Playing The Bad Boy's Game

"So, who sits here?"I whispered, noticing the other empty seat beside me.
Blondie glanced to the clock. "Him," he said just as the time clicked 10. The door opened and I looked up.
My pencil dropped to the ground, eyes wide.
Oh. My. God.
It's him.
The first drug dealer that began my parents addiction.
The player that stole my best friends virginity.
The wicked monster that sent my cousin to rehab.
The hottest guy I've ever seen.
The reason why my life is hell.
And he's coming to be my English partner.


18. Chapter 17: She's Playing The Bad Boys Game

This one is long so I’d advice you settle down comfortably without any interruptions.  =) enjoy!

Chapter 17:  She’s Playing The Bad Boy’s Game


            “Coach Boysin, please, please, please!”

            The hairy beast spun around and glared.  “I’m sorry but how do you expect me to add you on the team when you can’t even get your ass on the field ONCE!  OUT OF THREE TRYOUTS!”

            Slamming my hands together, I shook them, pleading.  “I swear I’ll never be late again!  This would mean a lot to me—”

            Her mammoth hand blocked my face, bringing me a quick step back.  “Choice made and it’s a no.  You missed the third and last tryout, meaning a definite no.  Final.  Done.  End of discussion.”  With that, Coach Boysin strolled to her office, leaving me alone in the change room. 

            I was ready to blame Brian but of course, it really wasn’t his fault.  I never asked to go back to school.  Hell, the last soccer tryout never crossed my mind. 

            Sulking out the door, I walked into the hall, my shoulders hunched in defeat.  Waiting patiently, Brian peeled off of the locker and shot me a warm smile.  “How did it go?” he asked, wrapping his arm around me. 

            Letting out a sigh, I weakly shrugged.  “She said no.”

            Brian frowned and embraced me into a hug.  I inhaled his scent and slightly felt a little better, digging my face into his neck. 

            Pulling me close, Brian nuzzled his face into my hair, “That coach doesn’t know the greatest opportunity had just passed by.  You’re amazing!  Young MVP female player in Canada?  Pfft, she’s definitely going to regret this now.  I bet she’s going to come back begging.”

            I was glad he couldn’t see my face, because my cheeks flushed red, finding his compliment overwhelming.  “Stop that!  You know I hate it when you butter me up.  Besides, you’ve never even seen me play,” I mumbled in his shirt.

            “I bet you’re amazing.”  Brian tipped my chin, aligning our faces.  “But how ‘bout a kiss to make up for it?” he grinned.

            Smirking and rolling my eyes, I wrapped my arms around his neck.  “Depends how good it’s gonna be,” I challenged.

            “Let’s find out,” he whispered in a husky voice, triggering my heart to skip a beat.

            “Miss DeLor!”

            I yanked away, and tugged my shirt down.  Brian shoved his hands in his pockets, eyes searching the ground.

            “I’ve finally read your profile,” she barked, holding a large folder.  “You believe in second chances?”

            My eyes lighting up, I saluted with a confident look.  “Yes, mam!”

            Coach Boysin snuck a tiny smile, and immediately covered it with a serious, intense stare.  “Good.  Tomorrow, on the field, full uniform, six in the morning, sharp.  Cleats tied, shorts not wrapped, shirt tucked in, no stomach shown, hair up, and on time.  Got it?”

            “Yes, sir- I mean, mam!  Yes, mam!  I promise I won’t let you down!” I snapped.

            “I hope you make promises you can keep,” she said and went back into her office. 

            I slowly turned to Brian, a large smile breaking out.  “I’m in!” I squealed, excitement rushing.

            Brian scrunched his nose, and batted his lashes.  “Yes, mam!” he mimicked, saluting like I did.  I chuckled and slapped his arm. 

            Brian snatched me up and smoothly dipped me down.  “Congratulations, I never doubted you,” he murmured, sweeping my lips into a breath-taking kiss.

            BRIAN’S P.O.V.

            3 weeks.  Something days.  Something hours.  Something minutes.  Why was it that I always have bad memory?  I know it has been 5 weeks.  Maybe18 seconds now.




