Playing The Bad Boy's Game

"So, who sits here?"I whispered, noticing the other empty seat beside me.
Blondie glanced to the clock. "Him," he said just as the time clicked 10. The door opened and I looked up.
My pencil dropped to the ground, eyes wide.
Oh. My. God.
It's him.
The first drug dealer that began my parents addiction.
The player that stole my best friends virginity.
The wicked monster that sent my cousin to rehab.
The hottest guy I've ever seen.
The reason why my life is hell.
And he's coming to be my English partner.


21. Chapter 19.5

          “That’s it?   You like me?” I sneered, and moved my face away in hatred. 

            “Wait, I mean—” He heaved a big sigh, and left the moment in silence for a few seconds.  My patience running low, we exchanged both long stares. 

            “You’re my world to me,” he finally said.  “You make my heart skip a beat each time you smile, I get nervous when you laugh, and I get all giddy every time you kiss me.  I get excited whenever we meet and I can’t help but stare at you when you look out the window in English Class.  You’re perfect and flawless, and I’m not going to let anyone get in the way between us.  Nothing will stop me from reaching you.”

            My throat felt dry, and a harsh fist plummeted into my stomach.  Why did I have to be so stupid to cheat on Brian?  Someone so deeply attached that actually has feelings for me.  Me.  A warm thrill streamed through my head, and I closed my eyes, avoiding any contact. 

            “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, Rivyn.  And I’m not leaving this room until you speak,” he strongly demanded, his hot breathe fanning across my cheeks. 

            I could sense he was very close, and my lips were dying to press against his, but I kept them shut.  I chewed at the side of my gum instead, and dared to flick my eyes open. 

            Brian was gazing directly at me, his mouth just centimetres away.  If I could read minds, he was praying and begging for me to say something.  Each second was killing him, the pain that I hoped was aching.  It hurt to watch Brian laugh with Charlotte, and smile each time she talked.  It was as if they had a connection. 

            Something that I wasn’t sure Brian and I had.

            Maybe I was blind then, or I was too afraid to admit how much he really cared for me, but instead of giving an apology, or any sympathy for that matter, I stared into Brian, my strong-willed mind keeping a serious face.  With the only dignity and hard-souled stubborn I had left, I said, “My night was going perfectly fine until you came in here.  So I suggest you leave before you make it worse.”

            He backed away in shock, confused and poignant.  I made a look that pointed to the door, and he obediently got up, hurt written across his face.  Perhaps, he didn’t know I could deliver such grave emotion, and heart-break because once he made his way to the door, he never looked back.  Not once.

            “Goodnight,” was all he said, before closing my door.  Was that a crack in his voice that I heard?  Or maybe it was just me.  

            Turning in the cold covers, a gloomy feeling draped over my bed, making my body squirm.  A small part in my mind wanted to chase after him, but I held myself back.  Brian deserved it tonight, for all the pain that I’ve been through for the past three days.  He didn’t even ask once, not once, if I was alright. 

            I bit my pillow from whimpering as a sudden thought brought a stab in the chest.  Maybe I was the one driving a stake into our relationship. 


            Just as the bell rang, I slipped to the fields along with Klaire.  We were so busy preparing for the prank today; we skipped first period which I know Aunt Darby will freak about.

            “Ladies!  You’re this close to giving me fifty push-ups!” Coach Boysin shouted, even though we were only a metre away.

            “Sorry,” we meekly mumbled as we hustled over to the lines, ready to do laps.  I shivered, a cold wind whipping across my face.  Insane.  Doing laps in December.  Completely insane.  I made a small prayer to Mother Nature for not giving us snow yet.   

            “Omg!” Klaire exclaimed, as the two of us waited at the end.  “I can’t wait---”

            I clamped her mouth shut, and looked around to see if anyone was listening.  “Shhh, keep it down,” I hissed, and widened my eyes. 

            She nodded but let out a small giggle.  Glancing at the front of the line, I snorted to see Charlotte primping, fixing her black ponytail.  Although I was a distance away, I could still smell her intoxicating perfume.  How did guys find scent so that attracting?

            “Let’s get this party started,” I grinned, taking the dog whistle around my neck.  Klaire shot me an approving guise, giving a thumbs up.  Winking, I blew into the whistle, not a single sound made.

            “Did it work?” Klaire whispered, perking her ears.

            “Wait for it...” I breathed, and dropped the whistle in my pants.  Evidence, officially gone.  Well.  Unless….ew.

            Coach Boysin waved her checkered flag, letting the first set of girls run.  Charlotte was in front, guiding the crew.  Suddenly in the distance, many dots became to get closer, soon turning into stampede.

            Gasping, Klaire dropped her mouth open.  “Holy shit.” 

            About twenty dogs from different sizes madly rushed onto the track, running it themselves.  I bit my lip from cheering the mutts on, and watched, waiting for the perfect moment.

            The girls screamed, and divided along the track, branching away from each other.  All except Charlotte, who was yipping out curses, as she soon noticed the creatures were after her.

            On cue, Klaire and I naturally bursted out laughing, clutching our stomachs.

            “GET AWAY FROM ME!!!” Charlotte cried out, trying to swat the dogs.  Perhaps, her squeaky plastic voice pissed them off, or her fragrance was too overwhelming, some dogs licked at her legs, getting her to jump up as she ran.  She was like a terrible improvisation of a bunny on crack.     

            Hacking beside me, Klaire rolled on the floor, small tears trickling down.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, a small poodle hopped up, snipping her butt.

