Playing The Bad Boy's Game

"So, who sits here?"I whispered, noticing the other empty seat beside me.
Blondie glanced to the clock. "Him," he said just as the time clicked 10. The door opened and I looked up.
My pencil dropped to the ground, eyes wide.
Oh. My. God.
It's him.
The first drug dealer that began my parents addiction.
The player that stole my best friends virginity.
The wicked monster that sent my cousin to rehab.
The hottest guy I've ever seen.
The reason why my life is hell.
And he's coming to be my English partner.


14. Chapter 14: beyatch, I can be a freak, everyday of every week

Chapter 14: Beyatch, I can be a freak, every day of every week.


Unknown caller , blinked the screen.

I put Klaire on hold. "Hello?" Silence. "Hello?"

"Hey gorgeous," said a deep husky voice. If his tone wasn't so attractive I would have hung up but I was memorized.

"Thanks," I blushed. Woah. Did I just accept a compliment from Brian? "Brian, can you hold on for a sec?" I said.

"Anything for you, love."

Ready to tear my hair apart, I clicked number one and switched to Klaire.

"Oh my god, Klaire! He's on the other line! I don't know what to do? Do I act like a bitch? Seductive? Innocent? Klaire! HELP ME!"

"Oh!" she perked. "You're on the phone with him? Can you ask him how he is for me?"

"Uh...well, I guess," I said, confused. Putting her on hold, I switched back to Brian. "Hey, Brian. Klaire wants to know how you're doing."

"Oh! Klaire's on the phone?" he brightened. What was his problem? "Tell her I'm doing fine! Can you ask her how she's doing for me?"

I gave a puzzled look to myself as I turned to the mirror. "Um, yeah sure. Hold on." With a click of a button, I came back to Klaire. "Brian says he's doing fine and he asks how you are."

Don't get me wrong but I swear I heard Klaire giggle. Giggle. Freaky..... "Tell him I'm doing fine and thank him for asking."

"Okay........" Still lost, I came back to Brian. "She says she's fine and she thanks you for asking."

"Ask her if-"

"Brian. Hold that thought." I clicked the first button and slammed my hands down. "YOU CRAZY ASS BITCH! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU HAD FUCK'N SEX WITH HIM?!" I shouted into the receiver.

"Love, I'm still here," replied Brian, his voice dropping.

I flushed red. "I-I-uh, hold on." I clicked the first button harder and slammed down my hands. "OH MY GOD, YOU CRAZY ASS BITCH! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU HAD FUCK'N SEX WITH HIM?!"

"Uh, it's still Brian," he said meekly.

I swear I looked like a tomato by now from all the embarrassment. "God this is awkward," I mumbled to myself. Taking a deep breath in, I exhaled and calmed down. "Hold on one sec, okay?" I clicked the first button and moved the phone back to my ear.



"JESUS CHRIST I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU---" I stopped and stared into the mirror. My shoulders were a little limp and my cheeks were slightly roasted to a nice shade of red. "I'm sorry Klaire but I lost the flow."


I sighed and tore off the ponytail, fixing my hair. "I was going to call you a crazy ass bitch and scream out you had fuck'n sex with Brian but the flow is gone. I've already repeated it twice so it doesn't sound that threatening anymore."

"What the hell?!" Now it was her turn to scream. "YOU WHAT?! I WOULD NEVER HAVE SEX WITH THAT WH-" I covered my hand over the phone, keeping it a safe distance from my ear.

Jesus, Klaire could really spaz when you pushed the wrong buttons.

Once I thought it was clear, I put the phone back on my ear and cleared my throat. "So I'm guessing you didn't have sex with him?"

"NO! How could you think of such a-a-a horrifying thing? You know I'm not into men!"

I shrugged and sheepishly smiled. "Well you guys were sounding like you really knew each other and I was thinking it was too weird so I thought....."

"Aw, no! No way! I was just trying to stir your mind off of Brian 'cause you were going a little 'woo-hoo' on me."

I wrinkled my nose as she said 'woo-hoo'. Was she calling me crazy?

"Anyways," she said. "Point being, do you really like Brian?"

Like a wind-up car, I suddenly felt like my mouth wouldn't shut up, going from idea to idea as fast as a zooming car. "Yes. Actually...No. I don't. I'm not sure. Should I? Maybe I should ask him? Yeah! That's what I'll do. I'll ask him straight up if he likes me!"