            Every second felt more real by the second.

            Playing with the chain on my neck, I stared up at the ceiling, thinking about Rivyn.  Her aunt wouldn’t let me come with them downtown.  It was a ‘girl-thing’ or some excuse like that.  I had to wait till dawn, and then meet Rivyn at her soccer game.  This was my first day in about three weeks without her. 

            Since when was 3 hours so fuck’n hard to kill? 

            My phone vibrated on the nightstand, blinking repeatedly.  I checked the screen.  It was Chris. 

            Want to go play football at the park?  The boys are begging this time.  Please don’t tell me you’re with Rivyn. 

            I honestly didn’t want to move until Rivyn came home but she probably would have made me go.  ‘To get fresh air’, she would say.  Rubbing my face, I texted back with a yes and got up.  Finding a shirt, I slipped it on and tossed a jacket over.  

            Walking out the door, Rivyn’s scent clung to the fabric, making it one of my favourite coats.  She demanded for me to buy it on Halloween, saying it was a good deal and I would never find a bargain like that again.  Only wanting to please her, I purchased it anyways.  Now I wore it all the time because it reminded me of her.   

            And I looked pretty hot in it too.


            “I can’t believe you’re still with her.”

            I tossed the ball back, giving more force this time.  “What do you mean?”

            Hayden, the school baseball captain, chuckled.  “You know exactly what we mean.  It’s been what, two months you’ve been with this chic.”

            “3 weeks.  And her names Rivyn,” I confirmed, catching the ball. 

            The bachelor guys laughed, and shook their heads.  “Look, we know she’s sexy, incredibly hot, gifted with a big chest, and blessed with a perky ass,” I shot him a death glare, “but is she really the one?  Like, this falling in love thing is starting to get repetitive,” said the senior hockey captain. 

            A chilly wind blew, and I hugged my hand around the leather ball.  The trees swayed to the side, and a leaf landed on my shoulder.  “I haven’t actually fell in love before...” I drifted, shrugging off the leaf.  “...more like a few gigantic crushes that I can’t believe I’m admitting too...”  I zipped up the jacket more, the temperature rapidly dropping. 

            “You know,” I spun the ball in the air and caught it, “there’s a difference between love and true love,” I blurted.

            Everyone stared at me as if I grew six legs, all except Chris who raised an eyebrow.  ‘You fell for her, haven’t you?’ he mouthed.

            Scowling, I powerfully chucked the football at Hayden, getting him in the gut.  He caught it with a grunt, and rubbed his ribs sore. 

            “I got to go,” I mumbled and walked away. 

            Kicking a rock, I popped my hood up and checked my phone.  One voicemail call from Rivyn.  I heaved a sigh. “ she really the one?.....this falling in love thing is starting to get repetitive....”

            “Brian!  Wait up!”  Someone jumped on top of me, grabbing me by the neck.  The person yanked my hood down and hopped off, slapping my shoulders.  “You good, man?” laughed Chris. 

            “Yeah...yeah, I’m fine,” I said, nodding. 

            He snorted.  “Wait,” he ordered, sensing something unsure.  I halted and glanced at my best friend.  “Listen, Brian.  Tell me the truth.  Do you love her?”

            I bit my lip and drifted my eyes to the sky.  It took a whole ounce of me to confess the truth, but that would never happen.  I don’t love Rivyn.  I can’t. 

            “No.  I don’t.”

            Chris snorted again, and took a step.  “Then why are you going all romance-shit?  You rarely hang with the boys and all you talk about is Rivyn.  Rivyn this, Rivyn that.”

            As if a crack on a branch, I broke out into a threat.  “Are you jealous, Chris?  Aren’t you the one who wanted to grow up, and settle to be mature young adults?” I defended, holding his end of the bargain.

            “No!” he snapped.  “I’m not jealous.  For all I care, I wouldn’t give a damn if you two had sex!  What I’m saying is that if you want to give up on this bet thing, and just stick with Rivyn, I’ll let you.  Honestly, I think it’ll be best for everyone.  You know I’m just taking care of you…like a brother.”

