Playing The Bad Boy's Game

"So, who sits here?"I whispered, noticing the other empty seat beside me.
Blondie glanced to the clock. "Him," he said just as the time clicked 10. The door opened and I looked up.
My pencil dropped to the ground, eyes wide.
Oh. My. God.
It's him.
The first drug dealer that began my parents addiction.
The player that stole my best friends virginity.
The wicked monster that sent my cousin to rehab.
The hottest guy I've ever seen.
The reason why my life is hell.
And he's coming to be my English partner.


30. Chapter 26: I'm going to punch you so haw-rd, your man boobs are gonna concave

Chapter 26: I’m gonna punch you so haw-rd, your man boobs are gonna concave.

Long chapter guys, just like you requested! :D


            I licked my lips, my legs folded beneath the covers as the most perfect ice-cream sundae stood in front of me.  I ignored the constant shivers as I grasped the tall cold bowl.  “Cheers!” I saluted with my spoon in the air.  “To an awesome Christmas yet!”

            Brian laughed, and raised his glass as well.  “Best Christmas dinner ever!”

            I sat across from him on the bed, a silver tray—we were on the high quality floor—with two sundaes between us.  The room light got dim a while back so we both lit candles around the suite, giving off multi-coloured glows.  I would say it was romantic, bringing back our early park date, but a part of me felt otherwise.

            At the same time, we shoved a gigantic spoon full of the chilly dairy in our mouths, the quick intake rocking my mind.  “Brain-freeze!” I cringed, slapping my cheek.

            He grinned, and watched in amusement as my head throbbed, my eyes weirdly squinting, like an old granny tasting lemon juice (I have nothing against old ladies!)  “DO SOMETHING!” I cried out, rubbing my temple.

            “Why?  It’s funny watching you actually want my help,” he chuckled, admiring my feeble plead.

            Scowling, the sweet force of revenge came to my side and the pain eased, jump-starting my evil powers.  I dumped my hand into the chocolate sundae and smudged the ice cream across his face, grinning as I did so. 

“So that’s what you look like with shit on your face!” I beamed in triumph.

Without even taking the insult, he shot back an evil grin and scooped a handful of his cookie dough flavour, smothering it along my forehead.  I gasped, the icy dessert coming into contact among my warm skin.  “You did not—”

“Oh I did,” he laughed, and I pouted, trying my best to muster the world’s nastiest glare.  Driven by anger, I picked up my sundae and stabbed it into his nose, forcing it forward so his nostrils breathed in the ice cream.  

“Like that?” I snickered, and dropped the glass, pleased by the shitty coloured treat all over his face.  Still hot as ever though...I thought, admiring his beauty for only a second. 

Licking his lips, he burned with rage, and snatched his sundae.  Before I’m able to jump off the bed, he slapped the sweet delicacy right on my head, soaking my hair as I felt sticky drops ooze past my chin. 

Gapping, I grimaced at his amused look, and he began to back away.  Cracking my knuckles for effect, I pounced on top of him, nailing him on the covers.  “You’re so dead!” I hissed, sensing the muggy dessert sink along my neck. 

He winced as he landed hard, and squirmed to pull out a remote under him.  About to murder the guy, the television caught my attention as it turned on.

“And here we are in this small town, where previous captain of the Chicago Cougar’s, and now the soccer team captain of American Chester High is with us today.  Charlotte dear, please tell us about your previous success with this team.”

Freezing up, I let my jaw drop, my blood turning cold.  I’m going to kill her!  Rip off her pubic hair and make a moustache for that girl’s fish lips!  Then I’ll—

“Well Margrett,” Charlotte said, flipping her obnoxious black hair.  She stuck out her hip, showing off her curves as my school team jersey was WAY too tight for her.  That’s right, my school jersey with my lucky seven on it.  “As we all know, Rivyn DeLor has disappeared, and me already being a leader, took charge of the girls soccer team and decided I should take her place.  We all loved Rivyn dearly, and there has always been a special spot for her in my heart.”

