Playing The Bad Boy's Game

"So, who sits here?"I whispered, noticing the other empty seat beside me.
Blondie glanced to the clock. "Him," he said just as the time clicked 10. The door opened and I looked up.
My pencil dropped to the ground, eyes wide.
Oh. My. God.
It's him.
The first drug dealer that began my parents addiction.
The player that stole my best friends virginity.
The wicked monster that sent my cousin to rehab.
The hottest guy I've ever seen.
The reason why my life is hell.
And he's coming to be my English partner.


16. Chapter 15.5: Me, Myself, and Drama....and Brian.


            I can’t believe it.  I actually kissed him.  I splashed my face with water, staring at myself.  However, I got my mission done. 

            But....that kiss...... I splashed my cheeks, rubbing my eyes.

            Back at the mirror again, Rivyn?  Really?  

            I flipped out my phone and texted Klaire.

            Get the car.  We’re leaving early.

            Closing it, I ran out of the bathroom and made a pit stop to my locker.  Hustling down the stairs, I ran out the school, hopping into Klaire’s Ferrari.

            She slid her diva Gucci sunglasses on, and gazed forward.  “Mall?” she asked, gearing the car to life.

            “Hit the gas,” I ordered, staring out the front window.

            Cruising in silence, the light switched red, bringing us to a slow stop. “What happened?” she demanded.

            I sighed, leaning my head back.  “I put the tracking device on him.”

            Klaire slapped my arm and continued to drive as the light hit green.  “Good for you!  Why the long face?”

            I gripped the seat as she began to get faster.  “We....uh--sucked each other's faces off.”

            She slammed her foot on the pedal, bringing us to a halt.  My body lurched forward along with hers, my forehead an inch from the dashboard.  The vehicles honked behind us, screeching to a stop.  “YOU WHAT?!” Klaire snapped.

            “What the hell?!  Drive!  What do you think you’re doing?!” I screamed.  The noises increased as we stayed in the middle of the road.  People began to swear and violent curses broke out. 

            She tore her sunglasses off and gave me a pissed look.  “YOU WHAT?!” she repeated, hitting the steering wheel with her fist.    

            “JUST DRIVE, WOMEN!” I practically screamed. 

            “Yo, bitch in the front!” ticked one of the drivers.  “Could you get your ass moving!?” 

            Klaire threw her glasses in the back and rolled down the window.  She stuck up her middle finger, and then switched the gear to overdrive. 

            Perfect timing, she stepped onto the pedal, spitting chunks of dirt at the vehicles behind us.  I went flying back as we went over the speed limit. 

            “Talk.  Now.”

            Damn.  Someone was bitchy.

            I eased a little and my heart started to calm down.  “I took the opportunity and placed the tracker on him like you said.”

            “Okay...” she ushered, beginning to slow down.  “Technically you broke the rules, and we were supposed to do that tomorrow, but since you had the option......”

            “Before I met him, I was putting away the meat, and I had my headphones on so I couldn’t hear anything.  I was dancing along the halls as usual, and then next thing I knew, he literally ran smack into me.  He caught me before I fell.  We were so close....he kissed me.....” I stopped and glanced at Klaire.  “While keeping him busy, I managed to stick the tracker in his hair.”

            “So you mean to tell me,” Klaire calmly said, keeping her eyes on the road.  “You made-out with Brian Daniels, tongue action was included, and got the tracker on him without my permission.

            I nodded.  We drove into the parking lot, and stopped.

            She turned to me and peeked out a small smile.  “Finally you’re starting to take things in your own hands.”

            “Wait—what?”  Wasn’t Klaire suppose to be mad?

            She sighed.  “I thought I was going to have to think up of all the evil plans.  Judging by the meat prank you’re soon going to pull, and able to put the tracker on him, I think you’re starting to fight fire with fire.”

            Grinning, I opened the door and stepped out.  “Klaire, I was already a bad ass before you met me.”

            She laughed in response and locked the door as we made our way to the mall.  “I know.  I just wanted to make sure you could handle a bad-ass like Brian Daniels.  He’s a dangerous boy, you know.”

            “Trust me, hon.  Nobody can beat this tiger.”

            We both smiled and headed straight for the GUESS store.  “Good,” she perked, winking at me.  “As long as you don’t fall for him, you’ll be the hottest cat in American High.”

            I paused by a rack and glanced up at her.  “What do you mean?”

