucka!’ 

            I ran my hand through my damp hair, and sucked in some air.  I didn’t anything to him, I summarized in my mind.  For a weird reason, that thought carried a sharp pang of misery, causing me to sit down on the couch.

            Like a ball of yarn waved in front of a cat, I realized that he always knew where the keys to the garage were.  “Son of a bitch wanted me to stay here,” I whispered, “And I clearly showed I didn’t want to.”



Closing the door behind me, I let out a big sigh.  She looked as if she didn’t care as I dully glanced at her.  I was nothing to her.  Resisting the urge to kick something, I closed the garage door to keep out the cold, and opened the truck.

Hoping in, I sat alone in the seat, keys hanging from my hand.  I’ve never felt so empty in my life.  I banged my head against the wheel, and ignored the sound of the alarm going off, remembering this car was very sensitive.

“Oh just shut up, you piece of junk!” I grumbled, too lazy to remove my face.



Should I go see him?  Or wait till he comes back in?

I chewed on the side of my gum, not trusting my overwhelming emotions.  Being alone in a room with Brian was just the trigger to my death, let alone the fast he’s in a comfy car with fogged up windows.  Of course that wouldn’t matter since there’s just he two of us in the middle of the forest, kilometres from civilization...

Beep!  Beep!  Beep!

I nearly pissed myself as an alarm went off from the garage.  That’s your cue! Ordered my inner voice, grinning as it spiritually spoke.  Not letting my logic side step in, my legs automatically forced themselves to go check out what was going on.

Opening the garage door from the living room, I realized it was unlocked the whole time, slapping myself stupid that I didn’t try it myself in the first place.  He knew it was unlocked the whole time.  He really did want me to stay. 

About to turn the knob, I came to the conclusion that my theory still could have been slightly insane.  Perhaps, he didn’t want me to stay and was being mindless when looking for the keys.   ‘Yeah, sure.  That’s sounds right,’ drawled my sarcasm. 

Well, there was only one way to find out.  Sipping a deep amount of air, I went into the garage, finding the truck lights blinking as the sound got louder.

Brian’s head was sleeping on the wheel, face covered with his messy hair.  My stomach dropped as my theory began to prove itself wrong.  Damn.  He was so bored of me that he was falling asleep.  ‘Okay, lame excuse alert,’ snorted my conscience.   

Wanting to shut myself up, I approached the window and gently knocked.



Still bickering about how she was leaving me, I almost didn’t notice the garage door opening, and quickly dropped my head onto the wheel, hoping it seemed as if I was asleep; which was impossible since my heart was pumping far from normal speed as I heard her footsteps draw near. 

A small knock came from the window, and I slowly sat up, rubbing my eyes for effect.  “Mmmhhmm?  What do you,” I yawned, “want.”

She gave a quizzical look and pointed to her ear.  Oh.  Taking my time—as my heart pumped against my ribs—scrolled down the window on this old truck, making sure my motions lagged.

Suddenly, an overpowering scent shot my insides awake, Rivyn’s attractive aroma causing my hands to sweat.  “What is it?” I croaked, shoving back my husky tone.

 “The alarm went off,” she eye rolled, like I was the idiot. 

“I know,” I mumbled and she waved a confused look, unable to hear me with all the noise.  “I SAID I KNOW!” I shouted, sending her to take a small step back.  My abdomen did flips and I almost yanked at her shoulder to come back. 

Crossing her arms, she sighed, her annoyed sigh pissing me off.  I’m boring her.  The poor girl doesn’t know I can do way more than just boring...

“Hello?” she snapped, and my head shot up.  The car alarm abruptly stopped, leaving the garage in silence.  “I said, is the car ready?”

“No,” I blurted, unable to take it back.  However, I didn’t want to.  Nothing in my power would let me do so.  I’d be damned is she knew what kind of spell she had over me. 



I raised an eyebrow, my bets still on about my theory. 

“So you going to get out?” I asked.


“But I have to go.”

He rubbed the back of his neck, stretching his arms.  “ is quite rough out there.”

I glanced out the garage window, and found the snow lightly coming down, barely even visible from the calmness.  “It looks pretty nice out there actually.  Great driving weather.”

He made a quick glimpse at the window and nodded in agreement.  “True but there are bears.”

I raised an eyebrow once more, “Bears?”

“Mhhm.  Vicious things.  There’s tons of them strolling around these parts.”

Leaning over a little, I grew a strange look in his direction.  “Don’t bears hibernate in the winter.” 

Running his fingers through his hair, he quickly stated, “Some don’t.  These ones here like to wander a lot, hungry for pretty women at night and day.”

Holding back a laugh, my eyes drifted back to the window, glancing over the sheet of white snow.  The sunset began, and I could probably make it back to the chalet before dark fall.  “I’m not so sure......”

Thinking only for just a second, he immediately snapped his fingers, and slapped his thigh.  “I got it!  How ‘bout you just stay with me for the night, and then you can head back in the morning!”

Honestly, I would have bought it if it weren’t for the knee slap.  That didn’t seem right for a guy like Brian.  I was correct, he wanted me to stay.  Desperately. 

Tapping my chin, I eyed him carefully.  “What are we going to do about my toothbrush and teddy bear?”

“I told you I have an extra.  It even massages your gums!  And I’m sure Jim has an old bear you could probably keep.”

“My pyjama’s?”

“You can wear one of Jim’s old shirts.”

“Sleeping pills?”

“I can sing you a lullaby!”

“Oh Brian!  What about my night-light?”

“You’re having fun with this aren’t you?”

            “More than you can imagine.”

            “I have the sudden urge to kiss you right now.”

            “Then what are you waiting for?”

            “To get you back into the cabin.”

His eyes widened, and he reached for the keys, shaking as he tried to fit them in the old car door (idiot for locking it).  Cursing as he tried for the fifth time, he gave a little ‘Boo-ya!’ and I laughed.  Almost tripping out of the truck, he grabbed my hand so tight, I nearly yelped.

He fumbled as he turned the knob, with great force; he yanked me inside and shoved me up the wall, causing me to yelp a little.

However, the pain dispersed as fast as we got in, and soon, our mouths were connected, kissing madly like never before. 

Something different was going on.  It was something I’ve never felt with Brian before, an over-drilled feeling of need and pleasure yet with affection, all meshed up in one.  Our bodies pressed up against each other, and I was surprised the wall wasn’t going to break.

It was love.

He was feeling it.

I was feeling it.

Although I didn’t like it, I enjoyed it. 

Only for tonight, I promised myself, only tonight I’ll let this slip.  Then I will leave and never feel it again.

Without even thinking, I felt his hand slink down my back, and pull my waist closer to his, sending millions of warm thrills up my neck. 

But of course, there are no promises. 


All characters seem to have minds of their own... (>o<)

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