Playing The Bad Boy's Game

"So, who sits here?"I whispered, noticing the other empty seat beside me.
Blondie glanced to the clock. "Him," he said just as the time clicked 10. The door opened and I looked up.
My pencil dropped to the ground, eyes wide.
Oh. My. God.
It's him.
The first drug dealer that began my parents addiction.
The player that stole my best friends virginity.
The wicked monster that sent my cousin to rehab.
The hottest guy I've ever seen.
The reason why my life is hell.
And he's coming to be my English partner.


11. Chapter 11: Round 1: Soak'n in looove. Ha, yeah right.

Chapter 11: Round 1: Soak'n in looove. Ha, yeah right.




I shot up as my phone vibrated from under my breasts. I must have forgotten to put it back on the dresser.


"Hello?" I gurgled.


"Breakfast is ready," someone chirped.


"Who is this?" I questioned into the phone.


"Really, love. I think we're a little old for games now, don't you?"


I groaned and hung up, shoving my face back in the pillow. Thirty seconds later I heard a knock on my door. "Go away!" I yelled into the blanket.


The door opened, flooding my room into brightness. "Dear Rivyn, I can't eat breakfast without you," said Brian.


"Uh, yes you can. You have my permission to go right ahead," I said, hiding under the covers.


"Uh, no I can't," he said, taking steps towards me.


"Who do you think I am? Your wife or something? Now go away! I want to sleep!"


I felt two hands on my feet and I could tell this wasn't going well. "You might not be my wife but you're a guest, and I'm the host. I'll guide you to breakfast, shall I?"


"No!" I gripped the bed frame for support. "Oh no! You're not pulling me anywhere, buddy! And stop giving me that gentlemen shit! Where's that bad ass Brian, hm?"


He tore of the blanket from my head and shot me a grin. "You leave me no choice, love."


"I'm not your stupid lo-hey! What do you think you're doing!" I shouted as he climbed on top of me. "Get off! What the hell!?" I slapped him away but he didn't budge. He rested on me with his face only inches away from mine. "Personal space, dude! PERSONAL BUBBLE BEING SERIOUSLY INVADED! HELP ME! INVASION! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BE---"


His hand clamped my mouth as my eyes popped open. I tried to punch him but his other hand took mine. It was like a déja vu of last night's dinner incident. Me, completely unarmed and defenceless and him with the right hand.


As I tried to wiggle away I noticed his black eye was still looking sexy on his cute face. Ugh. Really Rivyn? I bit his hand and Brian yelped and got a slap in the face.


"You're such a bad ass, now go away!" I screamed, pushing him off.


"Why?" he asked, eyes sparkling.


"'Cause I said so," I ordered. Ready to get into another fight, he obediently slipped off and stood by the bed. I eyed him alert at how fast he listened, and crawled out of bed. "That was fast."


He shrugged and flashed me a wink. "Nice underwear," he commented, staring down at me.


My face flushed to probably a rose colour as I felt the breeze between my thighs. I pulled down my silky dress as it was half hiked up my waist. I must have moved a lot in my sleep and forgot to adjust it when he came in. I gave an evil glare and crossed my arms. "How immature to even look there," I huffed.


Brian wrinkled his nose and frowned. Before I could do anything, he swept me away in one grasp and with his hands on my back, dipped me down all the way. I gasped as his lips crashed onto mine with such rush.






"How immature to even look there," she huffed.


I wrinkled my nose and frowned. I guess the gentlemen approach wasn't going to work. She looked so cute with her disapproving look. Her lips were adorable as they puckered up into a glare. Taking the opportunity, I grabbed her from the back and swiftly planted my lips with hers.


Brian: 1 Rivyn: 0




A blast of excitement exploded inside of me as we made contact. Obviously there was pleasure but there was also something else. I couldn't define it but it was surely something different that I haven't felt since I last had that dream. Yeah, it was the same feeling as when I saw that girl in my dream. Bewilderment maybe? No, it was something else. Something even better. I wanted more of it.


About to slip my tongue in her mouth she blocked the entrance, leaving me in an uncomfortable position. I tried again but she wouldn't let me. What the hell? I furiously tried again for the third time but she didn't budge. Releasing my lips, I saw a disgusted scowl on her face.


