Playing The Bad Boy's Game

"So, who sits here?"I whispered, noticing the other empty seat beside me.
Blondie glanced to the clock. "Him," he said just as the time clicked 10. The door opened and I looked up.
My pencil dropped to the ground, eyes wide.
Oh. My. God.
It's him.
The first drug dealer that began my parents addiction.
The player that stole my best friends virginity.
The wicked monster that sent my cousin to rehab.
The hottest guy I've ever seen.
The reason why my life is hell.
And he's coming to be my English partner.


25. Chapter 21 ((Part 2)): Surprise! Surprise!

First off!  I wish I could kiss you all a thousands of times!  Over 40,000 reads!!!!!  WOOOHHOOOO! 

Aw man, god bless you.  I’m on top of the world, really, like, legit. 

Over the top amazed and completely swag-ified! xD

Ok.  I have serious news.

I have a desperate question that is needing to be answered for my next book.

Do you guys like: “Action/Humour/Romance” (like w/agents, assassins and awesome shit & the main character is in their early 20’s (they get to do more things) ) or the genre I’m writing now, Humour/Romance/Teen Fiction (w/ the main character in her teens)

It’s kind of a cliché battle of the genres since EVERYONE does the Teen Fiction stuff, but if you guys really like it...... oh just please give me an answer! :)

Anywhoo, enjoy this chapter :)



Chapter 21 ((Part 2)):  Surprise!  Surprise!

            RIVYN’S P.O.V.

            “ there?”

            I grumbled, and rubbed my eyes.  Flames blazed, and I screamed but a hand clamped over my mouth.  “Shhh, you’re safe.”

            Where’s a rape whistle when I need it?

            I bit the finger around my lips, and a man yelped.  About to jump up, someone grabbed my waist, sitting me back down. 

            Struggling, I squirmed until I knew it was useless.  “Megan, please stop,” whispered a deep voice. 

            “Why?” I sobbed, eyes shut as tears slowly started to fall.  “Why are you kidnapping me?”

            “We’re saving you!”

            I looked up, and slowly dropped my jaw.  “W-w-what’s going on?”

            Four boys in their younger adult years stared intently at me, like they’ve never seen a girl before. 

            Looking over my shoulder, beautiful eyes glanced into mine, and I merely gasped.  “Are you serious?  It’s you?”

            Damon chuckled.  “I stand offended.”

            “So this was the girl you were talking about.”

            “Her voice is sexy.”

            “So you found her in the dark?”

            “If it doesn’t work out between you two, can I have her?”

            I shivered as a cold draft came in, and I found myself in an old train, the system probably shut down years ago.  The four blacked hair men kept gawking at me, and honestly it was disturbing. 

            On so many levels.

            “Listen...” I spoke, slowly scooting from Damon, “....I should really get going...”

            He wrapped my shoulders with a blanket, tucking himself beside me.  “It’s really bad out there, you shouldn’t.” 

            Regret plummeted to my stomach, and I gulped to look out one of the old windows.  He was right, it was snowing cats and dogs out there.

            “So you stick’n around, I’m guessing?” he chuckled, his scent something similar to pine trees. 

            I nodded and huddled my head into my knees, wishing this nightmare would end.  Without even knowing, I realized I was sobbing moments later, eyes bawling like a little girl.  For the second time.  Great.

            “Girls,” shrugged one of the boys, and I heard someone whack him in the head.

            A hand caressed my back, and I found it pleasing as my snot soon reached its limit.  “’s okay,” Damon whispered into my ear. 

            I was starting to get fed up with this Megan business so I just sighed, and used his sleeve as a tissue.  “My names not fucking Megan!” I shouted to all of them, and crossed my arms. 

            They blinked twice, staring at my sudden outburst.  They needed to know they weren’t dealing with a little girl here.  I’m a women!  And I got my period last week to prove it!

            “Then what’s your name?” asked Damon, slightly puzzled.

            I kicked my legs out, and rested my head against his chest, tired as ever.  “I don’t give out personal information to strangers,” I insisted, Damon’s scent starting to grow on me. 

            Hm, maybe he was a werewolf. 

            Aw man!  That would AWESOME!  Hey everyone, my boyfriends a werewolf!  What’s yours?  A human?

            Oh lord, Rivyn.  You’re losing now.  For what, the hundredth time this past month?

            “Alright, I respect that,” he said, and stared into our little fire. 

            Wow.  WAY more respectful than Brian.  He’d probably break down several doors until I told him my name.  Ugh, I shivered, Brian.