            I glared at Chris.  “But you’re not.”

            He heaved a sigh, clearly unsure how to handle my comeback.  Chris and I rarely fought.  Hell, we rarely even disagreed on anything.  About a girl was even worse, and so was a bet.

             Chris grazed his fingers threw his hair.  “I know I’m not.  Brian, listen.  Please.”

            I shoved my hand deeper into the pocket; clutching the phone like my life depended on it.  “I’m listening,” I hissed, still fuming.

            “It’s early December now, and you’ve been with her longer than Charlotte.  I think Rivyn is the girl you love.  I see the way you look at her, and the way you get all nervous whenever she laughs.”  I scowled but allowed him to finish.  “Let’s call off the bet.  I’ll admit defeat—”

            “STOP!” I shouted.  Chris leaned away, taken aback by my random outburst.  “Stop, just stop.  You’re making me weak!  Everyone sees me as a player, and a bad ass.  I can’t go weak.  Not again, or I’ll end up back at the facility because my life would get out of control.  If you have a weakness, you can get depressed, and when you’re depressed, your life crumbles into something worthless to live for.  When Charlotte left, I was weak!  I was depressed about everything!  My mom knew I had no control.  If I go back their again, back into the facility, then I’ll lose myself for the second time.  I’ll lose everything and all my memory! I-I-I-”

            Chris grabbed my hair and pulled it, causing me to yelp.  Natural instinct kicking in, I let my fist rip, punching him hard.  He staggered back, touching his cheekbone.  A shocked expression was written on his face, struck by my powerful hit.  “Fuck, Brian!  What the hell is wrong with you?!”

            “Why’d you pull my hair?”

            “’Cause I’m trying to help!  You’re not listening!”

            “I’m fucking listening!”

            Both of us tired of shouting, we stared into each other’s remorseful eyes.  “I’m sorry, man,” I confessed.  “It’s just that love means no more freedom.  Love means weakness.  I, O’Brian Daniels, don’t have a weakness.  This means I’ll ever love.  I’m fine with being a bachelor, and so should you.  I don’t want to win because of surrender; I want to win the proper way.”

            Maybe Chris was just too exhausted or I hit him too hard, he nodded and removed his hand from his face.  “Okay, Brian.  The bets still on.  I might not approve of it but it’s your life.  Just remember I tried.  I tried to help you.” 

            I smiled and swung my arm around his shoulder.  “Now how ‘bout we get some ice on that?”

            “Sounds like a plan,” he grinned.  We turned to our street just as the sun dipped into the horizon.

            “But not to be a downer, you are getting soft,” admitted Chris.  The strange clouds above turned purple from the sunset, unusual to the normal pink ones like every brink of dawn.  

            “Rivyn’s changing you in some cuddling cute bunny.”  I laughed at his reference.  “You always get mushy around her.  If you plan on winning with this bet,” he cleared his throat, “which you probably won’t,” I snorted and messed his hair.  “You have to start being tough again.  The bachelor boys even notice.”

            “Oh, really?” I uttered, kicking an empty can on the drive-way.  “Then how ‘bout we go hunting tonight?  To let our manily manhood unleash?”

            Chris groaned.  “Having at it with the twins for the second time won’t be as fun.  And seeing you’re uh…. things…twice… is rather unappealing.”

            I chuckled at his uneasy tone.  “Even better, bro.  I got two free passes in my wallet to a club downtown.  Heard there are some hot dancers going tonight.  How ‘bout we settle like men there?  What do you say?  To get loose?”

            He pondered for a moment, stopping by my car.  A minute passing by, he gave in, and sighed, shaking his head with a smile.  “I’m up for it.  But what about my throbbing cheek you had at?”

            I snorted, “We’ll get an icecap from Tim Hortons on the way.  You can slurp and heal at the same time.  Dawn’s approaching and I hear that place gets wild pretty quick.”  We hopped into the car, gearing the engine.  The sound sent me howling in amusement, as I pounded the music through the neighbourhood.

            “Wait, Brian,” Chris said, before we made it onto the road.  “What about Rivyn?” 