            Klaire checked over a cute skirt and admired the embroidery.  “Rivyn, the whole point of this mission, is to show Brian that he can’t play with every girl he can get his hands on.  You’re going to be the one to tell him who’s boss, and you’re not some toy of his.”  She flicked her eyes at me and presented a stern look.  “Loving him would mean that you’ve fell for him like every girl.”

            “I can’t be with him?” I blurted.  Suddenly, I immediately wished I took that back.

            “No!” she barked.  “Of course not!”  Her face slowly lowered, leaning over the rack that was between us.  “Wait,” she hissed, slightly raising her eyebrow.  “Do you want him?”

            My eyes searched the rack, instantly finding interest into a sparkly top.  “You think this would look good with a denim mini?”

            Klaire zipped her way to me, giving me an exasperated expression.  “Rivyn!  Answer the stupid question.  Do.  You.  Want.  Him?”

            I did a small shrug and skipped to another top.  Ooh, leather. 

            “RIVYN!  Hello?  Am I talking to a wall?” she spat, waving her hand up and down in front of my face, like some flag.

            Heaving a big sigh, I grabbed her hand and threw it down.  “No!  I don’t want him!”

            “Oh!” she said, relieved.  “Good.”

            Waiting till she was out of ear shot, I let out a big breathe and uncrossed my fingers.  “Why did he have to be such a good kisser?” I hushed to myself.

            If I got a penny each time I said I hated Brian...

            I would have been a millionaire by now.


            BRIAN’S P.O.V. 

            “You like that don’t you?” I whispered, nibbling down to her neck.

              She let out tiny gasps in response and nodded a little.  I sucked on her collarbone until a small groan escaped from her lips.

            Satisfied, I moved my mouth to her ear and pressed her against the shelf of cleaning supplies.  “Why, McGaffey?  Tell me.”

            I could feel her chest rising up and down as she began to get nervous.  It was humorous to know that my husky voice was making her tense.  “Come on,” I murmured.  “First you humiliate me with the school blog.  Then send me an anonymous text that I knew was you.”

            Her hand releasing from my shoulder, she pulled the string that hung above.  I squinted as my eyes adjusted to the bright light.  Mops and rags surrounded us and the musty smell of detergent filled through my nostrils. 

            “I needed a good scoop; to get the school wound up on something,” she said under a small whisper. 

            “You were using Rivyn and I for juicy gossip?” I questioned, narrowing my eyes.

            “Actually...” McGaffey said, squirming uncomfortably.  “Rivyn isn’t the first girl.  If I’m not clear, you have fell for girls before, haven’t you?” 

            Was she....challenging me?  I looked away, not wanting to face her. 

            “Brian, Brian,” she smirked, noticing my barriers were breaking down.  She was taking this opportunity in her hands, and I wasn’t liking it. 

            “How could you forget?  You’ve fell in love.  Twice.  Don’t you remember Klaire?  The lesbian that you were obsessed with?  I was the one who spammed the school about your depression.  Afterwards, all the girls felt so bad, and fell to your feet.  You picked them up like toys, playing with them all over again.”

            She grabbed my cheeks and forced me to look.  “That was strike one.  Then there was Charlotte.  The good-girl who didn’t fall to your feet, and it displeased you, didn’t it?  Realizing that she was an uncommon doll, you played her differently.  Both of you blinded by cockiness, you two ended up being the high school couple.  She turned into a bad ass and you went soft.”

            Her nails dug into my jaw line, pulling me closer.  “She left you.  She was too afraid to confront her father; to tell him that the man she loved would be slipping away if they moved.  What did you do?  Nothing.  Why?  Because you went soft.  You weren’t the fighter American Chester High knew.  Mr. Daniels was scared.”

            She tugged my face so our noses barely touched.  “That was strike two.”  Her eyes pierced through mine, like she could see right through, stealing all my memories and bringing them back to life.  I shoved a wince down my throat and kept a straight expression. 

            “I know you can recall this, Brian.  Don’t forget it.  Don’t make the same mistake.”

            I took a step away, her fingers releasing my tightened skin.  “Why are you telling me this?  Why are you so interested in my life?” I asked, shaken.

            She chuckled and rested her hand on my shoulder.  “Oh Brian, I’m a reporter and journalist.  I feed on information and stir up drama for pleasure.  I’m also a very honest person which you should take note on.  My interest, at this moment, is you, the player that’s been played twice.  I’m fascinated by how you’re going to handle this for the third time.  Like you, I’m attracted to Rivyn just as you are.  She’s different when compared to Charlotte and Klaire.  But,” she shot me a wink, “I think you know why.” 