“That bitch!” I roared, and snapped up, digging my nails into the covers.  I can already sense the urgency of murder coming from my fingertips. 

Brian’s eye widened and he sat up, staring at the screen.  He quickly wiped his face with the blankets, still keeping his attention on the news.  “What about last night’s game?  What do you have to say about going onto the finals after previously winning the regional’s?”

Her fingers twirled around her hair, and she flashed the camera a golden smile, “It has always been my dream to play in the finals and with my skills, the Chester Cats will definitely make it to the championships.  Again, this is all for Rivyn who will always be remembered!”

“Yes, were you and Rivyn close?” the reported asked.

“We were pretty tight,” she giggled, “best friends for life!  It’s unfortunate that she’s missing, and when I found out I was devastated!”

I felt the fabric rip as my nails dug deeper in the blanket, slowly tearing it.  “That’s so sad to hear.  I’m sorry for your lost, and I hope she comes back soon.”

She nodded, and pretended to hold back fake tears.  Wiping up the brim of her eyes, she bit her lip, letting out a small sob.  “Yes, thank you.  However, it seems I have to go.  My boyfriend is waiting for me, and I can’t be late on behalf of our date tonight.  I hate being late like...well, other people who don’t even show up for important things.  You wouldn’t catch me late for anything, let alone a soccer practice.”

It was like she was intending that message for me.  What a twit.

Giving the camera a flirtatious wave, she blew a kiss, and touched the lenses, leaning over as if she was about to tell a secret.  Which was stupid since she was broadcasted all over North America. 

“If you’re watching this Brian, I can’t wait to see you come back from the border!  Love you babe!  I got a surprise for you when you get home!  Trust me, it’s way better than what she would ever do for you,” she winked, and skipped away.

“Wait, am I ‘she?’” I said to myself, accidentally speaking out loud.  Jealousy and aggression boiled, and a thought flew into my mind.  How did she know Brian was in the hospital, and how did she know he was going to be crossing the border today?   

Brian however, was too busy gawking at the screen, like he just witnessed a llama climb up the Latin pervert’s ass.  “Hey!” I snapped, and whacked him upside the head.  He scowled, and swatted my hand, squinting at the t.v.

Following his gaze, I leaned closer to the screen as if it would help.  Then I realized what he was gapping at. 

 Just at the corner of the camera, Charlotte was skipping over to a boy, sitting on a fancy Mustang.  Hands shoved in his pockets, he swooped her up, and bent her down into a long kiss. 

“Is that Chris?!” I blurted.

“That’s my car!” Brian shouted.

Nothing could overpower the amount of shock that washed over me.  What did he see in her?  Why was he even with her?  Ugh.  There’s so much I’ve missed.

“Brian!” I gawked as I noticed he hasn’t said anything yet, “is your car really the big thing going on?”

“That’s MY FUCKING CAR!” he hollered, ignoring me.  “He STOLE MY CAR!”

“For the love of god, it’s just a car!  You can always buy a new one, Mr. Rich Man,” I scoffed, rolling my eyes.

He glared in my direction, eyebrows scrunched in rage.  “THAT’S MY BABY HE STOLE!”

Crossing my arms, I couldn’t help but smirk.  “Yeah, and that’s my jersey your ex is wearing.  Clearly we’re both on the same page, buddy.  Move on.”

Slowly rising, he shot me a perplexed gaze, his anger toning down.  “And you’re not mad?”

“Oh, I’m mad alright.  I’m ready to punch that girl’s boobs.  However, I can’t do anything until we get back,” I simply stated, and got up, making my way to the bathroom to wash off the ice cream. 

He followed behind me, the puzzled face still holding on.  “Really?  I thought you’d be the one yelling at me to get back home so you could kill the girl.  You’re not exactly the type to ‘keep in control’.”