            A nippy squirrel scurried across the sidewalk, causing me to jolt the car to a stop.  We both flew our heads forward, and then jerked back onto the head rest.  My phone vibrated, and I took it out. 

            Second call from Rivyn. 

            Biting my lip, I felt like I was torn in half.  Rivyn or me?  Pink bunny boy or man?  Weak or strong?  Good or bad-ass?

            With one long deep breathe, I clicked the ignore button and shut off my phone.  Hastily speeding away from the house, I pumped the volume to consume the dark pain in my chest. 

            “She doesn’t have to know.”

            RIVYN’S P.O.V.

            “He’s not picking up,” I sighed, hugging the phone to my chest. 

            Klaire checked herself out in her cell mirror and gazed at me.  “He’s probably sleeping or something.”

            I stomped my foot frustrated, the cleats feeling weird on tiles.  “He knows I have a game tonight.  It’s the play downs and he promised he’d support me!” 

            She rolled her eyes, and shoved her cell in her purse.  “Brian’s a man.  He’s probably just running late.  Meanwhile, you got to go out there, or you’ll get cramps,” she ushered, escorting me to the field.


            “Shut it, honey.”  She stuffed a water bottle in my mouth and literally pushed me away.  “Now get your ass in gear, ya hear?”

            I chuckled and threw my bottle at the bleachers, joining my team on the field.  Klaire was right, he’s just running late. 

            Besides, no way was that hot ass getting in the way of my game.  I smiled to myself as I talked shit about my boyfriend. 

            Oh Rivyn, you’re such a badass when compared to Brian.

            BRIAN’S P.O.V.

            Oh, Brian, you’re such a badass when compared to Rivyn.

            The striper grinded up next to me, her hot body pretty much rubbing my torso.  Her chest hung out and her hands were all over my skin.  Not even matching the music, her sloppy moves were unattractive.  I was ready to say, ‘hon, I think you should just stick to the pole,’ but a groan escaped from my lips.

            How the hell was I turned on?

            Suddenly, I felt a fast figure snooping behind me.  I turned around and a decent woman snuck up, her blonde hair swinging back and forth.  She winked and pressed against me, her chest squeezing together with a tight top. 

            I caught onto my breath as her lips trailed along my face, her smell completely different to Rivyn’s.  Sweaty and unclean.  Nothing like Rivyn’s sweet, beautiful, attractive, natural aroma.

            Without even noticing, her tongue was inside my mouth, catching me off guard.  I gagged as she shoved her tongue down farther, but that didn’t stop her.  Was I being violated?

            I clung onto her, my tongue finally starting to work.  No way was I going to let a girl harass me.  It was time to get down and dirty. 


            RIVYN’S P.O.V.

            “We won!”

            I squealed, huddling with my team.  “We’re going to regionals!” the goalie cheered, all of us jumping in a circle.  The crowd went wild, erupting in cheers after the whistle blew. 

            Barely able to contain the excitement, the team and I shook hands with our opponents, the Chicago Cougars.            

            “Good job,” I said, smiling at the Cougar’s captain.  While everyone else was cheering on the bleachers, it was just the two of us on the field.  Captain with captain.    

            The freckled black hair girl sneered and rejected my hand.  “Puleez, you got lucky, bitch.”

            Blinking twice, I studied her serious tone.  “I’m sorry if I ever hurt or embarrassed you on the field—”

            “Shut up.  Was I asking you to talk?”

            I smirked and pulled my hand away.  Someone was being quite prissy.  “It ain’t luck.  Its skill; something that you’re probably not familiar with,” I snapped, raising an eyebrow.   

            She stuck her hip out and glared.  “Watch your mouth, before I snap it shut for you,” she retorted, her nostrils flaring.

            “Ooooh,” I gasped, pretending to be scared.  “How threatening.  Keep your claws down before you start causing yourself a scene.”

            The brat snorted and glowered in my face.  I crossed my arms, not flinching once.  Snorting again, she checked me out with a disgusted look.  “Me?  Make a scene?  Ha, why don’t you just walk away like a little girl and leave the claws to real women.”