"Rivyn.....I don't think that's such a good idea. How about you just calm down and think over this. You know this will probably take time."

"Klaire! I have no time!"

"Girl, you need to calm your shit." I was taken aback from her interruption but I could tell she was getting frustrated too. "It's a one answer question, honey," she stated. "Like, you know this is Brian we're talking about. He's a-"

Not able to handle the wait, I put her on hold and switched back to Brian.


"Hey, you're back." Wow, his voice was so magical. Ha! Did I really just say magical? More like hot...smoky...

"Y-y-yeah. I am aren't I?" I stuttered. I couldn't do it. "For the hundredth time, I need you to hold on."

"Oh. Yeah. I guess."

"Cool, thanks." Clicking the first button, I made sure I heard that little Beep to make sure I was talking to the right person. Pausing to think over what Klaire said, I could feel my body pumping.

She was right. This is Brian we're talking about. And even if he did like me, which I strongly doubt, would I like him back? I couldn't.

Struggling to come up with something to say to Klaire, I began to break down. "I'm not sure if I like him! Like when you asked me, I was like, noooooo-yes! I mean, no! Hell no! Actually, okay, maybe I did enjoy that shower with him. Just a tad bit but that was all! He looked so hot and I anxiously wanted to run my hands threw his wet hair in that tight space. When his shirt was off-ugh. Don't even go there! Should I like him? I don't know! The whole reason why I called you was because I needed help! I'm stressed and I need to get this weight off of my chest! I want him! But I don't! It's killing me, Klaire!"

Waiting for a response, all I got back was nothing. "Klaire?"

"Rivyn, you know I'm here right?" smirked Brian.

I dropped my phone in the sink, stunned. Holy shit. My life just ended. Demolished. Destroyed. Mind as well build my tombstone now, since I'm already dying from humiliation.

"Rivyn?" asked Brian. I couldn't touch my phone. I just couldn't talk to him. "Rivyn? You still there?"

Klaire must have hung up! That ass!

Wait, I didn't say anything about actually liking him. I only told him that I was confused but I was still half unsure. I wasn't completely ruined.

I was just half-dead.

Managing to pick up the phone, I spoke quietly into the receiver. "Yeah, I'm still here."

I heard him chuckle. He perhaps found this amusing. Ugh, I hate it when he finds things amusing about me.

"What do you want?" I snapped. Brian's fun was about to end.

"I knew you enjoyed that shower! I knew it!" he exclaimed. "You adored how I was naked in your shower!"

I really wanted to kill this guy. "You better not speak of this again, Brian! I didn't mean ANY of that! And you were covered too!"

"Oh yes you did, love," he smirked. "And I heard every single word!"

I stomped my foot, ready to smash that mirror until his last four words left me hanging.

"Bitch. You love me."

I caught onto those words with my mouth half open. Using the only strength I had left, I clicked the end call button, officially hanging up on Brian.

Did I actually love Brian? Is that even possible?

"Isn't it illegal?" I spoke loudly to my reflection. "Like, Rivyn. That's impossible. You can't. Never. Ever. Love. Brian. That's such a strong word."

"What's a strong word?" asked Klaire as she came into the bathroom.

I spun around and immediately felt like punching her in the face. "You hung up on me!" I shouted.

She jumped, startled by my sudden outburst. "I decided to just see you personally. It's better to communicate with face to face then technology."

I poured out what happened after she hung up. From how silly it would be to like Brian and about when I accidentally told Brian what I thought of him. I thought it would have been confusing for her but she just nodded and listened.

"So....." Klaire said, as I breathed out the last word. "You mean to tell me that you're not sure if you like Brian or not?" I nodded too tired to speak. All this screaming was making my throat itchy. "And you're not sure if he likes you back?" I nodded again. "And he thinks that after hearing your entire speech, that you're in love with him."

"Mmhhmm," I agreed, ashamed of the truth.

Klaire put her hands behind her back and began to pace around the room. Honestly, it started to make me dizzy from all the spinning and turns as she zigzagged along the bathroom tiles. Ready to just hold her still, she finally stopped and stared at me.

"You need to play him."

"Excuse me?"

"Girl, you need to fight fire with fire."

I stuck out my hip and took the idea in. "I'm liking it," I said, trying to catch on.

Klaire grinned with a strange evil look. "You need to show that jerk whose boss, and you can't be just tossed around like that. You," she exclaimed, pointing at me, "need to teach him that you aren't one of his girl toys!"

