Playing The Bad Boy's Game

"So, who sits here?"I whispered, noticing the other empty seat beside me.
Blondie glanced to the clock. "Him," he said just as the time clicked 10. The door opened and I looked up.
My pencil dropped to the ground, eyes wide.
Oh. My. God.
It's him.
The first drug dealer that began my parents addiction.
The player that stole my best friends virginity.
The wicked monster that sent my cousin to rehab.
The hottest guy I've ever seen.
The reason why my life is hell.
And he's coming to be my English partner.


17. Chapter 16: I've made a retarded twice?

           //random edit chapter of the week as of January 28th 2013//

Rereading and editing this chapter, I am amazed I could have wrote such crappy writing haha.  But thank you for all that voted and commented through the disgusting grammar and punctuation issues and repeating of words ('ie. 'to'  & 'me' ((it has drove me insane as I read this)) )

Now, okay.  Holy Mother Fruckers. I love the song Takes Two by MC Wallface and DJ Easy Rock.  I knew it and loved It before the movie 'The Proposal'.  I knew it since I was practically born. 

So don't tell me I took something from The Proposal 'again' because I didn't.  I just love that damn song.  GOD!

//end my Rambo spree//

“True Love” by P!nk is the perfect song that describes PTBBG

Either hate it or love it, peeps!

Theme Song: Don’t Phunk With My Heart by Black Eyed Peas



Chapter 16: I’ve made a retarded twice?

            Hardly flicking my eyelids open, an intense blur swarmed.  I shut my eyes, and drifted to sleep. 

            Damnit.  It’s a Wednesday.  School day.

            Groaning, I tried again, but a bright light flashed before me.  Ugh, sunlight. 

            So not my best friend at this point. 

            For the third attempt, I gathered my arms to push myself to my knees.  Rubbing my face, I managed to make out the ground beneath me; hard cement that could make a serious indent on the skin. 

            Suddenly, a fast jab shot through my head, like a dagger piercing into the skull.  A loud wince escaped, and I massaged my forehead, the pain throbbing.  Glancing to the side, a blue sparkling substance was beside me.  I must have been in the backyard, near the pool.

            I crawled over and dunked my head in the icy water, soaking myself to awaken.  I gasped underwater and threw my head out, hair drenched.  Grasping for control, I managed to get on my feet, only to find myself tipping. 

            Wobbling side to side, I gripped the first thing visible.  It was something smooth, like warm flesh.  Shaking my head, I squinted, and screamed. 

            A girl was dangling from the wall, their hands tied up and hanging from a wooden post.  Darts surrounded her, inches along her body.  I checked to see if she was breathing and sighed in relief. 

            “Man, teenagers can really sleep anywhere,” I mumbled as I slowly staggered onto steps which led to the house.  Taking a quick glance, I looked around the backyard and found everyone trashed.  People laid akin to dolls, drowning the floor with either a bottle in their hand or someone else’s clothing.  

             And I’d rather not describe the amount of nudityy.

            I turned around and walked forward, ramming my head into the glass door.  I staggered back, “Shit!”  I punched the transparent screen and stupidly smacked my forehead against it. 

            Grunting, I opened the door and walked in, gradually gaining back my strength.  I swayed down the hall and discovered my phone strapped with duck tape to the kitchen wall.  I ripped the sticky stuff off and texted Klaire to see where she was. 

            A large growl jerked from my stomach, followed by the worse migraine I have ever had.  I lurched beyond the kitchen sink, throwing up some nasty colours.   

            Coughing, I wiped my mouth with a cloth.  A lace cloth?  My eyes popped open and I threw the thong, scared as hell. 

            My phone blinked, and I checked the screen.  First appearing as a blur, I took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust. 

            Your ride is outside. Luv, Klaire :D 

            I quickly gurgled my mouth with some tap water, and rummaged through the cabinets to find a handful of breath mints.  Tossing them on my tongue, I headed for the door. 

            Managing to step past bodies and glass, I shielded my eyes from the sun as I walked down the driveway. 

            “What the hell happened to you?!” I spat, stopping dead.