            Taking a step forward, I dared to come closer.  “Last time I checked, we just kicked your ass a few seconds ago.

            “Screw off, twit,” she growled.

            “Aw hell no,” I grimaced, wanting to desperately kill her, “you did not just call me what I think you did.”

            Stuffing her attitude in my face, she evilly grinned.  “Little girl, shall I say it slow?”  Wearing a smug smirk, she slowly changed her voice as if she was talking to a child.  “Fuck.  Off.  Twit.”

            I was so ready to crack her nose with my fist---


            I tore my aggression and glanced over her shoulder.  A hot boy that appeared to look like Harry Styles from a distance, smiled as we both spun our heads. 

            “Coming, love!  I just have to take care of some piece of shit over here,” Charlotte hollered, her voice immediately going sweet. 

            A spark flickered in my head, and I snarled.  “That’s your beau, huh?  Pretty sexy look’n.”  I licked my lips, making Charlotte’s face turn red in anger. 

            I slinked past her and zipped to the hunky victim, my seductive look on.  I could feel the daggers from Charlotte’s eye piercing towards me, wishing looks could kill.

            “Hey,” I breathed, linking my arms around his neck.

            “Oh,” he gasped as I applied my body against his.  “Hullo, sexy,” he growled.  “Names—”

            “And I’m I-want-you,” I whispered, shutting him up with my lips. 

            Yup, I’d definitely be dead if looks could kill. 

            Too bad they don’t.

            I kissed him hard and fast, his mind probably being blow away.  Since I, you know, am an amazing kisser.   As I worked, I could feel his hands wrapping around my waist. 

            Hm, too clingy for my liking. 

            I pulled my lip away as he let out a small whimper.  What a dog.  “That was fun,” he groaned, holding me tight. 

            I smirked and separated my body with his.  “It ain’t going to be when your girlfriend gets here,” I winked and walked away.

            From the sound of Charlotte’s footsteps, I could tell she was stalking up to her ‘Styles’ boyfriend.  Ha, I mean her ex-boyfriend.  “You jerk!” she screamed, slapping him across the face.  I could hear the spank a mile away.

            I spun my head in his direction, and he smiled at me.  ‘Call me’, I mouthed.  He grinned and beamed at Charlotte.  He was on top of the world now. 

            And so was I. 

            Not because of his lips, but because of Charlotte.  That was why you don’t mess with Rivyn, I snickered to myself. 

            “Hey, where have you been?” asked Klaire, running over.  Her purse was hanging off her shoulder, and her cheeks were glowing red from the cold. 

            We embraced into a hug, the warmth welcoming, and drew away.  “I just had to take care of some business.”

            “Oh, okay,” she said, tossing her worries away.  “Congratulations on the game!” she cheered, slamming me a high five.  “Six goals?  I never knew you were that good!”

            I laughed and nudged her with my elbow.  “See, there are things out there that you still don’t know about me.”  We chuckled, and I couldn’t help but gaze towards a pair of eyes that were fixed on me.


            His blonde hair was normally spiked up, still looking attractive.  He did resemble to Brian.

            Just not as hot. 

            He wore a big red plaid trench coat, something Brian would never be caught dead in.  Brian was right, those two are completely different.  He rose from his seat, standing on the bleachers, and ignored the girls gawking at him.  Judging by his continuous intense stare, I knew he watched the whole Charlotte fiasco.        

            “Excuse me,” I said to Klaire, and skipped the steps up the bleachers, straight to him.  Shortly, I stood in front of Noah, the two of us watching each other.  The last time I saw Noah, was on the steps at school, almost a month ago; when I kissed him, only to piss Brian off, and it turned into a fight for me. 

            The cheerleaders were doing their last chant, pumping up the crowd again.  Signs waved everywhere, rooting one final applaud for the girls below.  “Hey,” I smiled, tucking a loose strand of my hair.  “Long time no see.”

            Noah nodded and kept on staring. 

            “You okay?” I asked, playfully punching his shoulder.  I really wanted to break the ice because this moment was rapidly getting awkward by the second. 