I shrugged and turned on the shower, testing the water, “I guess I’m tired of fighting people since that’s all I’ve been doing for my whole life.  I tried to tell my parents to stop doing drugs, I tried to tell my best friend not to go to those illegal parties, I tried to tell my cousin not hang out with those drug addicts, and I constantly love fighting with you.”

Brian cockily raised an eyebrow, and it took me a moment to realize what I just said.  “Shit.  I didn’t mean—”

“No, it’s cool,” he chuckled, “I like fighting with you a joking way of course.  You seem more attractive when you’re mad.”

“Gee, thanks,” I said dryly, and felt the hot water from the shower come on.  As I dipped my head into the tub, getting ready to wash my hair, I heard the tap run behind me.   

The urge too tempting, I grabbed the shower head, and flashed it in Brian’s direction.  He yelped as the water sprayed down his back, and I laughed, turning back to the tub. 

“I’m going to murder you, Rivyn!”


            Have I forgiven him?  I’m not sure... it’s hard to tell from our previous water and ice cream episode.  Staring up at the ceiling, I was tucked under the covers, wearing a new pyjama set I bought at the mall earlier. 

            The lights off, I sensed Brian shifting on the floor just beside my bed.  It took a while to persuade him that we were not going to sleep together, and finally—two hours later—he gave in which was total relief. 

            Lying on a few rugs and pillows, I could pick up his breathing, realizing he was still awake as well.  “Brian?” I whispered, hugging my covers.

            A low chuckle came from his direction.  “I knew you couldn’t resist me.”

            Rolling my eyes, I picked at the embroidery on the blanket.  “How did Charlotte know you were in the hospital?”

            “She visited me.”

            “What?!” I shot up, and leaned over the mattress, my head hovering over his.  “Why didn’t you tell me?”

            With a smug grin, he shrugged, “Why are you so concerned?”

            “No reason in particular,” I huffed, and laid back down in my bed.  “Are the police still chasing after you for knocking out Damon?”


            “So this isn’t the first time you’ve been running from the police?”


            “You really are a bad ass aren’t you?”

            “Why do you think all the ladies come after me?”

            Shaking my head, I smiled, picturing the same smile plastered on his face.  “So if the police  come knocking on our door,” I joked, “what do we do?”

            He was silent for a moment, and then lightly laughed.  “We jump out the window.”

            “Hm.  I’ll keep that in mind,” I said, and turned so my face was in his direction.  My eyes began to feel drowsy, and I yawned, my body slowly shutting down.  “Goodnight Brian.”



            I woke up the next morning to feel a something warm wrapped around me.  Slightly confused, I rubbed my face, and was about to get up until a tug brought me back down.

            Baffled yet still in a haze, I flipped over to see Brian cuddled up next to me, his arm wrapped around my waist.  I was startled for the moment and tried to dig for any reasoning.

            In spite of this, the only thing that came to mind was, ‘Holy shit!  Aunt Darby’s gonna kill me!’

            Touching my pants, I sighed in relief and found all my clothes still on.  Ok.  We didn’t sleep-sex.  Thank the heavens. 

            I tried to peel away, but Brian mumbled something instead, pulling me closer.  “Brian!” I hissed, pushing off of his rock hard six pack abs. 

            “What?” he grumbled, snuggling his face along my neck. 

            “Can you let me go now?”


            Groaning, I used my fingers to open his eyelid.  “I’m serious, dude or I’ll rip off your balls.”

             He frowned but kept his eyes shut, still holding me tight.  “No way!  I already have a threat on my crotch from your aunt!”

            I shook my head, and tried not to roll my eyes.   “Fine.  I’ll punch your man boobs.

He immediately broke apart, shooting to the other side of the bed.  “I’m offended!  I do not have man boobs!”

Laughing, I got up, scratching my messy hair.  “It’s okay; I won’t tell anyone about them.  It’ll be a secret, just between the two of us,” I winked.