            I covered my wide-opened mouth, and collapsed on the floor with her.  “Aw man, this is too god damn funny!” I howled, slapping myself. 

            “GET AWAY YOU DIRTY MONSTERS!”  Charlotte came stumbling past Coach Boysin, and ran in circles.  The poodle still had his fangs stuck in her rear end, making me start to hiccup. 

            With Coach Boysin’s big hands, she yanked the poodle off of her and kicked the dogs until they were scurrying away.  Yikes, even non-humans are scared of her.  Talk about creepy.

            Charlotte glared at me, shooting razors from her eyes.  “You!  YOU did this to me, didn’t you?” she spat, pointing.  I moved my head to the side, but her finger just followed.  Yup, definitely me.

            I held my hands up innocently, and got up.  “I didn’t do anything!” I defended, biting my lip.  She had nothing to prove, making this moment priceless. 

            Well…unless….Aw hell naw!    

            “Yes you do!  You did this to me!” she spat, fuming.  Marching over, she stuck out her hip, fixing a sassy death stare.

            I shrugged and batted my lashes.  “Did what?” I sang.

            “A poodle just bit my ass, you bitch!  That’s what!”

            Klaire stifled a laugh, and a smile crept along my face.  “Calm your shit, Charlotte.  I had nothing to do with that!”

            “Oh, you wait and see, Rivyn!  I’m going to get back at you for this!  It’s not going to be pretty!” Charlotte cussed, stalking away with a huff. 

            As she over-exaggeratingly shifted her butt back and forth, a nice hole was penetrated to the back of her shorts, revealing her panties.   “What, like your ass?” I murmured under my breath.  Klaire and I exchanged grins, holding in another howl of laughter.   

             “All right, everyone!  Calm down!” ordered Coach Boysin.  Underneath that cold face, I knew Coach was smiling, finding the prank funny.  She too hated Charlotte.  That makes two of us.  “Based on the amount of terror from the females, we’re going to skip to the boys laps.  Now get in line!”

            Taking in my surroundings, many girls were panic-struck, shaking scared.  Klaire and I bumped fists, and exploded our hands, grinning.  “Dat’s how we do it!” she chanted, crossing her arms.

            “You know it!” I winked, wiggling my eyebrows. 

            “Rivyn!” Brian hollered, jogging over.  He was in the second set of runners, and I guess he had time to spare. 

            Surprised, I took a small step back, unsure what to say.  Ever since last night, I haven’t seen Brian since.  While getting ready for the prank, I kept rehearsing what I was going to say.  However, just as I was ready to speak, my head began to spin, hard to focus on his face.  “Rivyn, are you alright?  You look a little pale,” he asked, concerned. 

            Klaire gave me a small smile, and left the two of us alone.  “Yeah,” I said, brushing any worry away.  “I’m fine.  Thanks.” 

            Rubbing the back of his neck, Brian awkwardly gazed to the ground.  I calmly breathed in, and did the first thing that came into mind.

            I hugged him.  The embrace was warm, and it felt right, giving another boost of confidence.  His arms linked around my waist, accepting me.  I shut my eyes, and beamed, digging my face into his neck. 

            Still smelling amazing.  Ugh, how does he do it? 

            “I’m sorry,” I whispered, the words soft as his lips.  I could feel his smile form, and he pulled me closer. 

            Breaking away, I brought our faces together, having us stare into one another.  My heart jumped out of my chest, and it was as if the clouds stopped breathing.  “Last night,” I said, cupping my hand around his cheek.  His hand clamped around mine, making that warm thrill come back.  “What you said…was beautiful.  When I’m around you, there are no burdens, and I’m so carefree.  Something that I’ve been scared about for a while.  And you, you make me feel safe.  No girl will change that, not Charlotte and not anyone else.”

            Brian flashed a golden smile, and excitement rushed to my mouth, desire running over.  “Brian Daniels, you got me.  You got me good.”


                        Scurrying down the school hall, I dodged the large Christmas wreath being tugged.  Almost one of Klaire’s favourite holidays, I couldn’t help but smile as the dance committee hung up lights along some doors.

            “Hey Rivyn!  Wait up!” said McGaffey, running up to me.  Her bean hat bobbed up and down on her curly brown hair, the knit wear matching my top colour.  Lavender. 

            I beamed, and waved.  “What’s up?” 

            She took her phone out of her bag, and showed me the screen.  “Look!” she ushered, shoving the device in my face. 

            Squinting, I brought it a few centimetres away from my face, and blinked twice.  It was a picture of me and Brian, kissing from last week’s gym period.  A tingle in my fingers went off, remembering the great feeling of forgiveness and his lips against mine.  

            Skimming the picture, I looked down to see my name in bold, and Charlotte’s beside it.  About to read it, McGaffey yanked it away. 

            “Hold up!  I was reading that!” I ordered, grabbing it back. 

            “No!” she shouted, trying to reach for it.  Shoving my hand in her face, she was too late. 

            “WHAT?!” I screamed, glaring at her.  Wildly grinning, McGaffey faked an innocent smile, and shuffled her feet.  “Where in bloody hell did you get this?!”

            McGaffey had a plan.  She always had a plan to stir up trouble.  And boy, was she definitely gonna get some. 

            “Oh, just snooping around as usual,” she hinted, winking.  “Although, I’m not the one who you should be talking to.” 

            She was right. 

            I narrowed my eyes, and tossed back her phone.  “I’ll deal with you later,” I scowled, and huffed off. 

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