Playing The Bad Boy's Game

"So, who sits here?"I whispered, noticing the other empty seat beside me.
Blondie glanced to the clock. "Him," he said just as the time clicked 10. The door opened and I looked up.
My pencil dropped to the ground, eyes wide.
Oh. My. God.
It's him.
The first drug dealer that began my parents addiction.
The player that stole my best friends virginity.
The wicked monster that sent my cousin to rehab.
The hottest guy I've ever seen.
The reason why my life is hell.
And he's coming to be my English partner.


29. Chapter 25: Ruby, Groovy! Damn you child!


Why did I get in the car?

Honestly, I wasn't ready to forgive the guy, let alone allow him to take me to a random ski resort. Yeah. That's right. He drove me to one of the coldest parts in Canada. Nunavut.  Who knew they had ski resorts there?

Brian roughly shoved my bags to my stomach and I glared, following him into the large wooden lodge, the building about seven floors high. Before entering, I couldn't help but admire the beautiful white hills capturing the main attraction of the area. Small moving dots roamed along the mountains, and the thought of going down them made my stomach queasy.

I, Rivyn DeLor, confess that I can't ski or snowboard for my life. The whole riding on snow from a very high point of elevation was just terrifying, not to mention the large chance of slipping on an ice patch and breaking all the bones in your body. Let me tell you, I do not look good in a cast, nor crutches. Funny how the only sport I can't do is where, out of all places, this ignorant boy takes me. Just peachy, huh?

"Hey Jim!" smiled Brian as he approached the front desk. I quietly followed, taking in the grand lobby.

The man brightened and embraced him in a hug as if they were old friends. Shrinking back, I stood awkwardly with my baggage, eyes trailing elsewhere.

"What brings you here? Jim asked, his voice bellowing around the busy space. People rushed back in and out with skis and snowboards, all hurrying to attend the perfect winter weather.

Brian smiled and slightly shrugged. "I wondered if we could hit up a few nights here for a while," he smoothly said.

I snorted, advancing towards the two, "to use your hotel as an escape from the police."

He narrowed his eyes in my direction and I beamed. The man raised an eyebrow, "Brian, on the run again?" Again? Something told me that this wasn't the first time Brian was escaping from the police. Wonder if he had a fancy women tagging along with him. Not that I cared of course.

Jim gave me a once over, and chuckled. "This your girl, Daniels?"

"No," I spoke.

"Yes," he said.

I scowled, "He's just my kidnapper-"

"Ex. She's my ex," Brian interrupted, elbowing my gut.

Jim warmly chuckled again, and sang something about teenagers as he made his way behind the front desk. "So what kind of room would you like?"

"One master suite," Brian confidently chose, leaning against the wood.

I moved beside him, smirking. "How 'bout two separate rooms instead?"

Jim checked his computer and shook his head. "I only got one room left," he glanced up, and winked at Brian, "and it's a master suite."

Brian lit up like a Christmas tree, but I frowned, scanning the computer screen again. Dammit. Jim handed Brian the keys and I slouched, lagging behind him as we entered the elevator. "You're sleeping on the floor," I stated, finding the energy to stand upright.

He laughed, "I told you, no matter how hard you try, I'm not going to let you run away."

"Well," I said, and stepped onto our storey level, "a two meters distance will have to do then. And besides, knowing that your stubborn head is sleeping on a hard floor makes me satisfied."

He scanned the key, and opened the door, cutting in front of me. I purposefully stepped on his toe, but he snorted taking a quick step forward, grabbing my hand while doing so. With force, he pinned me against the leaf patterned wall, causing me to drop my bags in surprise.

My chest rose, my stomach doing summersaults as the battle of logic and lust began. "If satisfaction is what you're looking for love, then there are other ways I can help out," he huskily whispered.

Now how could I give up a guy like this?

Cutting back the urge to smash my lips onto his, I rolled my eyes and pushed him to the side. Getting a breather from that hectic moment, I collapsed on the couch, suddenly exhausted. All this battling against love was exhausting. Talk about work-out of the day.

Eyes drowsy, I rested my head on the arm chair, nose sticking up into the air. Staring aimlessly at the ceiling, I couldn't help but notice the large plant dangling above me. Perplexed, I studied the green leafs, noticing several tiny red balls deep in the forest canopy.

I yelped as Brian sat on my legs, snapping my attention away. He bent over, hovering just inches from my face. His charming scent ate my vision up, almost blurring my sense of logic at how close we were.

"I'd thought you'd never ask," he growled, eyes sparkling.

"Ask what?" I questioned, trying to move. However, when sandwiched between a cushion and a sexy boy, life only gives you so much freedom.

He smirked and pointed over his shoulder. Looking, my stomach churned and I darted back to the mistletoe above. "Oh-but-"

Brian rested his fingers on my lips, and as if a curse washed over my body, he applied his gorgeous puckers onto mine. The world stopped, and my mind spun, unable to grasp control. Excitement rushed, and I felt his heart beat as fast as mine. Was this what I wanted? Was this what I wanted to run way from?