“What is it with you and punching people’s chests?” he growled, getting up as well. 

I smugly grinned and stretched out my stiff arms, “I like to find people’s weak spots.  I use them for self-defence.”

Brian opened his mouth to speak until the door suddenly knocked.  “What do you want, Jim?” hollered Brian, slightly annoyed by the intrusion.

“It’s the police, open up!”

Brian and I exchanged worried looks.  “You jinxed it last night!” he hissed, a hint of playfulness in his tone.  It was like he found this whole thing amusing, akin to a game.

Me on the other hand, was panicking.  Sure, I’m a bad girl at times, but I’ve never personally been wanted by the police.  That’s not how I roll. 

My feet were glued to the ground and I weighed my options, my heart beginning to pick up.  Either run straight to the police, let them capture Brian and bring him to court, go home and get a long talk from Aunt Darby.  Or run away with Brian, and continue being on the run, then go home and get a long talk from Aunt Darby.

Decisions, decisions. 

Either way, I still have to have a big-ass talk with Aunt Darby which I’m not exactly looking forward to.

Too busy thinking, I didn’t notice Brian opening the window at the side of the room.  The door was now shaking from all the pounding outside, and I snapped out of my trance.  Brian or police? 

What the hec, running away with Brian might actually be fun.

Running over to Brian, I took a small step back as the wind smashed up against me.  Damn, mother nature.  You sure know how use your guns.

“Come on!” he shouted, and I blinked to realize he was wearing his coat.  Throwing me mine, I quickly zipped up, trying to stay focused.

“Go!  Go!” he ushered, pushing me a little.

“Wait, so you were serious about the whole jumping out the window thing?” I screamed, panic finally settling in.

“Duh?  You thought I was kidding?” he laughed, the wind cutting past his hair, making him look so kissable.  Too bad he was finding my horror entertaining, because I felt like strangling the guy.

“Uh, yeah!  God dammit, I should have chose the other option!  You’re insane!” I cried out, shaking my head.  “There’s no way I’m jumping out this building through a freak’n window!”

The door busted open, and Damon’s face flashed before me.  Behind him, armed men were barrelling towards us, and I saw the hint of sadness drip along Damon’s face.

“We have to go,” Brian whispered in my ear, holding my hand. 

“I-I-I-” I began, and grasped another look at Damon.  It was as if time slowed down, and everything just stopped.  Of course, that’s stupid to say since about five men with guns were rushing towards us.  Yeah, stupid me.  Logic always comes last in my mind.

That’s why I jumped. 


            We were airborne.  Literally.  So many thoughts raced through my head as Brian held onto me tight and boy, I hoped this guy knew what he was doing.  Hopefully at my funeral, they’ll point fingers at Brian, so I won’t die as ‘the insane girl who jumped out a window’. 

            Gripping his arms, I shut my eyes and felt my body weigh down on something as if we were sinking.  That can’t be though, there’s no water.  About to see what was going on, I heard a snap and a sharp pain travelled to my rear end.  Screams came from all directions, and Brian tried to tug me up. 

            What?  What was going on?  I opened my eyes, and found us on top of the tarp that only moments ago hung as a roof by the main doors of the chalet.  Glancing up, I took in the fact that we just jumped onto the tarp, and gently—in the most painful way possible—landed on the fabric, and broke a hole through, taking the tarp down with us.

            Yes.  I was thinking the same thing.  How the fuck does that work?

            I honestly didn’t know, and I neither had time to figure it out.  Scrambling, Brian grabbed me by the waist, and steered me to the parking lot, his legs limping a little.

            Fear triggered my nerves to freak out, and I let him bring me to a halt, too weak to do anything.  “Shit,” he murmured, and gazed around the area. 

            “What’s wrong?” I asked, still a bit dazed from our cinematic miraculous jump.  Squinting only meters away, the car that we drove last night was being inspected by a group of police.  Over my shoulder, I heard a few shouts, Damon’s familiar voice getting closer.  “Um...Brian....”