            He didn’t flinch, or even crack a smile.  “When I first met you, I had a feeling you were different.  Someone new who’d change my life.”

            Fuck.  He’s about to get some serious shit down. 

            “Noah—” I pleaded but he shut me up with a soft small kiss.  Just a peck. 

            Slowly moving back, he cupped my cheek in his palm.  “But I was wrong.”  Those words bit down to the bone, eating up any happiness I previously had.  “You’re just like him.”

            My eyes sadly got watery, the sharp wind getting in my eye.  Stupid wind.  I pushed him away, standing my ground.  “Like who?” I coldly snapped. 

            He sighed, inching closer again.  It was like approaching a harmful animal.  Slow and calm, even though the purpose of contact was to kill.  “You’re both stubborn and careless.”

            “Who?” I harshly whispered, desperately not wanting to hear more.  But I was getting sucked in.

            “And you’re patience is both weak along with loyalty,” he softly spoke, lifting my chin.  His scent was strongly familiar to cinnamon, resembling to the lovely-smelling powdery substance.  Plain down the throat is hoarsely painful to the lungs, but to inhale is blissful. 

            “You’re both bad-ass’, maybe that’s why he was attracted to you.  Both players that are addicted to winning, using people to have fun.  On the school steps, I know why you kissed me.  You didn’t love me.  Fuck no.  You only used me for pleasure.  Pleasure to watch Brian get mad.”

            “It’s not like that, Noah,” I pleaded, my voice growing weak. 

            “Oh really?  Is it?” he coarsely answered.  “Don’t you know that you’re dating O’Brian Daniels?  He’s a player that never loves one girl.  He doesn’t care about anyone but himself.  He juggles different girls ever day.  Having sex with someone one night, and then someone different the next.  He’s only using you for fun.  Doesn’t that bother you?”

            I stood dumbstruck, unsure how to answer to that.  The wind took a sharp jab in my eye, sending another tear falling.

            “Right, it doesn’t.  You’re exactly like him.  You’re a player like Brian, you never care about anyone else.  Rivyn, you just kissed another man, behind Brian’s back.  Why?  Because someone pissed you off?  For fun?  Pleasure?  Did it feel good?”

            This time, another tear rolled down, chasing after the other.  However, it wasn’t the winds fault. 

            “Cheating and using, is something very similar to what Brian does.  And I see you’re getting pretty comfortable with it too,” he roughly hissed, disgusted by my weakness.  “Such a beauty you are.  Too bad you’re acting like a piece of shit.”

            A large strike collapsed on my heart, knocking the third tear down.  It was like someone just punched my stomach, and crushed whatever dignity I had left.  I sniffed, consuming Noah’s bitter words.

            “You’re a bastard, Noah.  Talking to a woman like that,” I whispered, whipping out my devil tongue.  The words tasted terrible in my mouth but I gave no sympathy.  “How could you say such a terrible thing?”

            Noah’s eyes softened, and he took my hand.  “It’s the reality.  Brian’s using you like everyone else.  I’m helping you see the truth.  I don’t want to see you get hurt.”  Sorrow was truly written in his eyes, and I could tell Noah deeply had pity for me.  Noah still loved me.  But I didn’t.

            “You don’t want to hurt me?  You’re fuck’n stabbing me with such hatred!” I shouted, causing for some heads to turn. 

            He took me into his arms and held me close.  “Not as much as Brian would do to you,” he murmured along my cheek.  His hot breathe fanned across my forehead, and I swallowed back any pleasure.   “Brian’s a bad boy.  You shouldn’t be with him.”

            I clung onto his next words, and I suddenly felt dizzy at how close we were.  “Rivyn, all you’re playing is the bad boy’s game.”


            Okay.  This is gonna be short.  I have 1 question.

            Do you like books/chapters with author notes or without author notes? 

            Answer please :) –mylan 

            Ps. Srry if this was too straight-forward w/ no jokes.  I don’t want this chapter to be long (cuz its like, 11 pages), so it seemed that I had to make this authors note short.  :) love you all <3

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