I pumped my fist in the air. "Yeah! That's exactly what I'll do!"

"That's the spirit!" she sang, giving me a high five. "And you can start with joining a sports team. If you're captain you might be able to have the right hand on some situations. Male football captain versus......" She tore a poster from the washroom door, "Female soccer captain!"

I brightened to see the soccer tryout poster. The two tryouts were last week but there was one more on Wednesday. Maybe the secretary might see me on the fields after all.

I wickedly grinned and flicked a strand of my hair. "And I know exactly how to play him too."

^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ *

"Are you sure this letter looks believable?" I hissed, standing outside of the English room.

Klaire smirked and tossed her ponytail to the side. "Did you know I'm also a pro forger?"

I laughed and shook my head. "No, I actually didn't."

"Well, you just learned something new. Now it's time for you to get to class, I'll see you in gym! There's only fifteen minutes left of this period so make it count. Good luck!" she chirped and went back to Study Hall.

I breathed slowly and calmed myself down. You can do this. You can do this, Rivyn.

I quietly opened the door and plastered a bright smile on my face.

"Nice to see you in a good mood, Miss DeLor," said Mr. Gillian. "I'm surprised to see you back, though."

"The principal let me off the hook this time," I said, handing him the note.

Mr. Gillian read it over and nodded. "Oh, okay. Would you like to switch partners?"

I shook my head. "No thanks, I'm perfectly fine with Brian."

He looked puzzled to hear me take down his offer but just waved me away. "Then get going. I don't want to hear another outrageous outburst again, you hear?"

"Yes, sir!" I saluted and headed for my desk. Brian was sleeping soundly at the very far back of the class, probably the best spot to call me without being noticed. You couldn't see what was going on back there because of all the other people in front.

Brian's head was cradled up in his arms on the desk, looking comfortable. Everyone seemed to be working except him. Shocking.

I slinked towards Brian and quietly sat beside him. Sitting close, I leaned down to his covered face.


A hot breath breezed down my neck, making me squirm a little. Must be a draft. A warm draft.... A hand was placed on my knee and slowly lingered up to my thigh, circling in small motions.

A trail of soft lips lingered along my ear. "You ready to get working?" murmured a sexy voice.

I flicked my eyes open and turned. My stomach immediately dropped. Face to face, Rivyn was giving me the hottest smirk that I've ever seen. I bit my lip, holding back a, 'daaaaaamn.'

She raised her eyebrow, exactly as she did in the dream. Thank god my hands were buried in my sleeves or she would have realized my sweating hands.

"What?" she asked, removing her hand from my thigh. I almost slipped out a whimper, missing her touch. I clearly paused for a second longer then I should have. Ugh, Brian. Why did you have to stare for so long?

I sat up, secretly wiping my hands on my jeans without being noticeable. "Nothing," I grinned. "So what book are we going to do for our project?" Really? School work? Is that the best thing you got to turn a girl on? Especially a hot one! If Rivyn wasn't there, I would have slapped myself stupid.

She shrugged and suddenly slid herself on top of me. My heart hammered and the room abruptly got hotter. "Well," she said, raking my hair with her fingers. Her eyes met with mine, almost catching my breath. "We could do Frogs and French Kisses." I imagined her lips all over mine, sending another shock of excitement.

Rivyn's face tangled only an inch from mine and her hands linked my neck, bringing us only a centimetre apart. "Or how 'bout Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging?"

I wrapped my arms around her waist, pressing her against me. "Isn't that a girl book? How about a more manly subject?" I asked, my voice getting deeper.

She smirked, triggering a strong thunder in my chest. "What were you thinking?" she questioned, teasing my lips as they barely brushed over. Come on, Rivyn. So close!

"Let's do the book when the sexy girl kisses the hot boy," I offered, tightening the grip around her waist.

Rivyn hovered over my lips again, but instead, she gave a little nibble on my bottom lip. Not able to control myself, I let out a small whimper.

"I know you want me," she murmured. Bracing myself for her taste, I chewed the side of my gum. "But you can't have me right now."

It was like a truck full of disappointment just piled on top of me.

She recoiled and slid off, with a smirk. The bell rang, signalling the end of class. She stood up and grabbed her bag from the chair. "You know, I find it amusing that you get turned on so easily." Lugging it over her shoulder she shot me a grin. "I swear your hormones were about to burst."