            “Wh-what?  How did---I—”

            McGaffey grinned and headed for the door. 

            “Wait!” I called out.

            She spun around.  “No need to thank.”

            “No,” I said, taking a step towards her.  “That’s not it.  I don’t like Rivyn.”

            She scoffed and rolled her eyes.  “Mr. Daniels.  I might only be a year older than you, but I know there is a difference between love, and true love.”

            Not waiting for a response, she exited out of the janitor’s closet, leaving me hanging, dumbstruck. 

            RIVYN’S P.O.V.

            “Wait, why can’t I leave my room?” I asked again.

            Klaire rolled her eyes and sat down on the bed beside me.  “You’re not leaving until the party starts.”

            I checked the clock on the desk, scanning the time.  “That’s not for another four hours!” I said, eyes wide.

            “Rivyn!  You think I own a magic wand or something?  You know how long it’s going to take to get ready?”

            I groaned and shot up.  “Only ten minutes.” 

            Klaire rudely snorted and shoved me down.  “Yeah, and it takes me three minutes to get this beautiful.”  She dramatically flipped her hair and batted her eyelashes.  “Of course, it all looks natural,” she perked, speaking in a snobby, plastic voice.

            Laughing, I threw a pillow at her face.  “Alright, Blondie, let’s get to work, shall we?”

            “Let’s shall!” she said, linking my arm with hers.

            It was like we’ve been friends since kindergarten.


            “You look hot!”

            I did a little twirl in front of the mirror and smiled. 

            I was wearing a short black tight miniskirt and a red halter crop top that showed off my real diamond belly piercing.  Klaire was shocked that I had a piercing and for the fact I didn’t tell her, but she eventually let it go.

            The belly chain matched the dangling earrings that hovered over my shoulders, clinging back and forth as I moved.  Black fishnet stockings rose to my upper thigh, along with sexy stilettos that I could actually walk in.

            My eyes were outlined with smoky eyeliner and my lashes curled, finishing my make-up off with lipstick. 

            The floor started to shake as the stereos downstairs began to blare.  Shouts and hollers broke out, following the sound of beers bottles popping.  It was all too familiar. 

            I gazed at Klaire who looked just as fabulous.  She wore a denim miniskirt and lace top, and her golden hair was placed in a high ponytail.

            “You good?” she asked, filing her nails one last time. 

            Nodding my head, I took a final look in the mirror.  Klaire flipped out her phone and stared at the screen.  She got a free app yesterday for the tracking device.  Whenever she glanced at her phone, she knew where Brian was.  “He’s downstairs by the kitchen.  Get ready to go in.”

            I opened my drawer and took out a cherry lollypop, tossing off the wrapper.  “Let’s get this show on the road.”

            She laughed, pointing at the sucker.  “Really?”  I shrugged as she opened the door, going out first. 

            “I’m hungry,” I answered, following as I lead our way down the stairs.  Some couples were already making out by the railings, but I couldn’t help but wink at the boys who tore their lips away and stared at me. 

            I parted with Klaire as we split our ways.  Lights flashed everywhere, and girls were dancing on couches and tables.  Guys were drowning themselves with beer and others laughed and talked.  You could barely hear yourself think as the music blasted. 

            Heading for the kitchen, I popped the sucker in my mouth and laid my eyes on Brian.  He wore a blue button-down top that exposed much of his chest, and held a bottle of beer.  He leaned against the marble counter, chuckling with Chris.

            As if the room lit up, I felt butterflies fluttering in my stomach.  My tongue went numb and my hands got sweaty.  I breathed in and out several times until I was calm.  Regaining my cool, I stuck back into my sexy act. 

            Like I was a blinking light, Brian’s eyes snapped straight for me, examining everything.  I seductively popped the lollypop out and smiled as I made my way for my victim. 

            Wildly grinning, he took another swig of alcohol, not bothering to take his eyes off. 

            “You’re look’n fine,” gazed Brian, checking me out.  Chris whispered something in his ear but I doubt he heard since his attention was on me.  Chris left as alone, and gave me a small smile before leaving. 

            I smirked, and leaned forward as I let one arm sag on his shoulder.  “You’re not so bad yourself.”

            His breathe smelled like beer but his cologne over powered the odour, making my heart skip a beat.  Control Rivyn, control. 