            I looked over to the four other men who seemed to be interested in their game of cards.  “What are all of your names?” I asked sweetly, feeling confident now.

            The first one with a bulgy nose glanced up, and smiled.  “I’m Crack.  That’s Jack, Mac, and Knack!”

            Oooookay, then.  Not creepy at all.  Their mother must have been a Dr. Seuss fan or something. 

            “You guys brothers?” I questioned, and felt Damon’s hand wrap around my waist. 

            “Yup!” said Jack.  Er, I think it was Jack.  Ugh, I was never good with names.

            “And you’re the odd one, hm?” I chuckled to Damon, staring up.

            His eyes gleamed, and I suddenly felt all giddy, a warm tingly thrill up my back.  I tore my face away, but I could tell he saw me blush 

            “I’m the mini version of my dad.  The other guys are mommy boys, and she was absolutely beautiful,” he smiled, and he leaned to my ear, lips trailing along my lobe.  “But not as stunning as you.”


            BRIAN’S P.O.V.

            Beep!  Beep!  Beep!

            I groaned, and dragged my hand down my face.  Slowly sitting up, I groaned even louder as I realized where I was.

            For the love of god, I should just call all hospitals my second home!

            A nurse walked in, a clipboard strapped to her arm.  A soothing smile was widened across her mouth, and the memories of Rivyn at the park flooded back.

            Total déjà vu, I might add.

            “Hello,” she stared at her pages, “O’Brian Daniels.”

            “Hi there!” I spoke, my voice dry and raspy.  It sounded like I just choked on a rat or something.

            She made her way over, and touched my forehead.  “You remember anything since the black-out?”

            I nodded, “From the moment I got hit.”

            The nice lady sighed in relief, curls dancing along her shoulder.  “Just for precaution, you know where you are?”


            “Where do you live?”


            “What eye colour do you have>”

            “Um,” I made a weird face and she laughed, “it’s a mixture of quite a few colours.”

            She nodded and scribbled something on her paper, and rested her hand on my lap.  “The police will be with you shortly to question you about some things, if you don’t mind.”

            Dread swirled around my stomach, and it felt like I just had spoiled milk.  “Police?” I croaked.

            “It’s just about the person who knocked you out.  We take things very seriously here,” she said, her voice still cheery. 

            “Then yes, I guess that’ll be fine,” I said, and gulped down some water by the nightstand.    

            The nurse made me take a couple of pills, and just as she was about to leave, I asked her to stop.  She spun around with that warm smile that every patient finds comforting, and asked, “Yes?”

            “How did I get here?”

            She stuffed her hand in her lab coat pocket, and leaned against the door frame.  “A lovely attractive lady found you on the ground.  You’d probably be dead by now if it weren’t for her!”

            “Rivyn?!” I shot up like lightning, wide awake. 

            The lady looked puzzled for a moment, and glanced in the hall.  “Well, I think so.  She’s coming this way.”

            Excitement bubbled inside, and my heart hammered.  Perhaps she came back to apologize, or she felt sorry!  Although there’s a high chance she might slap me in the face, but seeing her would make me melt.  I’d take a hundred hits from that women, if it meant seeing her.  I loved her.

            Yes, I Brian Daniels admit it.  The person who I love most, is about to come walking through that door!

            “Oh Brian!” squealed a high voice, and my mouth dropped.  Charlotte came running over, and wrapped her arms around my neck.  “I thought you were gone!”

            Yikes!  I take that back.  So not my love of my life.

            I awkwardly pushed her off, and weakly smiled.  “Well, here I am...”

            “Hun, don’t hurt the poor man,” the nurse chuckled.

            Before I was about to comment, lips attacked mine and my eyes popped out.  Charlotte gave one wet kiss, and I was about to push her off until the nurse gasped. 

            Charlotte pulled back, and glanced to the lady.  “Sorry, it’s just that I haven’t seen him in forever. So many days!”

            She smiled, and a sudden word made stop breathing.  “So many...days?” I wheezed, my voice tight.

            Charlotte slapped my arm, and giggled, her talking starting to annoy the bull out of me.  “Of course silly!  Do you even know what today is?  It’s Friday!”

             I froze in place, my feet beginning to sweat.  Friday?  But Rivyn and I took a plane to Canada on Saturday....... 

            “Mr. Daniels,” said the nurse, concerned about the abrupt panic that struck.  “You were in a six day coma.”


            Short chapter xD yeah, I had to get this out so I could put this author note AND well, you got to read the note to understand cuz I got a purpose! 

            My goal: 80,000 before Chapter 28 xD 

            Love you all and see you in a moment!

            Mylan :)

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