"I can't believe you did that?! Wait, what was the last thing you said, again?"

I smiled and put on my shorts. "I swear your hormones were about to burst."

She laughed and stood up. "You really got him didn't you?"

"Uh, huh. It was pretty funny actually," I said as we ran out of the locker room. "You should have heard his whimper. It was like he was begging or something."

We hustled over to the line of girls, matching with all the ponytails. As before, the boys came out seconds later, attired with the usual grey top and blue shorts.

And they say girls take forever to get dressed.

"So are we still going shopping after school?" I asked, ignoring the familiar wolf whistles and shouts.

Klaire nodded her head. "The other step to set operation 'Playboy'."

I raised my eyebrow. "Playboy? That's not even close to the actual purpose, you know that right?"

She shrugged. "It just sounded right, okay?"

I rolled my eyes and watched as Brian had his eyes on me. I flashed a charming wink and gave a flirty wave. He gave a smug smile and I could tell he was probably biting his lip. God, what a dog. Always panting over his toys.

Too bad that puppy isn't going to get this toy.


"God," she panted, resting her hands on her hips. "Coach Boysin really worked us this time."

I grinned. "Yeah," I breathed. "No kidding."

I couldn't help but notice the other boys panting too, both coach's made everyone do suicides ((this is a very very tiring exercise for those who've never hear of them)) instead of the co-ed game at the end. I guess the two were having a bad day.

At the corner of my eye, I saw Brian taking a peek at me. Just to flip him again, I bent down, resting my hands on my knees. Another smug grin appeared on his face as I showed a tiny bit of cleavage.

This was just too funny.


"Hey!" I shut my locker and smiled to see Klaire running up to me. "Did you hear?"

I shot a puzzled look. "Cleary not," I said, feeling excluded. We both walked towards the packed cafeteria.

"Look." She took her phone from her bag and showed me the school blog account. Her fingers scrolled down the screen until it showed the latest update.

Hottest girl: Rivyn DeLor -does she have the hots for Brian or is she just giving a good tease? Better watch out Mr. Daniels, looks like a new tiger is entering American High.

"Who actually posts these things?" I scowled as Klaire put her phone away.

"McGaffey-G, the twelfth grader that rules the school gossip. She posts what she sees, and finds the juiciest secrets," answered Klaire as we got into line.

I thanked the cafeteria lady as she handed me my tray full of food. The smell of greasy fries and hamburger made my nose wrinkle.

"So... is she a threat to our plan?" I asked, choosing an empty table near the far end. I sat down and secretly wondered why no one was sitting here.

Klaire sat beside me, not concerned at all and bit into her moist burger. "Probafflay nwat," she muffled, talking with her mouth open.

I threw a fry at her, telling her to shut her mouth. Instead, she caught it with her teeth and swallowed it whole. "Gross," I grimaced. Klaire just smiled and continued to stuff her face.

"You going to eat that?" she asked, pointing to my untouched burger.

I shook my head. "I think I'll just stick with my drink. I'm not a fan of greasy food."

Klaire smirked. "Don't tell me you're one of those 'It-has-too-much-calories' girls."

"No, I'm one of those non-sweet tooth people who like to make nasty-looking-shakes early in the morning. You know, raw eggs, tomatoes, carrots...those veggy drinks. I was never a fan of chocolate either."

"If you weren't my friend, I would have slapped you," she said, giving me a dirty look. "How do you not like chocolate?"

"Too sweet," I stated, taking a sip from the straw. Yum, orange juice. Starting to take loud slurps, the door of the cafeteria busted open.

"So who's coming to my party tomorrow?!"

I turned around and found Brian flashing his charming smile. Chris stood next to him with a grin.

On cue, everyone suddenly cheered. The room erupted with hoots and fist-pumps as it were a stadium. It was like Brian was a superstar.

I turned around, not bothering to find out what he was going to do next. "Is he always like this?" I asked Klaire.

She looked up from her food and wiped her face with her hand. Ugh. I tossed her my napkin and she gracefully cleaned her mouth. Sloppy eater but well-mannered when it comes to hygiene. So not a typical blonde.

"Mhhhmmm," she nodded and let out a burp.

Okay, maybe not as well-mannered.

"Damn, Chris. What do we have here?"

I didn't spin around, knowing exactly who it was. "I don't know," said Chris. "I think we got two invaders."