Squirming, I felt his hard chest press up against me, grunting a little as his weight came down. However, the complaint quickly dissolved as we pressed closer, my legs wrapping around his waist.

After about three minutes or so, the two of us were out of breath, staring into each other's eyes. His strong hand cupped my cheek, stroking my soft skin. 

"Merry Christmas, Rivyn," he said, and kissed the top of my forehead.


Christmas? What? Since when?

I rose, and he backed up, giving a weird look.

"I thought," I began and found a calendar sticking on the wall. Climbing over the couch, I trailed to today's date.

The 25th. Holy shit.

I ran over to the phone, gripping the cord in my shaking hands. I dialled Aunt Darby's number and waited, tapping my feet.

"What are you doing?" Brian asked, walking over.

"Shut up," I hissed, my fingers lacing continuously around the cord.

Suddenly, I felt warm hands tangle around my waist, and I elbowed my attacker. I heard a smirk behind me, and felt his fingers play along my button down shirt. "Brian! Stop!" I narrowed, stepping on his foot. This time, he didn't bother to dodge, and winced, feeling my heel dig into his toe.

"Feisty, I like it," he growled, and I sighed, trying to wrench away from his hands.


Yipee-Kie-Yeay! Thank the heavens!

"Aunt Darby! Oh my god. I'm so sorry---"

"Ruby---Groovy! Damn you child! Where in hell have you been? The police have been searching everywhere, and I hear Mrs. Daniels sobbing all night! Good lord, I can't get any sleep around here?! And don't get me---"

I covered the phone, cringing as she began to break into Spanish. Brian shot a small chuckle as I winced at Aunt Darby's voice. After I thought she was done, I took in a deep breath and placed the receiver back in my ear. "Aunt Darby, I'm fine." I told her all about Damon and how we visited the old house. I told her Damon was police officer, leaving out how I met him homeless. Telling her I spent a week with a bunch of bums would definitely send her off. Afterwards, I told her that I was in a ski lodge, and that I was safe. Oh yeah. I also decided not to say the part where we were still being chased by the police, *cough* Damon.

A mumble of curses hissed on the other line and then, "Who are you with? Are you alone?"

Damn women! Why so many questions?

"I'm with Brian---"


My eyes widened and I saw Brian smirk. "YOU'RE WITH WHO?!"

I bit my lip, squeezing the phone cord. "Darby, trust me. We're fine."

Grumbles muffled, and a long sigh came. "Good. You better be fine. You're coming home tomorrow. A talk has to happen about this whole going-to-the-next-country thing. Sniggers, when I meant 'just-talk-with-him', I didn't mean bring him across the border! Anyways, I got some news for you when you're back..."

My heart skipped a beat, and I gulped. "News? Good or bad?"

Silence. "Darby?"

"You'll find out when you get back, sugar cane. Now go shoo off and don't party tonight. Want you home by tomorrow!" she ordered.

I meekly nodded even though she couldn't see. "Yes, Aunt Darb's. Wish a Merry Christmas to Klaire for me!" I turned to Brian, "want to wish your mom a Merry Christmas and tell her you're all right?"

He shot up alarmed, and shook his head, like talking to her would mean death. I shrugged, and stirred my direction back to Aunt Darby.

"Sure thing, sweets. Be safe! No drinking, and no sex."

"Darby!" I shrieked, and scowled at Brian who evilly wiggled his eyebrows. Ugh, how revolting.

"Love you too, jellybean. Listen, got to go. Sexy date coming at my door in ten and this hot mama still has to put on some smoky---!"

"Good god," I said, a little frantic by what she was implying.

"Mwah! Kisses! Oh! Put Brian on the phone, would you?" she kindly asked.

Frowning, I handed the phone over, giving him a perplexed look. "Hello?" he asked, leaning against the wall.

"Listen here, sonny boy. You lay one finger on my Rivyn--- if you even touch her---I kill you."

He rubbed the back of his neck, and we exchanged crooked smiles. "Ma'am, don't worry---" he began but she immediately cut him off.

"Ah! I'm not done yet! Trying to get away from my wrath, I see."

"No ma'am, I-"

"If you get my girl pregnant, Mr. Daniels, I will personally rip off your penis and shove it up your ass while I beat the shit out of you with a steel bat. And when I'm done with you, filthy bastard, I'll take you by the ear and hang you off of the Big Ben, letting you dangle stark naked as I watch the British pigeons eat you from limb, climbing into you flesh as you die cold. Afterwards, I'll dump your lifeless body in the Pacific Ocean where you'll lay deep underwater trenches, making friends with the morbid pirates slaves that once ruled those waters. Remember, I got eyes everywhere so watch where you put your dick."

Then she hung up.  

His face flushed pale, and he looked as if he just pissed his pants.

A smile curling at the ends of my lips, I suddenly exploded in laughter.


Yup! It's shorter than last time by a long shot! Like, double than a football field shot. Aw well. I'm updating on THIS FRIDAY AGAIN, MY LILY-LIVERS!! Lmao. I mean no offense what's so ever. I just felt like calling MY AWESOME READERS that.

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