I opened my mouth, shocked.


"Never do that again, okay?" she rudely said, and slid away from my hand as she walked out.


Brian:1 Rivyn: 1


This was going to be harder than I thought.






I stormed out of the room and patted down the dress. That son of a bitch dared to kiss me! Ugh, what a player. If he think he can win me over with little romantic kiss, he can think again!


"Rivyn, honey buns. Can you fix your hair? You're starting to get the birds thinking your hair is their new nest," joked Aunt Darby as I came down to the kitchen. She looked picture ready in her playboy pyjama set my mom bought her last Christmas. It was a cute tank that said hot mama on the chest and the softest fuzzy black pants I've ever seen. She took several sips out of her mug, the odour of coffee waking me up even more.


I peeked into the hallway mirror and checked myself out. Yikes! I tried to make due with my fingers and tone down the storm in my hair. Walking back into the kitchen, I witnessed Noah cooking pancakes by the stove with Chris pouring orange juice for everyone. "Smells good," I chirped, taking a good waft of the pancakes.


"You sleep well?" asked Noah, shooting me a cute smile.


I yawned and stretched out my arms. "You can say that again! That mattress was so soft!" He chuckled and cooked up the last pancake. I heard the shower turning on above. It sounded like it was coming from my room. I mumbled curses as I could imagine Brian taking up all the hot water in my shower.


"Doesn't Brian have his own shower?" I asked, helping bring everything to the table.


"He enjoys using the guest shower a lot. He likes the way the water jets out," said Chris, helping me out.


"Is that why I'm sleeping in that room? So he could use the same shower I use?"


He shrugged. "Or maybe to catch you naked."


I groaned and rolled my eyes. "He's such a- a- a-ugh."


Chris laughed. "You'll get used to him. You're only living here for the rest of the school year."


I sighed. "Only the rest of the school year, huh?"


"Did he try anything funny with you this morning?" asked Chris as we both brought over the pancakes.


Noah and Aunt Darby sat down with breakfast all ready. I guess Mrs. Daniels was still sleeping. I sat down beside Noah and neatly removed the napkin on the table to my lap.


"Well, he kissed me this morning but I didn't let him slip his tongue into my mouth," I said, digging my pancake into my fork. "It was such a lame attempt to make-out with me. Like, he's a complete unknown person, not my boyfriend. I barely even know him!"


Noah, coughed as he brought back down his glass of orange juice. "Noah! You okay?" I asked with a concerned look.


He nodded his head and smiled weakly. "Yeah, it was just the pulp."


Chris looked worried for a moment as he stared at Noah's upset face. What were both of their problems?


"These are amazing pancakes, Noah! You got to tell me the recipe!" complimented Aunt Darby as she went in for seconds.


He recovered over the upset expression and replaced it with a smile. "Sure thing, Ms. DeLor. I'd be glad to!"


________- ______________- __________________-___________




"Oh, Oh, Ooooohhh. That feels so good! Right there! Yes, yeeeeeeesss," moaned Aunt Darby.


I gave a disgusted look and stared down at her. "I think you're having a little too much fun on that massage chair," I said.


"Short stuff, you can never have too much fun when it comes massage chairs," she answered, her eyes closed. "Ooh, yyeaaaaaaah. Amazing! Ahhhhh."


I rolled my eyes and headed up stairs to my room. I could hear the dishes banging downstairs as Mrs. Daniels washed the dinner plates. Her famous pasta was delicious.





I starred down at my phone, getting a text from Klaire.


I got my phone back! Did you hear about the party Brian's hosting on Tuesday?


Tuesday? A school night? Why?


No. I texted back. Since when?





Since a few hours ago, everyone knows about it! You're coming, right?


I laughed and texted back. Do I even have a choice? I live here now! I'm probably just going to lock myself up in my room until school.





Uh, no you're not. You're going! I said so and that's final! You need to stop unpacking and get out more!


Get out? Ha! With all these boxes Aunt Darby packed and all her clothes I have to put away. Ugh, but with someone like Klaire telling me to do something, I think this isn't even going to become a fight.


Fine. I'll go.





Yeeaaaahhhhh! See you at school, we have to go shopping so bring your credit cards to school 'cause we're going right after! Goodnight! -K


I heaved a sigh and threw my phone on the bed. I need a shower.