            Brian smirked in his expensive sports car and poked his head through the window.  His golden shaggy hair was cut, and a hot spike was pointing upward instead.  He had the ‘Adam Levine from Maroon 5’ haircut or something close to a fohawk.  It was like Noah’s hair, except it looked way cuter on Brian.

            “Why should you care?” he asked, getting out.

            I crossed my arms.  “I’m not getting in the car with you.”

            “I didn’t ask you,” he smirked again, passing me. 

            Annoyed and wanting to slap myself stupid, I huffed a sigh and checked my phone.

            “Wait,” he paused and turned around.  He ran over to the car, and opened the door .  “Just in case you want to think twice,” he winked and spun back to the house.

            “Thanks.” I gave a fake smile and rolled my eyes.  Pulling out my phone, I texted Klaire to see where she was.

            Your ride is already there, is it not?” she answered back.

            My face scrunched into a frown.  No, it’s just Brian. 

            Lol, that’s your ride, stupid.  I’m in the middle of a test so don’t text back, k?  Thnx.

            Blowing a sigh, I shoved my phone in my back pocket.   Hold up, I didn’t have a back pocket last night.  Looking down, the sluttiest shorts were tightened around my thighs, my ass probably hanging out. 


            Turning to the house, Brian laughed at my pants.  “Rawr!  I like your choice of clothing.”

            I scowled and stormed past him.  “Just wait for me.”

            Sprinting upstairs, I stepped into my bedroom, and it was like last night’s cocktails were about to come back.  About six nakedd bodies were sprawled on the floor, a few drinks scattered.  “Oh my god,” I gagged, my room reeking of se.x. 

            Rushing to my dresser, I pulled some sweat pants and a loose button-down shirt, changed, and scurried back downstairs.

            “Took you long enough,” said Brian as I stepped into his car. 

            “Just drive, moron,” I scoffed and hung my arm from the window.

            He took his hand off the wheel and raised an eyebrow.  “Excuse me?”

            “I said"--turning my head to him--“drive.”  My stomach did summersaults as the new haircut almost made me swoon.  He appeared twice more attractive than before.  I know, was that even possible? 

            “Get out,” he ordered. 

            “W-what?  Why?” I stammered.

            “I don’t drive girls that give attitude,” he smiled, flashing perfect teeth. 

            “What are you talking about?  I have no attitude!”

            “And I also don’t drive non-virgins.”

            “Bullshitt!  I am a virgin!”

            “Until last night.”

            My heart skipped a beat.  The quick surprise caught my breath.  Anger followed right after, my body raging with fire.  I slapped Brian across the face, a loud smack echoed along the car walls. 

            “You!”  I hit again.  “Mother!”  Twice.  “F—”

            He grabbed my wrist and shouted, “Rivyn!  I’m just joking with you!  God!  Attitude!  Again!”

            Fury surged down my blood, then confusion, and then annoyance.  I yanked my hand away.   “That’s something you shouldn’t joke about!” I shouted, my cheeks red.

            “Sorry,” he sheepishly grinned, starting the car.  “I guess your hangover isn’t working with you, hm?” 

            We passed around the corner and onto the road.  “About that,” I grimaced, glaring at him.  His cheek was throbbing red from the sp.anks, and I could tell it was stinging.  However, my virginity wasn’t up for jokes.   “What happened last night?”

            He turned to me as the light blinked red, bringing us to a slow stop.  “Many things,” he smiled, eyes sparkling in amusement.  “You see, Rivyn.  I’m one of those people that remembers everything from the first bottle to the last.  I can snap in and out when I’m drunk, easily able to wake up at any time.”

            “Your point is--”  

            “Hold your pan.ties, miss,” he laughed, continuing to drive.  “Unless you’re not afraid to drop them...”

            I smacked his arm, causing him to laugh harder.  “In any case,” Brian said, watching the road.  “You had loads of fun on the bull ride---”

            “Bull ride?!” I interrupted, horrified. 

            “It obviously wasn’t a real one; just a mechanical ride that you simply adored.  To be exact, we rode on it four times together.  You even tore off my belt, wiping it around like a lasso.”

            “Did not!” I snapped.

            “Hey,” he said, giving me ‘the hand’, meaning 'shut-up-dipshit, I'm-talking'.  “I’m the one who remembered, okay?  Let me talk.”