            Brian groped my waist and pushed me against him.  Our noses banged together as did our lips.  “And you’re all mine,” he murmured in my ear, nibbling along the lobe. 

            “Am I really?”  I tore my face from his and tapped the tip of his nose.  “I’m not sure you could handle the games I play.”

            He gave me that famous sexy smirk and spun me around, so I was pinned to the counter.  The fast turn caught my breathe, causing Brian to peck a kiss on my forehead.  “Babe,” he mumbled, his lips moving to my temple, “you shouldn’t mess with a bad ass like me.”

            An obnoxious snort left my mouth and I dropped the lollypop in his beer.  With a splash, I shoved him away.  “Please, I’ve already have.”

            Walking away, I shot him a wink and left the kitchen.  Just as I was curving around the corner, I turned around to see his eyes on my ass then a smug smile curling on his face as he met eye contact with me. 

            I made my way to the living room, where a dance floor was made.  Teenagers danced closely to each other, all the hot and sweaty bodies touching.  The music seemed louder, making me smile. 

            My phone vibrated, and I quickly took it out. 

            He’s coming, texted Klaire.

            Not bothering to turn around, I sucked myself into the swarm of dancers, banging and shoving until I was in the centre.  Looking up, blue eyes met with mine.  A cute senior grinned and started dancing around me.  I laughed and went along, both of us moving at the same beat. 

            Suddenly the crowd parted and it was just us two in the centre.  Everyone cheered and hollered as we were the attention.  I grinned and did the splits, dragging the boy’s neck down so we could see eye to eye.  Everybody went nuts!

            Sliding back up, I felt the presence of someone else.  Still dancing, I turned my head to see a new couple enter the arena.

            Brian and a slutty brunette. 

            If I could read minds, Brian clearly wanted to say, ‘bring it on’ as he swiftly moved around his partner, pumping up the cheers.  Surprisingly, the girl managed to keep up.  She was pretty good too.

            Ha, but not as good as me. 

            I began to break it down, spinning my waist and feet, like lighting.  Ending my solo, I dropped right in front of the senior boy and slicked back up, locking our heads together.  The crowd hooted, getting louder.

            I flicked my eyes to Brian who shot me a smirk.  He started to ground against the brunette who slowly moved her hips as they did a hot slow dance.  Like someone sent of fireworks, the crowd rang in excitement. 

            Brian shot me a mad grin as I scowled.  It was time to get dirty.

            I tore off the senior’s shirt, revealing toned abs.  His eyes popped but a smile replaced it as I smoothly danced around, bumping the volume of whistles and hoots.  Topping it off, I smacked my lips with the boy, throwing in a little tongue action. 

            Pulling back, the senior looked dazed, bewildered, and, oh so, bliss. 

            I tossed a smirk to Brian, who frowned.  ‘Suck it, loser’ I mouthed to his angry reaction. 

            That was when I knew, I sent Brian Daniels over the edge. 

            He stripped off his shirt and chucked it to the crowd, causing the girls to swoon.  Then he unbuttoned the girl’s top, dropping it to the ground as he revealed her blue LaSenza bra to the world. 

            Son of a bitch. 

            He roughly kissed the girl and started to ‘hump’ her, while at the same time, giving me the middle finger. 

             All of a sudden, my walls broke down, crumbling to my feet.  It was like someone just dropped a bag of sand on my stomach, almost knocking the wind out me.  A hollow feeling weighed on my chest as I watched Brian and the brunette connect tongues, panting and sharing breathes. 

            What the hell was I thinking?  How could I compete with would anyone like Brian?  How could I compete with a hot dancer that would love to give Brian his needs whenever he wanted? 

            I shoved the senior, his lips making a pop as they released from my neck.  Since when was he giving me a hickey?  Furiously rubbing the bruise, I pushed everyone away, battling out of the crowd to anywhere but here. 

            I kept walking, not knowing where I was going.  A tear trickled down my cheek, and I quickly crossed my arms, biting my lip.

            The music couldn’t defy the feeling that sat in my system, a shot of hurt exploded inside, causing another tear to roll down. 


            BRIAN’S P.O.V.

            I grabbed a handful of her hair, digging my nails into the stiff strands as I aggressively kissed her.  She can’t beat this, I thought as I tangled my tongue around hers.  I wonder how she’ll---I glanced up to see Rivyn gone.  I forcefully peeled the slut off in disgust, as if she had the flu. 