I went over to the linen closet and took a towel, leaving it on my bed. Reaching into my suitcase, I brought my pyjamas into the bathroom, striped myself naked, switched the fan on and hopped into the shower. I smiled and faced the shower head as the hot steam began to fill up the bathroom. It's like the beads of sizzling water relieved stress. I never wanted to get out again.






Covered in sweat, I lifted the weights one last time of off my chest. 100. I put it carefully down and stood up. Everyone must be downstairs now, all probably chatting. Shower time! I left my shirt off and slipped my boxers off as my head phones blasted in my ears. My favourite song came on and I hummed to the lyrics as I remembered I left my towel in the guest bathroom.


I opened the door to my room and walked into the guest room. I sang along to my favourite lines as I began to dance towards the bathroom, not hearing anything else but the song. Who doesn't like to dance around naked?







I groaned as the water became cold. I stepped out of the hot cubicle, the mirrors fogged up again. I let out a small laugh as my picture was still there. Something was different about it. Something changed.


I leaned in closer to the mirror, my wet waist resting on the cold marble slab. The girl was still chasing the boy with a chain saw except the faces were changed. The little boy looked like he was laughing wickedly, like he got away with something evil and was being chased by the girl who changed from an evil look into a terribly angry expression, chasing the boy like a mad man. A small cute heart floated above the boys head as he ran.


I smirked and changed the picture with my wet finger. I gasped a little as my hair began to wet my back with water and a cold breeze from the fan started to make me shiver. Looking frantically around for my towel, I remembered I left mine on the bed. Dang, I hate forgetting things.


Just as I took a step forward, I somehow slipped from the puddle my hair made and began to lurch forward. Ready to stop myself with the door straight ahead, I stuck my hands out just as they were about to touch safety. Instead, the door swung open from my reach only to find a hard chest in my hands.


I screamed as I went forward, crashing into the person in front of me as we both slammed down to the floor.


Peeking my eyes open, I find another pair daring to open too, except they were a dark blue shade. A dark blue shade that I was way too familiar with.


"Holy SHIT!" I screamed, my eyes panning down and back up. "WHY ARE YOU NAKED?!"


Brian's eyes widened. "WHY ARE YOU NAKED?!" he shouted back. There was no playfulness in his voice, more like pure shock. "GAGH! WHY ARE YOU WET?!"


"WHY ARE YOU WET?!" I spat. Oh fuck, he was naked, again. I rolled off of him and onto the carpet. I speedily crawled over to the bed, pulling the blanket to cover me.


Just as fast, Brian stumbled on his knees as he reached for the towel on the bed, covering his private parts. "BRAIN! OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD! WHY ARE YOU NAKED AND WET AND FULLY EXPOSED WITH NOTHING ON!?"


He tore of his headphones with bewilderment. "I was working out and covered in sweat!"


My eyes popped open. "You mean that was SWEAT that you slicked all over me?! GROSS! Ew! Ew! Ew!" I began to rub the blanket over my chest, his sweat probably still all over my oh-so-clean skin that I just washed.


"Why were you wet?" he asked. I couldn't help it but notice his slick oily skin look hot on his body.


"I just took a shower, dimwit! What do you think!?" I barked, cuddling the covers tightly over my bare chest.


He stood up, getting me to naturally shield my eyes. "Well, now that you're done showering," Brian said. "It's my turn."


I stood up, the fur blanket draping past my shaved legs and to the ground. I held the blanket like my life depended on it and blocked his way. "Nuh uh, you're the one who got me all dirty from your nasty sweat so I have to go wash off!"


He snorted. "You've probably been in there for two hours! I think that's enough, prune man," he scoffed, trying to get around me.


"Excuse me? Prune man? Ha, now you're defiantly not going first," I snorted, opening the door.


Being stubborn, he hoisted me up and brought me behind him. I squealed as he picked me up, really pissy like. "Too bad!" he demanded, holding the towel around his waist with one hand and the other on his hips. "You probably took up all the hot water, didn't you?"


I thought for a moment and remembered the cold sensation before I hopped out of the shower. "Yeah, it probably is." I brought on a big smile. "Then the shower is all yours," I winked and was about to turn around until he spun me around with his other hand.