            “Whatever,” I grumbled and shrunk back into the seat.  “Continue.”

            “Thank you.  Afterwards, you ran off into the bathroom for quite a long time, so I decided to check on you.  Turns out, you were taking shots by the toilet with some girls.  For your own safety, I pulled you out, and you kept shouting at me to suck on a penguin's pe.nis.”

            Brian took a right, and gazed back at me.  “I apologized but you didn’t accept.  The only way you’d forgive me, was if I went skinny-dipping with you.  Since I was being responsible, I said no but you being desperate, stripped off my pants and boxers, shoving me into the pool.”

            My head shot up, and snapped to the side.  “Liar!  I would never do such a provocative thing nor expose a man’s genitals in public!” I defended. 

            “Genitals?” he chuckled, making a funny face. 

            “Shut up!  It’s a proper name instead of—”

            “So you’d expose a man’s ‘genitals’ if you weren’t in public?” he grinned, evilly.

            “No!”  I cried out, trying to hide a smile.  Sadly, my happiness hard to contain at times, my lips curled upward.  We both suddenly smiled together, and broke out into a laugh.  “God, I can’t believe I’m actually laughing with you.”

            “Really?  I’m sure you’ve had great laughs with me once or twice...”

            Thinking about it, we might have at one time.  “So, what happened after I supposedly striped you naked and pushed you into the pool?”

            “Well,” he started.  “You jumped in, with your clothes.  You swam over , even though I was stark naked, and began to sing.  If I recall, it was DJ Wallface’s and EasyRock’s, ‘It Takes Two’.”

  Then Brian began to sing, in a very high pitch voice, something like Micheal Jackson’s famous ‘he-he’).

            “It takes two to make a thing go ri-ght!  It takes two to make it out of sight!  It takes two to make a thing go ri-ght!  It takes two to make it out of sight!” 

            I laughed and told him to clamp it.  This got him to sing louder.  Soon, the drivers next to us were giving weird looks.  This made me howl harder until I was clutching my stomach from the pain, insisting for him to stop.

            As I was beginning to think I’d die of laughter, he finally stopped and shot me a grin.  “And that was how you sounded.”

            “Sure, whatever,” I said, shaking my head as I began to calm down.  “Hey, where are we going?  I might not be good at directions, but I surely know it doesn’t take this long to get to school.” 

            “Not telling,” he said, pretending to zip his lips. 

            Rolling my eyes, I turned on the radio.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to get anything out of him so I decided not to ask.  “Why the hair cut?” I enquired instead, fixing my favourite station.      

            “You knocked me out with a beer bottle last night.  I went out cold and woke up the in morning like this.” 

            My eyes widened and I bursted out laughing, clutching my stomach for the second time.  It began to ache, sending me to hyperventilate.  Brian looked as if I was some freak but I didn’t care. 

            With watery eyes, I wiped them away and asked, “Did I really?”

            “Mhhhmm,” he frowned, scowling at my reaction to his story.  “You don’t feel bad?”

            “Nope!” I kicked my feet on his dashboard.  “You look adorable.”  I tapped the tip of his nose, making it seem as if he were a child.


            “Yup!  Cute as a button!”

            This pissed him off.  Brian made a sharp turn down the road, my feet sliding off the dashboard with a loud THUD! 

            “Love, I’m more than adorable.  I’m hot, sexy—”

            “---and terribly hard-headed and stubborn and obnoxious and---”

            “I get it.  Thanks,” he sighed.

            For some reason, his anger and whenever I pissed him off, was quite a turn-on.  Ha, I just admitted that Brian Daniels can turn me on.  Now that’s the first.

            “You look like Noah,” I added, staring at him.  He snorted and made another turn, forcing my nails to grip onto the safety strap above.  “Sorry, was that an insult?”

            “Naw,” he shrugged and gave me a weak smile.  “It’s just that we’re completely different.  He’s a mommy’s boy, I’m the independent one.  He loves helping out, and I love getting out of the house.  He likes books, I like parties.  He admires the Presidents of the United States, and I admire hot girls on magazines.”