"Oh, so this is your table?" I snapped. Klaire cleared her throat reminding me the plan. "I mean, we didn't know. It was empty so we were guessing---"

"Chris, don't you remember what we do to invaders?"asked Brian, shutting me up. His eyes sparkled and I suddenly didn't like where this was going.

Chris grinned. "If I remember clearly, we must eliminate all invaders."

"Eliminate?" questioned Klaire. I guess she was new to this too.

Brian chuckled. "Well, we don't eliminate lesbians so don't worry."

I stood up. "Was that an insult?" I hissed. I could feel Klaire's eyes shooting daggers through the back of my head. 'Shut up, Rivyn!' Was probably going on in her mind.

"No. It just simply means that your friend won't get the beating," he grinned. "Only you will."

Crossing my arms, I stuck out my hip. "Beating? Is that-like, suppose to be a threat?" I smirked.

Frig, Rivyn. SHUT THE HELL UP!

Brian gave me a glare. He hated it when I screwed his rules. But I loved it.

"Actually," he clarified. "It just means that we're gonna have sex."

I stood there, stunned. Brian smirked. "I'm just joking with you Rivyn." Before I could say anything, he picked me up, throwing me over his shoulder.

"What the hell?! Where are you putting me?" I shouted, watching as everyone began to stir their attention to us.

Suddenly, Brian slapped my ass. "Shut up, back there!" The crowd laughed, pissing me off anymore.

"KLAIRE!" I screamed. "CAN YOU HELP ME, PLEASE?!!!"

"Sorry!" she hollered back. "You're on your own for this one!"

"KLAIRE! Are you actually serious?!"

Brian slapped my ass again. "I said shut up back there," he demanded but I knew he was grinning like crazy.

Knowing that I couldn't stand a chance with him in this position and for the fact that I promised Aunt Darby that I wouldn't hurt the Daniel boys, I let Brian carry me to the dead end centre of the cafeteria.

I felt like a limp doll, completely weak.

The ground stopped moving beneath me, I peeked up to see that we stopped by a group full of tenth graders.

"Excuse me," said Brian as he swept off the trays that were laid all over the table. All in one big sweep, the quarter of the table was empty. The students scooted over to the end of the bench, all watching what was going to happen next.

I punched Brian in the back, hopefully reminding him that this position wasn't exactly comfortable.

He winced a little, quite enough for only me to hear. Before I'm able to throw another punch, Brian swings me off of my back and lays me flatly down on the table.

"What do you think you're doing?!" I spat trying to sit up. He pins me down and takes off his shirt.

In front of EVERYONE. Show off.

His abs were nicely ripped and his tone was utterly hot. I swear I could hear the girls sigh around the table.

I caught my breate as he knew I was mesmerized by him, and he let go of me. Bending down over the table, right onto me, I swear, a hundred butterflies flew up my stomach. Brian was ready to dive for a kiss. Shutting my eyes, I was almost about to face defeat.


My hands scavenged the table, blindly picking up an item that was scattered on a tray. Just as his lips were hovering over mine, I slapped the object on his cheek.


The entire cafeteria went silent. Daring to peek my eyes open, I glanced at him.

A beautiful hamburger bun was plastered on Brian's cheek, the ketchup and relish sticking to his skin. He gradually stood up, shocked to what just happened. His reaction was utterly stunned.

How priceless.

A smug grin formed on my face and I stood up. The hamburger bun slowly slid down his face, and fell to the floor. A gigantic ketchup blotch was covering the targeted area.

Walking towards him, I leaned in and gave a quick sexy lick across the ketchup, all over his cheek.

I took a step back, seductively soaking my lip with my tongue. "Delicious," I said, curling my hair with my finger.

Brian's eyes widened and his cheeks burned red. I smirked. "See you later," I winked, and slapped his ass as I walked out of the cafeteria.

Closing the lunch doors behind me, Klaire followed right after, scurrying beside me.

"Oh my god, Rivyn!" she squealed, hitting my arm. "That was fuck'n hot!"

I flashed a smile. "Bitch, it's just getting started."


I told you I promised a hot chapter! Voila! You got one!

;D thanks for all the reads guys! You won't believe what Rivyn's gonna do at the party! Haha, its gonna get gooood

Love you all! I'll try to post very very soon and btw

I DIDN'T DOUBLE CHECK FOR SPELLING AND GRAMMAR ERRORS because I really need to update fast as possible.

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