“I got a plan,” was all he said, and clutched my hand, running past a bunch of skiers.  The funny part was that he didn’t even stop to ask if I was alright (which I wasn’t since my ass was throbbing), and continued to run, yanking me behind. 

Loving guy, wasn’t he?

Hiding behind the chalet, I understood we only had a limited amount of time before they could find us.  

“Put these on,” he ordered, handing me a pair of skis from the fence of skis and snowboards.  People must have left them to get some lunch, leaving their stuff here unattended. 

My eyes widened and I dropped the equipment like they were dead mice.  “Brian, there’s something I got to tell you, I can’t—”

“No time for talk.”  He yanked off my shoes, and placed in ski boots that were surprisingly my size.  In an unbelievable sixty seconds, I was geared up from head to toe.

With no helmet.

“Brian, listen,” I said, waving my poles in the air as I adjusted my goggles.  “I need to tell you—”

“Rivyn!  It’s not the time for love confessing!  We got to go and this plan will only work if you just shut up and stay focused!” he demanded, his body geared up as well in about a minute.  Including the snowboard held by his left arm, he grabbed my poles and yanked me towards the ski lift, my legs shaking as he pulled.

“There they are!” shouted one of the police men.  My heart rate pumped up, and my hands were sweating. 

Brian huffed until we got to the chair lift, the supervisor giving us weird looks.  Who wouldn’t?  We were two equipment stealing teenagers getting chased by a mob of armed police officers.  Obviously you’d have a weird look.

Brian smashed the control box that stopped the ski lift and ignored the shouting supervisor that was shouting at us.  Thank god barely anyone was waiting for the ski lift because something told me Brian wouldn’t have stopped to excuse himself when barrelling towards a group of people. 

Dragging me (literally) to the lift off area, I watched as the chair came around the lift, rapidly coming towards us.  Brian quickly did his bindings for his one foot, and I gulped, squeezing his hand as the large seat was approaching.  “It’s okay, trust me,” he whispered, sensing my worry. 

His words somehow soothed my hammering chest, and I relaxed my shoulders, taking in deep breathes.  One...Two....Three....

The chair lift scooped us up, and I felt my feet being lifted off the ground.  The skis a little heavy, my legs began to dangle as we got approached to higher elevation.  “You okay?” he asked, keeping his hand in mine. 

“So now you ask if I’m fine,” I spoke, rolling my eyes, his close presence calming my ripples of fear.  For a few seconds anyways.  “And for your information, no, I am not okay, since, you know, WE JUST JUMPED OUT OF A FREAK’N WINDOW AND ARE NOW DANGLING HUNDREDS OF FEET OFF OF THE GROUND!”

He laughed, and I narrowed my eyes, hating his guts.  “Damn, Rivyn.  Get yourself together,”

“How is this funny to you?” I snapped, yanking my hand away.  My anger rose, and my neck strained as we began to get closer to drop off.  I silently wished that I should have chosen the other option, but the Gods Of Second Chances weren’t in my favour.  Hec, they never were.

“Relax, I got everything covered.  All we have to do is ski/snowboard down the hill; chose the short cut path I know to the warehouse down by Jim’s place, take his car and we’ll be out within the next fifteen minutes!  It’s fool-proof really,” he cockily answered, resting his hands behind head.

“Or really?” I snorted, flaring my nose.  “For one, when we get home, the police are going to catch you anyways so what’s the point of running?  And—”

“See, that’s the thing Rivyn,” he grinned, eyes sparkling in amusement, “if you already know you’re going to get caught, mind as well make the chase fun since you probably won’t be able to go out for the next few weeks, locked up in—.”

“Prison?” I offered, and he laughed.

“I mean being grounded.  I never really last that long in prison so I have nothing to worry about.  My mom usually bails me and then grounds me for a while.  She’s pretty chill actually.”