            He noticed a frown slowly creeping on my face and shoved me a little.  “Okay, I’m joking about that one but don’t you see?  We’re so diverse in personality.  After the fight at school, I haven’t talked to him since.  He’s been sleeping over at his friend’s house, avoiding me entirely.”

            I was surprised Brian was sharing this, but I kept my mouth shut.  “Chris lives with us because my mom thinks that he’s the only one who understands me.  When we first moved to America, I was always lonely at home.  She could tell I was depressed, leaving Chris back in Canada, so she sent him here.  After that, we’ve been best friends since.  The downside was that I got more distant with Noah.”

            “But you love Noah, don’t you?” I asked. 

            Brian continued to drive in silence, my patience growing weak.  “...I guess......” he mumbled, only loud enough for me to hear. 

            Nodding, I secretly pinched myself for making the moment awkward.  I quickly wished Brian could start a less uncomfortable topic before I ruined everything. 

            “Oh, yeah,” Brian said, breaking the silence.  “And before you striped me naked, we almost had sex.”

            I covered up a small sigh in relief, and snorted.  “Wow.  Ladies and gentlemen.  Best joke of the year."

            He chuckled.  “I’m legit serious.  We almost did.  Of course, I was being responsible, and stopped you from ripping my clothes off.  We were on the couch in the living room, and you were playing pretty rough.  I remember it all.”

            “Puleez,” I smirked and gazed at Brian.  “Even if that were true, you would never be able to resist me,” I joked.

            Now it was his turn to smirk.  “Uh, yeah.  I resisted you many times last night.”  The light ahead switched green, allowing him go faster.

            To prove a point, I clicked off my seatbelt and straddled myself on top of Brian.  My back was facing the dashboard, blocking his view.  Either this was stupid, or an amazing move, I was proud. 

            “Wh-what?  Woah!  What do you think you’re doing?” he sputtered, stunned by my bravery.  His head peeked over my shoulder, trying to see where he was going. 

            “Let’s see if you’re telling the truth,” I challenged, as I felt the car slowly drifting to the side.  “If you can drive while your eyes are glued to mine, without getting us killed, then I’ll believe you.  If not, then you’ll admit defeat that you can’t resist me.”

            Never backing down to a dare, Brian shot me his famous smirk and fixed his eyes on me.  "This is the most stupid fucking thing you ever dared me to do but..."  One hand rolled along the steering wheel, as if he knew where he was going.  I have to say, I was bemused. 

            Brian raised his eyebrow at me, staying on the road.  “Impressed?” he grinned, making a right without looking.

            “Not yet,” I retorted, and undid one button on my shirt, and then another.  I felt the car swerve a little, Brian’s reaction getting out of hand.  His gaze slowly drifted down, but then snapped his attention back to my eyes. 

            I unfastened the third button, and then the fourth.  I could hear Brian gulp, and he took a sharp left, almost missing the turn. 

            Hilariously grinning, I opened the rest of my shirt, my black lacy bra exposed to Brian.  He eyed me, a calm look written on his face.  He wasn’t going to break.

            Maybe he could do it, I thought, ready to own up. 

            Suddenly, Brian spun the car, almost jerking me to the side, and rushed into a parking lot.  He expertly glided the vehicle, hitting the curb as the tires burned to a stop.  Not bothering to kill the engine, Brian grabbed me and crashed his lips onto mine. 

            His arms wrapped around my neck, pulling me closer as a small gasp left my mouth.  Going along for a few seconds, his lips were hard to resist.  Before a moan escaped, I yanked away, and laughed, leaning my back on the steering wheel. 

            “Told you!” I declared in triumph.  “You can’t resist me!”

            Brian grumbled, and glared at my enjoyment.  “You cheated though!  You didn’t tell me that stripping was included!”

            “That’s not cheating, that’s strategy,” I scoffed, fastening my top. 

            He looked disappointed as he noticed as I was covering.  This made me smile.  “Damn, Brian.  You really need self-control,” I advised.

            “Not when it comes to you,” he growled, reaching for me again.  Next thing I knew, we were making out in the car, adrenaline shooting through my body.  Fireworks set off and I began to get dizzy again.  Uh, no wonder people called it a hangover.  It would never let go.  Maintaining to keep up with his fast lips, I realized something.  