"Leaving the water cold for your host is a sin you know," he said evilly.


"Brian, dear," I said sweetly. "You must treat your guests well, now I must go and leave you in peace and--- hey! PUT ME DOWN THIS INSTANT!" All in one swift move, me lifted me up and carried me into the bathroom. "PUT ME DOWN, BRIAN!" I punched and kicked but it was no use. Ugh, I hate his muscles.


I hugged the blanket for life as he put me in the shower. "BRIAN! Don't you dare put that water on! I will so kill you if you even touch that knob!"


He smirked and turned the cold knob on with an evil look. I gasped as the freezing water jetted out, terribly soaking me until I probably appeared to look like a wet rat. I miserably slouched my shoulders as the blanket became wet, sticking to my icy skin. I shot a shallow look to Brian whos eyes were sparkling in amusement. "You son of a bitch," I spat. If only looks could kill.


"Is the water too cold, love?" he said in a British accent, batting his eyelashes innocently. "Shall I make it colder?"


"You wouldn't," I countered as the cold water started to seep into my mouth. He grinned and added more pressure on the shower head, turning the cold water knob all the way. "YOU ARE SO DEAD, BRIAN DANIELS! SO DEAD!"


Brian laughed in response as he watched me whine and hold the soaked towel around my chest in grief.


Then, I had an idea.


With him off guard and me with one open hand, I reached for his neck and pulled him in the shower. He yelped in surprise as the cold water thundered down his back and all over his skin. It was my turn to laugh as his eyes popped open with all the icy waves splashing down.


"Don't feel so nice when you're in here to, hm?" I snorted, watching his blonde hair limp along his face.


Brian shook his head as he left his two hands over the drenched towel, still covering. Man, we both needed some clothes and fresh towels.


Suddenly, all I heard was the sound of water tapping on our backs. I stared at Brian as he stared back with a smile. Smiles being very contagious, I let a small smile curl at the sides of my lips. If it wasn't for the ice cold water coming down and the fact that the person I hate the most was sharing the shower with me and that we were pretty much naked, I would find this moment romantic.


But there is icy cold water coming down, and there is the person I hate most sharing a shower cubicle with me and we both are pretty much naked so it wasn't as romantic as it seemed.


"What are you look'n at?" I frowned, eyeing him carefully.


Brian smirked and reached over, turning the water off. "Nothing important."


I shot him a glare and slapped his arm. The sound of the smack bounced off of the walls as no other sound was made. "You're so rude!" I stepped out of the shower to hear him chuckle.


"And you just figured that out now?"


I rolled my eyes and stepped into my bedroom with the drenched blanket wrapped around my body.


"So this is what you guys have been doing, huh?"


I glanced up and noticed Chris come in with a smirk. I looked to Brian who came out of the bathroom with the towel wrapped around his waist.


"Oh, hey Chris! I was just showing Rivyn a little something," he joked.


I gasped and tightened the covers around me. "No, Chris! It's not what you think! We weren't doing anything in the shower!"


Chris raised an eyebrow and looked to Brian. "You got her naked in the shower?"


"No way! He did not get me, well, actually he did but not for that kind of purpose. I mean---"


"He got both of you in the shower. Naked?" said Chris, completely amazed. "Wow, you work fast, Brian."


"Gaagghhhhhhhh!" I groaned, slapping my forehead. "We didn't TOUCH or anything!"


Chris raised his eyebrow again. "So you guys didn't press your naked bodies together?"


"No-but yes, I mean NO! Actually.......uugggghhhhh!" I glanced to Brian for support but he just smirked. "You both are such ass's," I finally said and made my way to the linen closet for a fresh towel.


"Oh my god!" shouted Aunt Darby.


I was afraid to look to the door but I turned anyways. "Aunt Darby, nothing happened, I swear!"


Her mouth was shaped as an O as her head kept switching from my half naked body then to Brian's and then back to mine, ignoring Chris at the side, then back to Brian.






I stepped up and walked over to Aunt Darby, my hand keeping the slipping towel on. I rested one hand on her shoulder and gave a sincere look. "Sorry Ms. DeLor but she just couldn't keep her hands off of me."


Brian: 2 Rivyn: 1

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