“Oh really,” I scoffed.  “When was the last time you got sent to jail?  And when was the last time you stole a girl from a police officer in the next country?”

He thought about it for a moment, swaying the chair lift a little.  I gripped the seat as if my life depended on it—which it did—and prayed for this guy to stop moving.

“It’s been a few years now actually—”

“Then why does something tell me your mom isn’t going to take this easy when you get back?” I said.

Brian opened his mouth to speak, and then closed it.  Worry slowly seeped across his face, and I noticed his body stiffen.  “I hate it when you’re right,” he grimaced, making a disgusted look.

“You know you love me,” I teased, batting my lashes.

“Unfortunately, I do,” he sighed, giving a jokingly gaze. 

We weren’t together.  I get it.  We weren’t friends either....well, I think.  I mean, when I get home, I was still going to have to be living with this guy.  Does this mean I won’t talk to him?  Suddenly, I felt as if I didn’t want this little chase oto end.  I was having fun with Brian, but the logic side of me (the one that always ruins everything and is very late when making decisions) knew that I shouldn’t even be with Brian.  He lied, cheated and used me.  The three most hurtful ways your heart could be broken.

That’s pretty big and something that you should never forgive anyone for.  Although—

“You ready?” asked Brian, leaning forward.

“Hm?” I asked, snapping out of my trance (for the second time). 

“It’s almost time for drop off,” he retorted, scooting closer to the edge of the seat.

He was right.  Gagh.  I hate it when he was right. 

Then I remembered my phobia.  “Brian, about that thing I wanted to tell you about—”

“I get it.  I know already,” he laughed, his chuckle warm and loose.

I brightened, a wave of relief washing over.  I smiled at him, having the urge to kiss the guy.  “You do?  Thank god, ‘cause I thought for a second—”

“You love me,” he laughed, “I so saw the love confession thing coming so you’re welcome.”

I coughed, startled by his quick assumption.  He thought.... aw shit-sticks.  “What?  No!  That’s not it!” I blurted, wanting to slap him stupid.  “That wasn’t what I was planning on saying.  I don’t love you but I—”

Suddenly, I felt like slapping myself stupid instead.  A pang of hurt washed on his face, and I instantly wished I could take that back.  “I mean—I do love you but—I-I-I don’t.  I don’t love you... I think.  I-I-I’m not sure,” I stuttered, unable to grasp control.

Everything was happening all at once and my mind started spinning, so many things being thrown at me.  “Brian—”

“No.  It’s fine,” he bitterly stated, and I could tell he was trying not to add some venom in his voice.  He gazed away, keeping his back to me.

I grabbed his hand, not letting him wrestle his wrist out.  The drop off was vastly approaching and I knew we had only a few seconds until we had to get off or else....well...I don’t think there would be an or else.  This hill was too steep to make it down on a chairlift ride back. 

“Rivyn.  Let go.  We have to get off,” he ushered, trying to pull away. 

My heart began to pick up speed again except this time, much faster.  “Brian!” I yelled in terror, my wobbling skis sliding side to side, my butt still plastered to the seat.  I couldn’t get off.  I couldn’t get off. 

He snapped in my direction, eyes glaring through his goggles, “What’s wrong with you?!” he snapped, already off the seat.

Except me. 



Anyways, it’s kinda funny since where I live, there’s no snow right now (WINTER’S DONE :D) so it was pretty cool to make the setting Christmas in the early spring. 

Oh oh!  Say this out loud.  Good.  Eye.  Might.  *applauds*  You can talk Australian now!  Yeah, you’re welcome!

Dedication winner: @lauren_dev (haha :D you finally got the dedication u wanted! PARTY!)


Mwah! Love you guys! Xoxo Mylan

GOAL: 100,000 reads before Chapter 28!!!!  Two more chapters until then and I need 12,000 more reads... :) PLEASE GUYS!!!!!!  Thanks for your support btw *no sarcasm* :)

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