            “Hey!?” she squealed as I ignored her.  The crowd began to drown back into the centre, the show over. 

            “Rivyn!” I called out, trying to see over heads. 

            Shit, what did I get myself in to? 

            The brunette gave me a flirtatious grin and brought her hips up to mine.  “What’s the problem, Brian?” she asked with her slutty voice. 

            I wrote a sickened expression and backed away.  “You,” I answered before chasing after Rivyn.

            “Rivyn!” I hollered, going in and out of rooms.  All I found were other teenagers partying the night away.  What have I done?  “Rivyn!”

            I spun around and found a flash of red down the hall, the same colour as her top.  I headed over, accidentally knocking a girl’s drink.  Not apologizing, I continued to run. 


            RIVYN’S P.O.V.

            After the third tear, I finally had the courage to wipe them away.  “Great, Rivyn,” I said to myself.  “You’re crying over a boy.  Some bad ass you are....”

            My phone vibrated and I took it out.  It was from Klaire.

            Uh oh.  6 o’clock! 

            I knew my time and I surely knew where the 6 was.  Hastily rushing, I threw off my heels, and broke out into a sprint. 

            “Rivyn!” Brian shouted behind me.

            This made me pump my legs harder.  I didn’t want him to see me crying.  He’ll think I’m a weak woosey.  Thank god I chose to wear water-proof make-up because more tears streamed down.  Stupid emotions.

            Ahead, the dining table was in my way.  People laughed and mingled around, making it slower if I went around.

            Not skipping a beat, I grabbed the table and slid underneath, arching my back as I barely skimmed the wood.  I rose up and immediately picked my feet back up.

            Turning as I ran, I caught a glimpse of Brian leaping onto the table, stepping on plates and cups, then jumping off as he continued to chase me. 

            I cut a corner and bolted into the hallway, down the straight lane, heading to the backyard. 

            Either Brian was determined or I was losing my touch, I could feel him catching up by the second.  I swung open the back door and onto the patio. 

            Taking a left, I dodged the pole dancers that swung around and ran up the small steps to the Jacuzzi deck. 

            I spun around, ready to run again, however, Brian wasn’t there.  He disappeared, out of sight. 

            My phone buzzed again but before I could read it, someone tackled me down, causing me to drop it.  I was caught off guard and next thing I knew, my attacker and I ended up tossing over the edge of the Jacuzzi, and into the bubbling water.

            The Jacuzzi not deep, I shot out of the water, gagging as I just swallowed a jug full of burning liquid. 

            Before I’m able to jump out, a pair of hands wrapped around my waist, and they tugged me back in. 

            I screamed, if even possible, underwater, getting another gulp of burning liquid.  This tasted nothing like water or chlorine, something sweeter.  I heard muffles beside me while my attacker gagged, as they too, swallowed a wave of this strange fluid. 

            We both blasted for air, me straddled around their waist, and my partner not giving any mercy.  I spit out much as I could but the odd water was now in my system.

            “Brian!” I shouted as I found his face meeting mine.  “What the hell was that?!”

            Suddenly, a sharp pain bashed my head, making me wince.  He did the same, getting the identical feeling.

            “Hi to you too,” he smirked, one hand massaging his forehead and the other around me. 

            I scowled to even look at him and tried to shove him away but he wouldn’t allow it.  “Let me go, you---” 

            His lips collided with mine, cutting me off.  Without permission, his tongue entered into my mouth, and a strong thunder exploded.  The sweet bizarre taste of the water and his mouth made me feel like I was on fire. 

            Between breathes, he managed to speak.  “I’”  Then an impulsive pound hit me in the back of the head, not letting me hear his last word.  Next thing I knew, he was kissing down my neck as I arched back, eyes closed. 

            I felt dizzy with my eyes shut so I fluttered them open.  The world was spinning.  It was too weird.  This wasn’t supposed to happen.  My eyes wandered around, only half of me on earth.  I noticed multiple empty and opened cans of Red Bull, wine, tequilas and beer bottles floating around us, shaking me confused. 

            My feet hit something hard, like a cooler or something.  Small pricks tickled my feet as I shuffled around, Brian’s kisses not helping my unconsciousness.  Beer caps? 

            Before I was able to piece things together, a hot blaze slithered down my throat, sending me to go wild.  Brian could feel it too; his body shook and went stiff.  Seconds later, he was hyped up.  My ears buzzed. 

            I felt good.  Real good.  Bubbly actually.

            And then we lost it.


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