            Damn Rivyn, you obviously have no self-control either, I confessed, letting him deliver more kisses.

            Finally pulling away, I stared at Brian, both of us panting.  “I thought I’d like to mention that we’re here,” he panted, playing with my first button.  He pecked a kiss on the corner of my mouth.  “Of course,” he said in a husky voice, “if you’d rather stay here.....”

            Rolling my eyes, I opened the door and peeled myself off of him.  “For your own safety, and my incredibly, large amount of responsibility, I’m going to say no.”  Rising, I snuck a glance at Brian who quietly swore to himself.  I silently chuckled, and pretended I didn’t see. 

            My curiosity washing over, I looked around to see where we were.  “Popeye’s?” I laughed, the smell of chicken making my mouth water. 

            “I rarely bring girls here but you’re an exception,” he winked as we both walked into the fast food restaurant.  The greasy and fattening meals made my nose wrinkle.  I wasn’t a fan of junk food but the aroma was welcoming. 

            “So this is a date, hm?” I questioned as he opened the door for me.  Truthfully, half of me hoped he’d say yes, but of course, I was kidding myself.  And besides, I wasn’t sure he was my type of material.  Sure, he’s a total bad ass, and was blessed with stunning good looks....Our past though...I’m not sure I could put it behind me just yet.

            He shrugged, and slung his arm around my shoulder.  “Think of it as a friend-date.”

            “Oh,” I smirked.  I made quotations with my fingers, “So were ‘friends’ now?”

            “Sweet-ting!  Is that you?”

            I immediately threw Brian’s arms down, and my back snapped straight.  I recognized that voice, oh, too well.

            “Is that your boyfriend?  Tell him to come here!” Aunt Darby said, her expensive shades sitting on her head.  She squinted, trying to get a good look at who I was with. 

            She must have been watching soap operas all night, since her vision was so weak.  A younger Latin man sat across from her, and tipped his glasses down.  He scanned me as if I were his next meal; licking is lips to seal the deal. 

            Brian saw the flirtation and wrapped his arm around my waist, keeping me close.  Was he jealous? 

            “Sure,” I smiled, literally yanking Brian behind me.  He pleaded in my ear as we made our way over.  “Brian,” I gritted through my teeth.  “Is there a problem?”

            He fixed himself straight and dusted off.  “No,” he grunted and sat beside the creepy guest of Darby’s.

            “So, who’s this nice fellow?” Aunt Darby asked, peering at Brian.  Yup, she’s been watching t.v. the whole night.

            “Oh,” I grinned, trying not to laugh at Brian’s disgusted face as he gazed at the pervert.  “Just a friend.”

            The creepy man wildly grinned, and winked.  “Really?  A fine model like you on the market?”  I pretended to blush and returned the favour.  Brian on the other hand, scowled, and was ready to strangle the man. 

            Aunt Darby rubbed her eyes and leaned over the table to get a good look. 

            “Actually,” Brian interjected, grabbing my hand across the table.  I tried to yank away, but he was too strong.  The blood flow stopped in my veins, painting my fingers purple.  “She’s my girlfriend.”

            “Brian.”   I swallowed a wince of pain, but plastered a smile.  “You said this is just a friend-date.”

            Aunt Darby lit up as she heard me call his name.   “Brian it’s you!  Oh, that’s too bad Rivyn.  Your names had a nice ring together. ”

            Her guest lowered his glasses until they sat on his nose.  “Rivyn, hm?  Lovely name.  Sounds like an appealing perfume brand or a gorgeous flower.  Either way, the name takes my breath away.  How ‘bout we share some lunch sometime, pretty one?”

            Aunt Darby didn’t mind this man’s charming offer.  She enjoyed men batting over me; it made her feel like I was growing up.  Besides, after she slicks some gold off of this one, she’ll be with another man tomorrow.

            The man’s eyes glinted, lowering from my face and then down my shirt.  Pfft, no wonder Aunt Darby was dating this freak; so gushy, fast-paced, and banal yet perverting towards woman.  Not my type.  However, Brian was getting jealous.  And I loved it.

            Flipping my hair, I ignored my knuckles changing white from Brian’s grip, and answered, “I’d love to---”

            “Oh, look at the time!” blurted Brian, his hand tightening around mine.  I let out a yelp, causing Aunt Darby to jump, startled.  “It was nice meeting the two of you, but it seems I’ve lost the track of time.”  He shot up, jerking me with him.  

            I stumbled as he tugged me up, almost losing my balance.  “You don’t even have a watch!  How would you know the time?” I questioned, vigorously rubbing my sore hand.

            “Yes, it seems you don’t have watch,” added the pervert.  He illustrated a wealthy looking watch on his arm, hinting he had riches.  I made a small bet to myself that Darby would have that exact watch at dinner tonight.

            Brian’s face coloured red, his hand curling into a fist. 

            “I don’t care, asshole!” Brian retorted, glaring at the impolite man.  “So stop staring at my women before I punch you in your damn scrawny neck!”

            Aunt Darby hid a smile under her red lips, and chuckled at the man’s stunned reaction.  I stood flabbergasted to Brian’s sudden outburst, but basked at his guts. 

            I pieced together that he just cussed at a millionaire; however, I shrugged off the realization.  Brian was a millionaire too, so.....screw that pervert!  He just got owned!

            “It was nice seeing you, Ms. DeLor,” Brian politely said, and pulled me out of Popeye’s, without a word. 

            Heading to the car, I noticed he was still holding my hand.  Attacking the opportunity, I tugged Brian to stop so we could see eye to eye.  I leaned him on his car, catching him off guard.  “Now that’s what I call sexy, Mr.Daniels,” I grinned, drawing his mouth to mine.

            Shocked, once again by my bold move, Brian wrapped his arms around my neck.  “Glad you liked it,” he whispered, planting my lips with his.  Rockets fired off, and my world violently shook.   I opened my mouth enough to experience the delightful feeling of desire and taste. 

            Between kisses, I barely breathed enough to speak, “’”

            He pecked several kisses on my nose, forehead, and then back to my lips.  “Only, if you’re willing to be mine,” Brian said, and cupped my cheek in his hands.

            I shrunk an inch away, and hesitated.  He tried to reach for my lips, except I drew back once more.  “What if I’m not?” I blurted.

            A look of hurt appeared on his face, and I wished I took that back.  “No, wait, I mean.....”

            “HEY!  You over there!” 

            Again with the fucking intrusions!

            My head spun, and the Latin pervert walked out of Popeye’s, straight for us.  “No ass talks to me like that and---”

            I tore myself from Brian as my temper shot up.  I stormed to the man, and placed the rudest glare I could muster.   I poked his chest, sending him to take a step back.  “Listen you little fucker, you just disrupted a very important conversation with my boyfriend!  So I suggest you screw off before you I rip the day lights out of you!”  He opened his mouth but immediately shut it.  “And yes, I’m talking about your balls.” 

            Scared as hell, he hopped into his car and sped away, driving farther and farther until he was just a speck in the distance. 

            Satisfied, I walked back to Brian and stepped into his car.  Not saying anything, he climbed in too, and started the engine.

            “McDonalds.  Now.”

            Without delay, he was speeding out of the parking lot and back onto the road.

            “This is why I don’t bring girls to Popeye’s,” Brian joked.  “Their chicken is just bad luck.”

            I grinned at his humour.  “Next time, we’re going to KFC.”

            “You said it,” he laughed, smiling at me.  As if someone squeezed my heart, I terribly found it pleasurable.  Was it pain or excitement?  Whatever it was, I hated it.  But staring at Brian, I ate it all up. 

            I don’t understand how it was possible to hate someone yet like them unconditionally.  Even after those times you wanted to slap them, punch them, and kill them.  How was it that I was attracted to a jackass?

            Out of the blue, I forgot about operation Playboy, and our dark relations together.  That was when I admitted two things.

            First of all: I was actually forgiving my past with Brian Daniels.

            Secondly:  I think I just agreed to our second date.

            Gazing at his sexy smug grin, I was ready to scream in horror and thrill. 

            One thing was for sure, fuck you love.  Fuck you.

            And that Latin pervert.


            Did you see that?!  Yup, it’s a deal now.  Brian Daniels and Rivyn DeLor, a couple.  Ha!  You expected that one, didn’t you? 

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